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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jterrell, Nov 6, 2013.

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    It is almost painful to listen to so many "fans" whine. Whine after losses, whine after wins, whine in the Bye week. Whine all off-season. Its to the point there should be 1 sticked thread for Jerry hate. Another for Garrett hate. No one with any defense for them allowed at all. Just allow the hate and whine to flow there unfettered.

    It's never friggin ending.

    Dallas has become the anti-bandwagon team. The team for people who love to complain.
    So... to balance the scales how about let's look at what is going right.

    As I look at the standings Dallas is 5-4 and in 1st place in the NFCE by a game and a half.
    That's good.

    They've scored the 2nd most points in the NFL. Yes, SECOND.

    They've allowed 209 points which is the lowest total in the NFCE and amongst the lowest in the NFL of teams who've played 9 games.

    They are 3-1 at home and have been handling home field.
    They are undefeated in divisional play.
    More impressively they are 5-1 in the conference.
    So the first two tie-breakers look awfully good.

    They've beaten the divisional foes by an average of 11 points.
    They have 4 losses but 2 of those are by 1 point.
    They went toe to toe with Denver who is widely expected to be the AFC top overall seed and SB representative.

    The special teams has been excellent and rates as the league's top unit according to Football Outsiders.

    The injury list is long but we've also found 5 or 6 CHEAP players we expected next to nothing of this year.
    George Selvie, Nick Hayden, Heath, Beasley, Wilcox and a few more.
    These guys bring down the cost of running the team versus the salary cap for the future.

    The front office has become quite adept at adding players from other practice squads or off the street.
    The rookie class has been a sensational value already.

    Tony Romo is throwing for 283 yards a game and has 20 TDs with only 6 INTs. His rating is the 2nd highest of his career and he is on pace for right at his career high in TD passes while producing amongst the lowest INT and turnover rates of his career. In short he has been massively effective.

    Dez Bryant is without a doubt a top 5 WR in this league and ascending.

    Sean Lee was just locked up to a long-term deal then immediately followed with outstanding play and a defensive player of the week honor.

    DeMarcus Ware returns this week and goes against a Saints team where he made his biggest mark in a game he basically took from Drew Brees.
    Maybe even better new is Ware is only 3rd on the team in sacks this year. As good a pressure guy as he is he returns to merely add to Hatcher and Selvie not have to carry the load by himself.

    And the schedule looks pretty darn rosy. Only one team would be favored over Dallas if the game were played today. New Orleans. Chicago and GB are down to back up QBs and the rest of the teams are simply abysmal. You get the 3 division games which again we own round 1 by an average 11 points then Oakland and GB at home.

    The hardest game left on the schedule is this week. But win or lose Dallas comes out of this in good position to make the playoffs and host a game for only the third time in a decade plus.
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    I like it
  3. Idgit

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    Man, that was nice to read. You always do such a nice job of keeping your perspective, jterrell. And at the same time, you're capable of being very critical when it's necessary or deserved. Good stuff.
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    Great post....not sure I can think of anything to add right now.
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  5. tecolote

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    I love this team, I think it has a lot of talent, especially at the most important position, QB, where I think Tony is one of the absolute best in the league. I give all the credit in the world to Jerry and Jason in that regard. I also think this team should have been a playoff team the last two years and should have a better record right now. I think a better head coach would have gotten us at least that.

    As a person, I like Jason, I love his philosophy in building a team, I love that the players fight until the final whistle, I just wish he was a better head coach on gameday, I wish he would prepare the team better and not come out cold in the first half just to turn it on in the 4th quarter, I wish he would make better decisions late in games, I wish his offense was more creative and move players like Dez around and not just send him into the same double coverage each and every play, I wish we had a running game, I mean this is the 3th year and it's only gotten worse.

    This team should be better, I know they have the players to be better, but they just can't get over the hump. I certainly hope they can this year and winning against NO would go a long way toward doing that, but I just don't trust Jason.

