What is everyone's take on Pioli?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Jan 3, 2013.

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    If Reid takes the job in KC a condition might be that he has final say on all matters making Pioli expendable. And while I know it's the longest of long shots, would he be someone that could provide some direction for this team? I am not real familiar with a lot of his moves but if I remember right he helped build the Pats into the Juggernaut they are now.

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    What would be his role here...Jerry not giving up GM....and it was more than just Pioli in NE...obviously he didn't do much in KC....so no thanks...
  3. fairviewfarmer

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    Pioli engineered the train wreck that is the Kansas City Chiefs....by all means hire him!!:lmao:
  4. cowboysooner

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    The guy wouldn't know a quarterback if one hit him between the eyes with a football.

    He inherited a ton of young talent from Herm Edwards (Flowers, Carr, Hali, Albert, Bowe, Charles, Derrick Johnson) and has not done much with it because he believes inexplicably in Matt Cassel.

    He also forced a 3-4 system despite having better 4-3 linemen.

    He has hit on some picks Berry, Houston, Hudson. But he has forced some too like Tyson Jackson.
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    He is a tool !

    Another New England guy who failed away from Bill. The list is long.
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    KC has been my "Adopted" AFC team ever since Montana played there. The biggest gripe of KC fans is the owners ineptitude to spend money on free agents. No matter how much you build through the draft you need a proven veteran or two for a leadership role. I see no leadership on either side of the ball in KC.

    Pioli has had too many scapegoats take the fall for his abysmal performance as a GM (Cassel and Todd Haley). If Andy Ried can't get it done you'll see a double whammy axe swing in KC the next time around.
  7. Fastphilly

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    Tyson Jackson is too undersized to play in a 3-4 Scheme. Glenn Dorsey played in a 4-3 scheme in college and has struggled in the 3-4 system as well.

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