What in the world...PSU vs Iowa State

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by chicago JK, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. chicago JK

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    I just turned on the Penn State vs Iowa state game and the score is 6-4 in the fourth quarter. That is the strangest score I have ever seen in a football game.
  2. Roughneck

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    It's Iowa, not Iowa State.
  3. ibis

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    ..PSU & ISU...these are the two schools with the ugliest unis...Paterno..I don't what he's doing as both their Home & Away unis look like practice togs....as for ISU..the school colours are evidently RED & YELLOW...need I say more...
  4. ibis

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    ...there's a school in south florida called Florida Atlantic (FAU)...they were recently in San Marcos to play Texas State...one of the talking heads said that the enrollment was 28 thousand...I've never heard of the school...were they at one time someone else???...
  5. Sarge

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    Strange or not - Iowa got me $100.


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