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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I agree his future will not be as a strategist and there seems some conflicting stories from the coaches but watching him in a game there is no doubt he will make the ST relevant again, he stands up lineman and never quits on a play, also agree his pass rush needs some polish compared to Irvin. This guy and Hightower from Alabama we want on our squad. At the end of the year some of us made a comment that if four of our first 5 picks were the kids from OU this draft would be rated an A. Flemming Jamell CB, Lewis Travis LB, Lewis Ronnell LB, Broyles Ryan WR, still hard to dispute the quality defense these guys have experienced. Must also say I am not an OU fan went to Colorado .

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    I see you're coming off your prediction that Glenn will be better than DeCastro.
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    Where are the papers ? I'm ready: :write:
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    Before the SEC went on their current run, USC was the premier program. Slightly better than Miami during the early part of the last decade.
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    Why should we be surprised about a guy dropping well below what his initial rankings are? It happens all the time.

    Can remember tons of guys that were initially predicted to go much higher and then by draft day they had dropped a couple rounds. Someone mentioned Pat Watkins...there were many places where he was considered a solid second rounder and was in Cowboy fan mocks everywhere. In the draft he kept dropping and as the rounds went by I am sure I am not the only one that was screaming for Dallas to get him. We all know how that turned out.

    There was an ILB a couple years ago whose name escapes me and it was the same thing...he was touted in the second, ran a bad 40 time and people thought he wouldn't drop much because he was "just a football player" yet he did drop and as it turned out he did prove that he wasn't an NFL caliber player.

    It will happen this year....there will be someone that drops and we will all be screaming our heads off for Dallas to draft him because he he was ranked so highly at one point. In many cases, there is a legitimate reason that they drop and we shouldn't compare them with where they were rated at one time.

    it's why the draft is so fun, and so frustrating. Seems like you should be able to easily tell which guys will make it and which won't, but it's still terribly unpredictable.

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