    I hope I'm wrong.
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  6. Doomsday101

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    I think your post is a good counter balance to all the negative threads we must endure. I have no issues saying there are things Dallas needs to do a better job at but there are many positives taking place and those seem to get thrown to the side and ignored.
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  7. CaptainCreed

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    Still #2 in turnover differential in the league at +10, second to only KC at +15, first in NFC

    Dwayne Harris deserves a pro bowl appearance for his returns this year. Not sure he gets it with Patterson from MIN also having a big year but we have been great on returns this year.
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  8. Future

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    This is more of a list of what has gone right, than what is working, though a good read anyways.
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  9. ChldsPlay

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    Mostly agree except a few things:

    Dallas is not close to being amongst the lowest in points per game allowed.
    The special teams ranking is almost entirely because of the return game. Coverage not so much.
    Ware is 3rd on the team in sacks because he has been injured and not playing.
    I think Chicago would still be favored even with the backup QB, but there is a good chance Cutler is playing in that game anyway.
  10. CaptainCreed

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    I think the coverage has been good except for Patterson, who is really talented, almost taking two back against us this past week. It seems like every week Dwayne Harris is having a significant impact on field position and making nice tackles as a gunner as soon as a punt is caught.
  11. Joe Rod

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    I honestly don't understand the jabs at people that "whine", nor do I get the insults towards those that express optimism. A perennially .500 team is going to have good and bad aspects, otherwise the record would probably skew in one direction or another from time to time and one side would have less resistance from the other.
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  12. Carharris2

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    Great. Best I've read on here.
    Poor us crowd please ruin this as he's saying positive things and I'm not used to hearing them.
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  13. perrykemp

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    Great Post jterrell.

    One correction -- according to the stats on NFL.com the Cowboys are 4th in the NFL is scoring:

    Denver: 42.9 points per game
    Chicago: 30 points per game
    Green Bay: 29 points per game
    Dallas: 28.6 points per game.

    Still Top 5.

    EDIT: I just realized you may have been pointing at the unadjusted point totals which doesn't account for the teams who already have had their bye. That would explain the 2nd ranking. That's fine.
  14. Carharris2

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    Well for me it's because they hedge their bets and as a fan thats weak. Like some other thread said we don't have a chance beating the Saints. They were the same that said we would get killed by the Broncos. Then if we win they can celebrate. Man up as a Cowboy fan.
    It's one thing to criticize the team. It's another to have this we are cursed like the Cubs attitude...
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  15. Vinnie2u

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    Good read.... now step away from the Jerry-Aid..

    PAINFROMUKRAINE Well-Known Member

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    Nice Post. There are many positives on this team. Jerry/Stephen & the Personnel department has done a nice job of assembling players but are biggest problem is Opie. We are one of the best pro sport organizations in the world and yet we have one of the worse HCs in the NFL. Garrett and Greg Schiano are at the bottom of the list for NFL Coaches. We gave Opie a chance for a few years and he has proven time and time again that being a NFL HC is not his expertise. The Truth hurts and until Jerry/Stephen come to this realization, we will not take any positive steps to another Super Bowl Trophy. I have been a die-hard Cowboy Fan since 1976 and I have loved every minute of it until recently. The Reign of Terror under Garrett has made being a Cowboy Fan very tough.
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  17. Idgit

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    On a list of top-10 things wrong with this club right now, head coach would be number 0.

    Another important thing that is working: we're number one in the NFC and number two in the league in Turnover Differential at +10. Tied for 3rd best in the conference in giveaways, and tied for first with SEA in takeaways.
  18. Super_Kazuya

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    Good post. I continue to maintain that if Tyron Smith wasn't a bonehead we'd be looking at this thing completely different. A 6-3 record combined with being extremely competitive in the losses (at this point last year we had already been blown out of our socks by the Bears and Seahawks) would have everyone thinking our arrow was pointing up. Instead we're 5-4 with a fan base in the dumps.
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  19. CATCH17

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    I hope one day all of these positive vibes sent out actually work.

    The most positive thing I hope for is change.
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  20. 03EBZ06

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    I don't care for people who are extreme one way or another, they are set in their ways whether be positive or negative and will not accept anything else, can't have any conversations with those people.

    I am generally a positive person but I also understand this team has some deficiencies, including coaching staff.

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