What injuries?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Jun 14, 2014.

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    Mods I mean no disrespect to the cowboys so I hope this is ok. But when people talk about the cowboys injuries last year I'm having a hard time pinpointing the debilitating un-overcomeable injuries. People said Sean lee missed the last half of last year and many responded by saying that's why he fell to round2 and it'll probably happen again anyways....

    Then the legend of Tyrone Crawford has grown the more it's clear we'll need him.

    Spencer will never be right so idk what were hoping for there.

    It just seems like its always some excuse and not the truth which is "we've blundered too many personell moves and thus must try again".

    You think our injuries were bad what if we sent like 20 guys to IR like the packers or giants during their super bowl runs. I'd be afraid to see the names we'd sign if something like that happened.
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  2. Rack Bauer

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    Romo (only missed one game, but played hurt all season)

    Combine all those and yes, it's very difficult to overcome. This isn't the early 90's cowboys where they were deep at almost every position. This cowboys team isn't good enough to lose players and expect to be a playoff team.
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    There were more than injuries (Ratliff), but the entire DL situation alone was undermining any chance our D had. We had guys starting right off the streets for crying out loud.
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    Ratliff too.
    And so, so many more that killed the defensive depth to a point that they were pulling guys off the street.
    I think I read that in the 4 dline spot we had maybe 3-4 times that many differnt players there.

    However, the OP is correct in saying we have blundered a ton of personnel moves.
  5. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Whatever happened with Ratliff and jerry is outside of football. Sweet job by the media getting to the bottom of it tho. How much did rat cost against the cap last year? Another example of a bad personell move.

    With our depth there was no difference between street FA's so mine as well try em all out
  6. Vanilla2

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    Not exactly the one specific injury but the amount of injuries sustained.

    But the worst was Tonys back.

    IMO they beat philly with a healthy Romo.
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  7. MarionBarberThe4th

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    They also arent a good team, as i tried to explain, one team can lose ten people, ok, its bad, but said players arent that good that even their replacements arent losing that much. Than another team could lose a player or two and its more devestating because that player is good or more valuable to the team. Dallas in turn, again, realized "oh, we didnt really lose that much because we didnt have much to begin with"

    THe things this team SHOULD have done vs what it did " is what irks me to no end.

    And again, i have seen teams, the Giants are good with this, have injuries and not miss a beat. I have seen Dallas have one injured toe and melt down right there on the spot. And under both JG and Wade, i saw other teams expose their opponents weakeness when said injury happens. and i have seen both those coaches look at the other team and say "we wont play to your weakness".

    If any good could have come out of these injuries, rest assure some pretty heads, Dallas let those opps slip by. I will say this about RR, when inuries hit, some streete guys layed pretty well considering. When the injuries hit this time around, i saw a lot more excuses being handed out.
  9. dexternjack

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    Injuries are just an excuse as to why they under-performed. Even if that team stayed relatively healthy, the results would have not been much better.....maybe a playoff appearance at best. They were just not good/consistent enough to be contenders IMO.

    If they had good and reliable depth, the injuries would have been less noticeable. Not saying that they didn't have problems keeping guys on the field, especially defense, but they were just not that good of a team regardless. Way too many holes with insufficient depth..............

    I have higher hopes this season though. Hopefully, a re-tooled offense with better protection along with some younger guys with high motors on defense rotating in and out. We will see if Marinelli can work wonders soon enough.
  10. Bullflop

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    Our success this year will be leaning heavily upon our luck with respect to injuries improving. We have also undergone taking an inordinate number of already-injured players into the fold which only tends to increase our vulnerability. We'll be aided to some extent by our making friendly contracts in terms of the financial investments required. We'll be an injury-prone team relying heavily upon a change of fortune to smile upon us in 2014. Let's just hope the football injury gods are merciful this year.
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    Every team has injuries... every team has guys who play injured. It's a never ending excuse for those who want something to be positive about. We haven't even made it to training camp yet, and the injury excuse can already be used in 2014. If we don't make the playoffs, I'm sure injuries will be one of the reasons, even if Sean Lee is the only player to miss any games.

    That's why roster depth is so important. We don't have it. We didn't have it on the DL last season, even though it was touted as a strength of the team. When we lost Spencer and Ratliff decided he didn't feel like playing, the holes in our depth were exposed, and we tried to plug them with warm bodies.
  12. waving monkey

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    RATLIFF is to pass over though he just quite.
    I know there is more
  13. MrMom

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    Brian Waters
  14. Idgit

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    Is it me...or does a "what injuries" thread regarding last season smell like such obvious bait that it's difficult mustering the energy for a serious reply?
  15. ChldsPlay

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    How do you know there was no difference? You can't criticize lack of depth for last year...the depth was injured. You don't have room to have depth for the depth on a roster.
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  16. xwalker

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    The number on problem is that the injuries were concentrated in certain position groups.

    Ratliff - Never Played
    Spencer - Played a few snaps in 1 game.
    Ware - Missed games and was hobbled in most of the other ones.
    Crawford - Never Played
    Bass - Never Played
    Marvin Austin
    Other - They were 2 other DL players that they had acquired in the off-season that got injured before or during training camp.

    Durant - Played 1 quarter in place of Lee before getting injured.
    Holloman - Missed about half of the season.

    Miles Austin
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  17. big dog cowboy

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    That is a pretty hard sell considering that our projected DL turned into mush filled with guys who don't belong on a NFL roster.
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    Most of the threads on this board are like that....
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  19. Idgit

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    Nah. This one is special.
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  20. Toruk_Makto

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    I recall during the Giatns superbowl run they had their defensive lineman healthy and dominating.

    I also don't think they played any elimination games without Eli. I could be wrong though.

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