What if the unthinkable happens?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lcharles, Oct 25, 2005.


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    I would be truly upset in admitting that this team is much like the QC team that overachieved offensively in its wins, despite good (not great) defensive play year reound.

    Jerry will be on every media show blowing his frustration, talking like a coach and proclaiming how he will look at everything - players, coaches, gameplan, etc. - to determine what the real problem is. However he will put most of the heat on the coaches. The media will then ask Parcells what he thinks of all this and BP will put the balme on the players while trowing arpond catchphrases like "I don't know anything about that", or "we didn't execute", or "we are what we are ["we" - meaning the players]".

    The media will simply blame the coaching and agree with Jerry Jones - pointing to a young team that lack's coaching direction. Mind you the only reason the media will do this is to fuel Jerry Jones' tryrade in blaming the coaches, with the alterior motive of creating juicy stories to write about as they atempt to create a rift between coaches, players and ownership.

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    I would beg Reality to close the board for a few days so I don't see people going postal.

    My dogs would not get near me...when I get mad over a game I just have to give the dogs a look and they slowly walk away lol.

    Then after that I would say...oh well no use crying over spilled milk now, it's bridge under the water and look forward to the next game.
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    it won't happen. the boys will be ready. the offense will be ready. witten and co will go medieval on the cards.
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    freudian slip?

    bridge under the water indeed, that's exactly how i'd feel.
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    we will see the return of the "lose the rest of the games and draft Leinhart" thread
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    I wouldn't be terribly shocked if the Cardinals win. I would be terribly PO'ed if they beat us the same way the Skins, the Raiders, and the Seahawks (and the Giants nearly) did.
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    Whenever I hear Cardinals I always think back to that playoff game in 1999 where Billy Davis had a huge drop early on to kill a drive and we couldn't do squat after that.

    I see that play in my nightmares.

    Does anyone else have this problem or should I seek psychological assistance?
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    I'm not so sure this should be considered "unthinkable". Too much parity in the league to circle this one as a definite win. The difference nowadays is the fact that your good teams show up to play every week and very seldomly play down to their opponents level. The Cowboys even with a premier coach are having to learn this.
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    You might wan't to get a little help.:laugh2:

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    Ahh..good catch.

    Maybe listening to Simon and Garfunkle yesterday evening mess me up.

    Bridge over troubled water.
  11. Alexander

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    Followed by, "I am happy with that!"
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    Not only that. The Dolphins should have won that game. Late comeback by the Cards and an absolutely dumb move by Dave Wannstedt on a penalty. Can't remember the specifics, but I do remember watching the game.

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    Most hypothetical questions are ********, this one is no different.

    These type of questions remind me hearing the girls at my sisters sleepovers.

    What would you do if ... ? What if ... ? What would happen if ... ? What would you say if .. ?

    Dumb questions.

    What if a rain drop fell that was so big that it got stuck in the hole in the roof at Texas Stadium, ... what would you do ?

    What would you do if Parcells put a helmet on and went out to return a kick-off ?

    What would you say if Jerry sold the Cowboys to Saddam Hussein ?

    Dumb, waste of time.
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    OMG dont even get me started on this What if Arizona beats us CRAP!.

    In my mind I'm convinced that we're going tos tomp them....But if we dont and for some reason lose, OMFG I'll go crazy.

    Expect a lot of Trash talking from me you and every other person on this board.
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    My reaction would depend on how we lost it. But likely I would go into the kitchen and clean it up (it's therapy for me) and have everyone leave me alone until I am through being boiling mad. Then I would come here and complain about what went wrong (support group therapy). Then move on to the next game.

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    What were you doing listening in on your Sisters sleep overs?

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    Redskin fan here.

    The Cardinals are not going to beat you, so don't worry about it.

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