what is everyone's mood like today?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lane, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    just interested is all.... in knowing what kind of mindset some of you are in today.

    looking forward to the draft?

    looking forward with getting on with life?

    you know......things of that nature.
  2. lurkercowboy

    lurkercowboy Well-Known Member

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    Getting on with life. I have several weekend projects I can work on now that I don't have to worry about watching Dallas games.
  3. demdcowboys#1

    demdcowboys#1 Well-Known Member

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    I could barely sleep last night, i was so pissed. I woke up pissed and was down til about 1 or 2:00. I went and played Need For Speed Most wanted and NBA live 06 and started feeling better. I hopped on the board, read some positive good articles, and it got me back to thinking of how good this team can really be. Then i started thinking about how i really cant wait til the offseason, just to see the changes, etc that we add to the organization.

    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    i know it has been a strange brew of excited as hell mixed with cardiac arrest this year with all the close games.
  5. HoustonSucks

    HoustonSucks Well-Known Member

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    Mixture of pissed with a weird wait-and-see when it comes to BP. I don't know. But I have my Longhorns to distract me........
  6. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Been doing a little draft stuff and enjoying some college football. Sad thing is I think I'm used to not watching Cowboys football this time of year.
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    I'm in a lousy mood today. Same as the weather over here. Sucks. Dark and dismal. That's how I feel.

    I'm also coughing up a lung. Doesn't help matters.

    I feel disappointed and PO'd.

    I could care less if BP came back next year. I think I'm ready for a change. $4 million a year for nothing.

    How many more years are we to wait???
  8. Roughneck

    Roughneck Active Member

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    Excited what type of toys FA and the Draft are going to bring us.
  9. 30yrheel

    30yrheel Well-Known Member

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    slowly realizing that there's more to life than football.
    spending more time with my wife, my sons, and the rest of our family.
    knowing how foolish i sound cussing loudly at the tv.
    avoiding the skin and panther fans when i go back to work.
  10. Bryan8284

    Bryan8284 Active Member

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    So far 2006 is great! Eliminated by others, came out flat. No playoffs. My girl broke up with me this morning.

    Ahh, what a world.
  11. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    u wanna know my mood.?..here is my mood :bang2: :banghead: :bang2: :banghead:
    I just hope the cowboys win one more in our life time
  12. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Active Member

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    My mood is one of hope, we have some cap room left and the draft.
  13. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    what got me yesterday was finding out right before kickoff that we were eliminated..
  14. CM Duck

    CM Duck I'm breaking the 4th wall...

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    even though I am dissapointed about not making the playoffs, I am still happy with the play of our YOUNG Dallas Cowboys. We are heading in the right direction fellas. Just imagine how good the defense can be with a year of the 3-4 under their collective belts.

    If Jerry AND Bill have an off-season like last year's the eagirls,gi-aints, and dedskins will be fightin for second place in the NFC East next year. BOOK IT!!!!

    I can't wait for all the off-season fun to start. I am curious what they will do about the QB(back-up), ILB, OL, kicker, and asst coaching situations in the off-season.
  15. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    damn...........please tell me your kidding.
  16. TwoSteppinJJ

    TwoSteppinJJ Active Member

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    I feel like killing myself and looking forward to the bowl games Rose bowl im going to that game. And looking forward to the draft...
  17. Juke99

    Juke99 ...Abbey someone

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    ...the thing that struck me most is that the next game is in September...THAT is a huge downer...I was po'ed last night...so it didn't really hit me until this morning...

    I recall the huge BUZZ it was sitting down for the first game this year...I'm in shock that it all ended so quickly...and I'm bummed that it's gonna be 8 months until the next real game....
  18. Billy Bullocks

    Billy Bullocks Active Member

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    Angry..but over it. When you look at it objectively, and not as a homer, the way we played in our big games this year...Washingotn, NY...we didnt show up. Those teams beat us in the division, and we have no one to blame but ourselves for missing out.

    We were 7-3 and we ****ed up.

    This team has alot of youth, especially on the defense...we can only get better.

    Imagine if we have a similar draft this year. We got 5 players who contributed, but 4 guys who really look like they will be importnat for years to come...Barber, Spears, Canty, and Ware.

    Henry will be healthy next year. James showed up.

    I know this is Dallas, and I know we hold our club to a very high standard, as we should, however you have to see the progress we made. We are a team that was not an average team in the NFL, we were BAD. It takes time to rebuild things.

    DId I tink we would be alot btter this year, I sure did.

    At the end of the day, it's just football, and the end of the season just shows me how unhealthy the whole thing really is, lol.
  19. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    Sit back and have a Nutty Buddie, you'll be fine Sally.
  20. Juke99

    Juke99 ...Abbey someone

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    :eek: :p:

    They don't sell Nutty Buddies down here...we don't have any Dairy Queens...

    Speaking of queens, you see Winicki around lately??? :D

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