What if the Rams trade Faulk back to the Colts?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rgcowboys, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. rgcowboys

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    This is not a Cowboy thing, but what if the Rams send Marshall Faulk back to the Colts? Do you think he could be their starting rb? I dont think he wants to reire but he his getting pushed out. I think that would be his best fit.
  2. CoCo

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    He is no longer a feature back. Period.

    The good news for him is that he realizes it.
  3. KDWilliams85

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    I don't think Dungy is confident in Rhodes and Addai hasn't ran a down yet. Bringing back Faulk may give him the confidence he needs in his backfield. He doesn't place all the pressure on Rhodes and Addai can blossom for a year.
  4. AbeBeta

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    Yeah, someone is going to trade for Faulk. That's funny.
  5. Star Struck

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    Being from St. Louis, I hear about Faulk and his role on every sports radio show. I think that Faulk knows that his primary responsibility from here on out will be as a mentor and tutor. When a situation calls for experience, he'll be great. When it calls for raw tools (speed, strength, etc) the young guy will be there...
  6. Cowboy Junkie

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    I think Faulk is going to retire due to injury.
  7. Hostile

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    I think so too.
  8. dbair1967

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    Faulk is washed up...wont surprise me if he ends up retiring

  9. JakeCamp12

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    He has very bad knees, but he could be a good 3rd down back if his knees are up to it....he blocks fairly well and catches well out of the backfield, but I do not know if his knees are good enough to play anymore
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Faulk = no trade value.

    If the Rams have any decent back for a 3rd down back, Faulk is gone.
  11. baj1dallas

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    He was effective last year, no reason he can't do that again.
  12. Cowboy Junkie

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    Yeah it really puts what Emmitt did in perspective...

    Just 2/3 years ago Faulk was often mentioned as a guy who could have the rushing record
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Yes there is. His knees are shot.........

    Marshall Faulk: Contemplating Retirement

    RotoWire.com Staff - RotoWire.com
    Saturday, June 10, 2006
    Update: Faulk is considering retirement as his knees have been slow to recover from offseason surgery, the Associated Press reports.

    Recommendation: "Guys that have played at such a high level for so many years and have taken so many hits, sometimes it starts to wear you down a little bit," Rams coach Scott Linehan said. "He's trying to figure out how he can manage it." Faulk hasn't attended meetings to help pick up the new offense, which could be an indication that he's not going to risk further injuries by playing at less than 100 percent this season.
  14. iceberg

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  15. MONT17

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    Faulk looks old... Emmitt was one of those guys who aged well!!! Faulk reminds me of Cal when he played... one year he is catching 90 balls as a RB the next he has deep wrinkles around his eyes like Kevin Costner!!!
  16. Uh-Oh

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    I don't know if at this point, Marshall Faulk is worth a draft pick.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    What if God was one of us...?
  18. Vintage

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    Country sucks

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