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    Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar was ticketed for being a minor in possession of alcohol at a party early Sunday, according to authorities in Norman, Okla.

    It's unclear if the misdemeanor citation will affect his status as the team's starter going into Saturday's game against Tulsa. Coach Bob Stoops named Bomar the team's starting quarterback after Monday's practice. Junior Paul Thompson started the season opener against TCU. But Stoops made the switch in the wake of a 17-10 loss.

    Norman police Lt. Tom Easley said officers were dispatched to investigate whether an underage female had suffered alcohol poisoning. Officers learned that the woman had come from a nearby party, so they went to investigate, Easley told the Dallas Morning News.

    Police walked up to the scene and found several people drinking on the front lawn, and Bomar, 20, was holding a glass mug, Easley said.

    "When the officer asked him what was in the glass mug, Bomar said, 'Dr Pepper,'" Easley said. "Then the officer asked if there was alcohol in the Dr Pepper, Bomar said, 'Yes.'"

    Easley said Bomar has already set a court date of Oct. 5 to either ask for a trial or accept a plea.

    OU team spokesman Kenny Mossman told several Oklahoma news outlets that Stoops was aware of the incident. Mossman said any disciplinary action would be handled within the framework of the team.
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    Well not smart on his part as he was just named the starter...and he is a college student...we all know they don't drink alcohol :rolleyes:

    He should have dumped it when he saw the police.
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    If he was smart he would have not even been there inthe first place!
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    hey ou....face facts.....it's over!

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