What if the drafted rookies are a bust?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mactin, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    What if he did?
  2. TwoDeep3

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    That made me laugh.
  3. IrishAnto

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    Yea all that good stuff :)
  4. cowboy_ron

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    That would blow many agendas
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  5. Next Years Champ

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    I don't go with such extreme hyperbole.

    These players,..

    these expectations..

    are like bricks in a wall.

    The only way the team gets built is when the players themselves..

    take responsibility to succeed.

    Therefore..if as you suggest these rookies fail as you say..

    the other bricks in the wall have to take up the slack until the rooks can meet the need.

    Maybe some will do better in years 2 , 3 and 4.


    I really just hope we dont reel in another Bobby Carpenter like we did under Parcells..

    or draft a bunch of OL guys just to see them go down with injures like Peterman and a few others did under Bill P.

    To me..what goes unsaid when Parcells was here in Dallas..

    ..is that his failures at drafting really outnumbered his successes with FA..

    andd the drafting failures that kill you is not one draft class failing.

    but rather when numerous failed draft years pile up.

    We are definitely not having that sort of problem with our drafts.

    We'll see..like we always do.
  6. Bullflop

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    I think about four of our rookies may work out well. Martin, Lawrence, Gardner and Mitchell all have me hoping as much, at least.
    We possibly also got a couple of undrafted free agents that seem fairly promising as well but of course, that remains to be seen.
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  7. FLcowboy

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    Gee, what if Bryant breaks his leg, or Romo breaks his arm, or Smith has a hernia, or Church separates his shoulder.

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