What if Jerry said we were in rebuilding mode?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bluestang, Nov 27, 2012.

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    yep exactly.

    the same ones using it as an excuse today are the same ones who were playing the trumpets the loudest as those vets were being escorted out of valley ranch after the 2010 season.

    besides, the giants had 3 new lineman last year and won the super bowl.
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    Record wise he is! :laugh2:

    ........and don't tell me when enough is enough! :p:
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    I diddnt realize Ginger took over an expansion team.
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    The guy is a salesman....a very good one...he needs to sell tickets and therefore cannot come out and say we are in rebuilding more where season ticket buyers and many other stadium regulars will say I'll be back when you finish building...

    It's ABC of marketing...

  6. MichaelWinicki

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    This team has been in a rebuilding mode for the last couple years.

    The 2006-2009 drafts were abysmal and the team needed and needs to be rebuilt from that.
  7. Zaxor

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    I agree with this post...
    Things started out bad in Training camp (OL, DB's, WR's etc) and it didn't get much better... though the OL is better than it was at the start of the season it still isn't adequate.

    that tells me the depth of the Dallas Cowboys is pretty nonexistent it also tells me that more front line (starters) talent is needed.

    I had thought this team was a draft away now I think it may be 2 drafts away if we are to continue with the injuries at this rate
  8. 1fisher

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    Kinda seems like it since it's been 17yearsandcounting! :cool:
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    I would've still been disappointed with them.

    Mainly because of the WAY we've played. The record isn't so important as seeing a competitive, tough football team. I knew we weren't going to do great this year, but I at least expected to see the team go out and play hard for all 4 quarters in every single game. I didn't expect us to be so routinely embarrassed. Whether you're rebuilding or not, being embarrassed is in no way a good thing
  10. visionary

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    so now we are already coming up with excuses for not competing next year

    ......and the goal-posts continue to be moved

    by the way, we have the same people picking the players that are responsible for the "pretty non-existent depth" and "need for starters" but now suddenly they will know who to pick?
  11. Flinger

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    Of course, it would have made a difference if the organization made a declaration that they would preserve a core set of players they want to build around through the draft and free agency.

    In fact, it would have been a rather interesting study. Particularly for the pitchfork throwers, it might have given them something to think about rather than mob rule.

    The question is: "To what degree has there been re-building in the past couple of year". There is no question that there has been a step change in Valley Ranch over the past 2 years and it is not status-quo as it was before. Just not sure of the degree.

    As an example - look at what the Eagles did yesterday. They cut Babin, the 3rd most effective pass rusher in the entire NFL over the past 3 years. But, he is 32 and they have some guys on the bench they want to take a look at. We don't seem to be doing things that radical or to that degree...
  12. HoosierCowboy

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    come on people, you don't have to chunk the whole team to be rebuilding--how many old players have we jettisoned in the last two years--how many young guys have we brought in--
  13. Zimmy Lives

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    I kind of already thought that this team was re-tooling while maintaining a semblance of competitiveness? :confused:
  14. Zimmy Lives

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    Re-tooling, or re-loading! :D

    I may be in the minority but I always felt that the o-line signings this off-season were merely an attempt to make this team competitive while in the re-tooling process. I have never thought that these guys fit in long term.

    I think that the organization targeted fixing the defensive personnel first and planned on addressing the offense next. The problem is that the Cowboys probably should have addressed the d-line rather than the secondary because they still are unable to stop anyone when it matter most.
  15. Hoofbite

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    The problem wasn't cutting guys who couldn't get it done.

    The problem was that they had a horrible plan for replacing those guys who couldn't get it done.
  16. goshan

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    This isn't 1975. Teams don't rebuild.

    They reload and refresh, and try to win every year. The moves at offensive line were thought by our management to improve a weak spot on the team almost immediately (or at least not downgrade them short-term, while capturing upside).

    About the only thing that can look more like an 'old school' rebuild is when a rookie QB is drafted and starts. Even then, the focus in today's NFL is still to try and compete for playoffs (witness Indy, Skins and Seattle). No owner or GM is happy in today's NFL if the team isn't competing for the playoffs every single year, regardless of player turnover.

    The Patriots regularly dump players and reload continuously, and they aren't rebuilding. Compare their players this year to 3-4 years ago. How many are the same?

    Anyone who thinks that Jerry and Jason thought we were 'rebuilding' the past two years when we have aging top players like Ware, Romo, Witten etc. is absolutely wrong.

    And anyone trying to use the theory that we were/are rebuilding as an excuse for Garrett not fielding a better team is embarrassing themselves. None of the Garrett supporters were saying this is a 'rebuilding year' at the start of the season - none of the supporters expected to go 6-10 and miss the playoffs. Although the OP and a couple of the responses haven't come out and used this as an excuse directly, it is pretty obvious why this topic was brought up.

    Man up, Garrett hasn't done a good job so far. It doesn't mean you have to think he should be fired. I understand the POV of some that want to give him more time, but he has clearly under delivered so far.
  17. Hoofbite

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    I don't think you trade away players like that to "rebuild".

    In the NFL you can rebuild in a season or two, provided you actually admit that you are doing so.

    What you don't do is spend a ton of money on a single player or trade up in the draft for a single player.

    You acknowledge that you have holes to fill and you actually try to build the team.

    The only thing Dallas did was re-shuffle. Shuffled a few problems from this area over to that area. Filled in a couple of holes over here but created a few gaping holes over there.

    If the team was rebuilding, things would be different. But since, the team blew it's wad on about 2-3 players this offseason when they needed 7-8, you have no choice but to hope it's good enough.
  18. perrykemp

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    Its all about the quarterback.

    In the NFL you can reload almost instantly.

    The 2012 Indianapolis Colts are proof point #1. That team was absolutely terrible last year. I'm not sure their overall talent this year is much different other than Andrew Luck.
  19. goshan

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    Indy is a great example why rebuilding is a term that just doesn't apply to today's NFL. The owner made some bold moves and they are competing for a playoff spot one year after a dismal season.

    We need similar bold moves.

    It is simple. Get rid of the coach or the quarterback. I would rather it be the coach, but we have to make a bold move at this point. Even though I am a huge fan, I would rather dump Romo then go into next year with the same Coach/QB combination. It isn't working.
  20. Idgit

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    The rate of injuries probably won't continue. And it's especially unlikely that we'll get hammered like we have this season at maybe two of our three weakest spots.

    As I said, I don't mind admitting that I'm disappointed in Garrett's team this season. He's underperformed expectations, there's no doubt about it. I'd definitely give him another year--that's a no-brainer , and maybe two if we see tangible evidence of improvement next season. I can give him a pass this year on the record, but, in a shocking change of events, visionary could be right that we're moving goalposts on evaluating the coach if we keep pointing to the roster. At some point the turnovers and the penalties and the mental errors have to stop, for good. When that finally happens, the wins will follow, but we're really not seeing significant signs of that happening yet.

    Is that 'par for the course' for a die hard Garrett supporter? Maybe. I don't think it is. I think it's a pretty fair approach to building a team over several seasons when you think you have the right guy. I think the alternative is knee-jerk fan overreaction at best, which, as we all know, is the lifeblood of the message board here. I guess we'll see what the Joneses think here soon enough. I'm hoping they're more patient than most of our fans seem to be.

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