What is there to do in Dallas?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by NateSuri, Jul 14, 2013.

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    We are coming over for that game as well.

    It will be our third visit, although the first to the new stadium.

    On previous trips we have been to the JFK Museum, and we found it very interesting, quite enjoyed Reunion Tower as well as it gave some great views of the surrounding area. The Aquarium was also well worth a visit and we have also spent time at Six Flags & the Fort Worth Zoo.

    We didn't make the Stockyards last time, so are spending a couple of days in Fort Worth, (staying near the Stockyards) this time before moving on for a few days near Grapevine before the game.

    Have a Tour of Valley Ranch & a Stadium Tour on the plan so far, so would be interested in any recommendations.

    My Son is desperate to try the Brisket, so any recommendations for somewhere for that would also be welcome.
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    Been there a few times now - nice set up.
    Get a seat near the pool.

    Stock Yards covers a lot of things.
    Try to get there before 4pm.
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    I'd like to do things that I can only do in Dallas. I have a six flags by me, etc.
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    And thanks everybody for commenting and giving me some good stuff to look into.
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    I would say that Fort Worth is going to offer you the best 'one of a kind' type experience with the Stockyards.

    But if you're in the Downtown Dallas area...

    The Perot Museum of Nature and Science -- I think they even have a period when it's adults only and you can walk around the museum with a beer in hand (so I've heard).

    The World Aquarium isn't far from there either.

    Observation deck at Reunion tower

    Those three things could keep you busy for an afternoon. It's a start, I'll list some really good food places in a bit depending on what you're looking for-- (BBQ and Mexican are the main staples around here, but also some good steakhouses and such... just let me know).

    I'm at work so I'll update more in a bit.
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    If you're going to be by the Stockyards in FortWorth, then Billy Bobs is a must see. The worlds largest honky tonk. And some of the best bbq you'll find is at Coopers in the stockyards.
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    Compared to what?

    Just in the In the Fall...

    MLB (october if we make it)
    Year around Golf w/ maybe 75 courses in the area
    College Sports at SMU and TCU and others
    Perot Natural Museum--state of the art
    Dallas Zoo
    Ft Worth Zoo
    Bass Hall
    Horse racing (if it's open)
    Texas State Fair (Sep/oct only)
    Ft Worth Stock Yards
    Mesquite Rodeo
    Six Flags (Fri-Sun in late Fall)
    Trammel Crow Exhibits
    A thousand restaurants
    A thousand bars or night clubs
    Broadway Plays
    Non-stop live music
    Large Concerts
    Biking on the lakes
    Sailing on some lakes
    Several Mountain Bike trails
    World Class shoping Malls(if wanted)
    Bass pro Shop and the like
    Mega Theaters

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    I see a few people point out the Ft. Worth zoo which is great, but I've heard that the Dallas Zoo has made a number of changes in recent years, and is supposed to be pretty nice now, so there's that option if you don't want to drive all the way to Ft. Worth.
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    DFW airport is centrally located between Fort Worth and Dallas. Directly south of DFW airport is Arlington which is home to the Rangers, Cowboys, Six Flags, multiple swim/slide parks, as well as cultural areas. Fort Worth has great museums, cultural attractions, excellent walking tours of the city, and as mentioned the Stockyards, rodeos, and Billy bobs. It also has multiple smaller venues that have blues and jazz bands. There are great restaurants in Fort Worth with many cuisines to choose from. The Amtrak station is close to all the attractions and downtown. I grew up North of Dallas in Lewisville. Dallas has always been over rated, imo. Fort Worth, to me, is a lot more fun and the people are more friendly.
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    It's really a preference thing. Dallas is more cultural, Fort Worth is more Texan. Dallas has the feel of a small major city, Fort Worth has the feel of a really big town. But they both have a ton of things to do.

    I will say that the people in Fort Worth seem to have a better sense of community because of the TCU. (wearing purple on Fridays, all the bilboards, bumper stickers, etc). But there is a sense of community in the deep ellum, lower greenville, lakewood, northeast dallas, lake highlands type areas also.

    I've said it before on these boards, and I'll say it again-- uptown gives Dallas a bad rep. Nothing wrong with Uptown every now and then, but it's the only place people seemingly identify with when someone says 'let's hang out in Dallas'. I feel like a lot of people just don't know where else to go in Dallas.

    All in all, give me Dallas 6 times out of 10 over Fort Worth... just depends on how I'm feeling that day.
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    I understand that. I grew up in Dallas, and live in Irving now. I mentioned the Dallas Zoo because the OP says they want to do things in Dallas, and others mentioned the Ft. Worth zoo. The Dallas zoo has had a bad rap for years, but supposedly, they have made some changes, and it's much better now, so it might be an option.

    I do agree with you though, there are a lot of good things to do in Ft. Worth.

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