What if Jerry said we were in rebuilding mode?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bluestang, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I don't think it matters what Jerry & Co. actually say. You kinda have to pay attention to what's going on with the roster.

    While some positions have been static, there has been alot of roster turnover, and clearly not all of it good.

    In today's NFL, you don't always have to blow up a team to totally rebuild, but when I look at the amount of youth and mid-level players being trotted out, it's clear they're trying to rebuild while fielding a competitive team...and not all that successfully.

    For all the look at Indy folks, they replaced Manning, but they've got a pretty veteran team surrounding Andrew Luck. They didn't blow up the team. They got rid of the QB, an injury-prone running back, and let a WR go. Don't see much more major turnover than that.
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    I would feel he is deflecting heat off the team and his poor decision making since there are no signs this team is doing what you/he suggested.
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    The Cowboys have done a much better job over the past few years of getting rid of old under performing and "character issue" guys to improve the roster. The "youth movement" is a never ending process as guys get old and performance degrades. This is a young man's game.

    So the Cowboys have been rebuilding (or whatever term you want to use) just like all teams do. Three things - (1) draft must be successful, (2) old guys must be replaced, (3) under performers must be coached up or let go. I think the Cowboys are not consistently successful in the draft, hold on too long to old guys not performing, and coaching has been below par...I won't even go into GM issue.

    The Cowboys have been average for 17 years. Do the same things over and over again. Yet every year we are told they have significantly improved and will make a run. i will believe it when I see it.
  5. Disturbed

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    Good points. Although fixing the offensive line would help both. Dallas really needs to re-tool in the way they analyze OL players. They have been really bad at this for years.

    They need to blow up the scouting, etc. in this area and start over. Signing two scrubs in FA was horrible and unless drafting in high round, we can't hit on OL.
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    There's no money in rebuilding.

    There's money in hanging a SB over the fanbase. All about marketing.

    Sales baby, sales.
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    Don't forget that they decided the HC wasn't cutting it and made a change there. Looking like the right move now.
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    This thread should have ended after this post.
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    If Jerry was actually rebuilding, he could sell rebuilding. The Cowboys aren't making the moves a rebuilding team makes. We've got a 32 year old QB and haven't moved any of the valuable pieces on the team. They just went on a FA spending spree including a $50 million player aimed to put a band aid on one of the perceived holes for a quick fix.
  10. Dallas4ever

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    I think all the bullets/excuses are just about gone. Still a few blanks left though. :D
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    I'm not excusing anyone, I just merely asked a simple question. Again because I've been labeled a "happy fan" or "JG apologist" than it automatically means that I am making excuses.

    I thought the OL could at least be serviceable, and I was wrong about that. So were the folks at VR that made those decisions. I still don't like the idea of paying one guy $9-10M for one position on the OL when that unit's play is only as good as the weakest player.

    I said numerous times even before the offseason that this team has work to do in order to be in a position to compete every year for a title. You can search my post history, I've never, ever, ever said that this team would be SB bound this season or last. The only thing that gives me hope is the change in philosophy/direction or whatever you want to call it in the draft approach and sticking to their draft board. I enjoy that approach and I believe that's how you find good football players. Whatever the "magic" formula they are using now it appears to be a good approach - that's what I like about this current structure.

    The drafts from the final year in Parcells era up to now have crippled the team. 2009 is probably the worst one in recent history of this franchise. The "quick fixes" that the VR folks have tried because they thought they were close have blown up in their faces and we are paying for it now.
  12. Alexander

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    They got rid of Jeff Saturday, Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt and Dallas Clark as well. All of the QBs were let go, same for the tight ends and most of the cornerbacks.

    They also completely restructured the front office and even changed defensive schemes.

    It was the textbook definition of blowing up the team.

    If you do not see that, you really don't even know what you are looking at.

    They went veteran to piece the roster back together, but it is fairly clear they started over whereever it made sense.
  13. Bluestang

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    Jeff Saturday has struggled in GB and he was replaced by Satele a good Center from the Raiders, Brackett is still on the streets, Dallas Clark sure seems to be lighting it up in TB...

    Their defense was always a bunch of fast undersized guys for a 4-3, so making a switch to a 3-4 would have been pretty easy for them.

    They also traded a second round pick and an undisclosed late round pick for Vontae Davis this year.

    For a team that is flat out in rebuild mode that doesn't add up.
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    He would be wrong and lying to himself. Also, when has he EVER said that.. Even during the campo years I don't remember him saying that.

    You don't go out and try to solve one need (the secondary) if you're rebuilding.
  15. Alexander

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    The idea is if they "blew it up".

    They unquestionably did. Their own ownership acknowledged how difficult the change would be for the city, the fans and the team itself.

    You can argue if you believe what they did was right or wrong, but they did do it.
  16. Alexander

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    Especially when you return a large part of the bottom of the roster. Our turnover was not significant.

    We even intended to allow players like Ogletree to play the market and still brought them back and re-installed them back like they never left. Dockery was the same way.
  17. junk

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    I thought it was a 2 year job to get this team in contention if they made the right moves.

    I don't think they did. Guard and corner were very deep in FA and the draft last year. Those should have been fixed last year. Guard certainly wasn't.

    That would have freed up the team this year to potentially grab another pass rusher early in what could be a banner year. It also looks like a decent safety class which is also a need.

    Center is the tricky one as there hasn't been great options the last two years.

    I think it was Sturm that discussed it. These misses mean they have to keep investing to fill massive holes. They never really build any depth or address positions that have plagued the team for years (OL, S)
  18. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    There were still other holes that now they have no choice but to over-react to the misses that will get ignored.

    Even if the offensive line is finally addressed ala the CB spot this year, there are still big issues at safety, center and defensive line.

    Just get prepared for an offseason thinking Barry Church returning off of an Achilles injury is going to shore that spot up. The problem is, while he was showing promise, he was not a proven solution even when he was healthy. The same goes for Costa. Lissemore will be the revelation at end, Brent at nose tackle. None are sure things, but will be viewed that way.

    Our "core" is getting to the point where it needs to be addressed, but I am sure the "window" will be another topic this offseason. Maybe this year it is closed.

    The real problem for this organization is bad decision making coupled with poor self-evaluation.
  19. Clove

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    We are not rebuilding - Jerry is going to keep adding parts until Tony is done stinking up the place. Then he will think he can find a QB by flipping through the undrafted free agent list, or try to draft some injury prone dude, or find a QB who's played Volleyball for 4 years and decided to come back and play football.

    Jerry can't stand losing for a couple of years to position himself to get a Top QB. Rebuilding means losing fans = losing money.

    As long as Jones has breath, he will never rebuild.
  20. Bluestang

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    I thought the Claiborne deal was something that fell in their laps when St. Louis was looking to trade down on draft day.

    If that doesn't happen, I think Zeitler would have been selected with the first pick after a trade down. I believe this based on an interview Stephen had with the Talkin' Cowboys crew.

    I hope that OC is the top priority on the list for the upcoming offseason. Just like Parcells believed in having a good center on the OL is paramount, I also believe the same thing.

    I would take a blue-chip OC over any blue-chip OG every day of the week.

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