What is Garrett's issue?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I doubt very seriously that the defense is calling the "perfect play" to defeat the Cowboys objectives so often. Guaranteed that a giant percentage of those times it's poor execution on somebody's part and most often it's a lineman.

    That being said, every time it's 2nd and 10 and I'm watching that pathetic running play up the middle for 2-3 yards(you know that one they run EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME IT'S 2nd and 10) I want to pull my hair out. :eek:
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    No attitude is not enough all by itself but it is an important part of the whole thing. You can't wipe out a losing culture with just a few wipes of a moist towelette. If you want it to be a long term change, it takes a lot more than inspirational speeches and X's & O's. It takes time and a lot of hard work.

    Garrett just seems to me like he is implementing a long term, sustainable plan for success and he may be learning some along the way but the evidence of his plan beginning to take hold is there. He's got more work to do though. I want to see what he can accomplish in 2 more years. I think we will all like it.
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    That's fair, and maybe you're right. But I submit play calling is a lot more complex and complicated than any of us realize. And it's so easy to judge a play based on its result, but I don't know if it's accurate. Nonetheless, you may be right. Perhaps the team does need a different signal caller. I don't think so, but I don't know everything. But I do like the idea of having a HC
    who doesn't have to worry about play calling.

    My question is, given what this team had become (talent, work ethic, attitude, culture, etc) where do think the bar should be set? Should they be an annual conference title defender, depsite all the issues they've had, just because they're the Cowboys, and that's where we want them? It's easy to argue another coach could do better with this team, but how can you be sure? You might say, "well, look at their track record." Okay, but that was with a different team, different organization. No Jerry Jones constantly over your shoulder, offering personnel decisions to the media. Garrett is trying to get rid of the entitlement mentality that's pervaded this franchise, and build a team full of players who are hungry, smart, tough, and just plain want to play. He wants a team that isn't just good now, but will be for the long term. Even you admit, he's doing that.

    People don't want to admit it, but we are in a rebuilding phase. Maybe not so much in talent, but in just about every other way. That takes time. Garrett took over a mess. You don't go 1-7, with the last two being blowout losses, if you're not a mess. Now, you could argue Garrett was part of that mess. Personally, I think he had his hands tied, and immediately showed what he could do once he was in charge. Does he need to improve? Sure. But more I think in terms of situational management than play calling. Shoot, give us a good OL, that can actually move somebody in the run game, and consistently protect the QB, the plays will start looking a whole lot better.

    I just think he's on the right track, and I think it would be a shame to give up on him this soon. Fisher was a .500 coach his first 4 years, before he broke through. Payton started off with a bang in NO, but then regressed for a couple years before breaking through. Belichek was terrible in Cleveland. The league is full of stories like that, and I believe can be one of them.
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    garrett just isn't a very good offensive coordinator, plain and simple.
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    If Xs and Os are what he's teaching why does the nfl lead the league in penalties? And its not the same ole story as some would say it because this is basically a new team.

    I seriously doubt that they are focusing on fundamentals because the lack of attention to a simple snap count says they arent.
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    Bingo..i think he would be a better HC if he would get a OC other then by just title.
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    I just want to see an up to date offense and not on offense that is so bland.

    What you see is what you get is about 20 years old. Get with the times. Make defenses think.

    We would run Washington off the field if we play a hurry up style.
  8. LatinMind

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    I wish too. I dont think Dallas needs a hurry up all the time but i would do the team wonders if they did it 4 or 5 drives out of the game.

    IMo this team just seems to run better when Romo is in charge
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    Sorry disagree. That was a stupid playcall. If you want to run, do it on a 2nd and short. This team can't run the ball at all and hasn't for years now. Keep going with what works. At that time, it was passing. Saints knew it was coming in those last 6 minutes and they stopped none of that. Really, they didn't stop it most the game except when we dropped easy passes or didn't connect on a pass. They never shut that passing game down.

    Fine, you want to run, line up and run with Demarco getting a head of steam. Not these idiotic delayed draws where the back gets the ball at a stand still with the defense bearing down.

    And surprises don't work because our o-line can't block. So even if they are caught off guard, they have enough time to shed the block and make the play.
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    And yet, he works wonders with no offensive line and no running game and a massive turnover differential. Go figure.
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    So, passing would have been better. Running straight ahead would have been better. Thus, running a delayed draw (that, btw, is our best running play) was the worst thing to do there. Sounds like the same argument. If it didn't work, it was stupid, and anything else would have worked better. And what's worse, all us geniuses seem to know that, but the Ivy Leaguer doesn't get it. Okay, fine. Sure.

    But if they weren't "stopping none of that", and really "never shut the passing game down", then picking up 10 yards in 2 plays passing the ball shouldn't have been all that hard. Truth is, we were 2-10 on third down. They were all passes. Romo was 26-43 for the game, which is about 60% (less if you count the two sacks). Which means 40% of the time, they were stopping it. So, if the Saints weren't shutting it down, and it was all on the offense not connecting, seems like there was quite a bit of not connecting going on. Yeah, the passing game clicked for about 6 minutes at the end of regulation, when the Saints were in prevent. And it worked on the first play of OT. Not that egregious of an act to run in that situation, when the defense is expecting pass, especially when we were in a passing formation. NO, NE, GB, Denver, they all do it. Guess their OC's are stupid, too.
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    Based own what success with his decision-making?
  13. TX Cowboy

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    His issue? is that he's young, inexperienced and very much still a player
    on the sidelines..who went in to coaching and rose through the ranks way
    to quickly
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    Well maybe he called more than 11 runs a game he would have one right?
  15. Risen Star

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    It's comical, isn't it?

    Fan crutch. It's always the guy calling the plays. Quit holding back all our talent!!
  16. Hostile

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    You and I both know if Murray is healthy and we have an OL this Offense is going to explode. If we fix the OL I honestly expect us to score nearly 500 points next year.
  17. Risen Star

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    Completely agree. Fix the OL, add a back to replace Felix, stay healthy of course and this offense will hum.

    I'm amazed how so many of our fans can't see that.
  18. Airbag

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    Agree x1000.
    When defenses have to respect our run game I think we will be unstoppable.
  19. Chocolate Lab

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    Yeah! Give Garrett star talent at OL to go along with star talent at RB, WR, TE, and QB and we'll finally see what he can do! :laugh2:

    Seriously, who can't coach with great talent at literally every area on his side of the ball?
  20. Hostile

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    I 100% agree on a back to replace Felix, and he needs to be able to be the featured back if we lose Murray. To me, OL and NT are critical. Backup RB is just behind that and then DL depth.

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