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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jterrell, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Beasley wasn't a draft pick, he was a UDFA.
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    First thanks for the kind words where they were shared.

    Ultimately as my sig says we decide ourselves whether to wallow in misery or not.
    When you cant enjoy wins like this past weekend, you can't enjoy close losses to great teams like the Broncos, can't enjoy the good play that comes out of losses, not sure what all is left.

    And if you can't enjoy it it baffles me why anyone would bother watching.

    I guess there really are a lot of people who use this as their own form of masochism and self-flagellation.

    This team has been 8-8 for 3 seasons. 8-8 is the current expectation. That's been well demonstrated.
    If you can't handle 8-8 you really shouldn't be here.
    Setting a higher expectation is a fool's errand.

    As to any delusion by anyone that whining makes things better. No, they do not.
    If you want to get Jerry's attention he only cares about apathy.
    Go away in enough numbers and he'll notice.
    But whining? He could care less. Jerry doesn't let his money get mad.

    Ultimately the person anyone really effects most is their self.
    Being miserable has a cost and i feel sorry for those of you who choose to continually pay it.
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    The largest thing to take from the Garrett coaching situation IMO is the improvement in game and roster mgmt.
    NO coach is perfect.
    We can talk about Reid but he was just fired in Philly and he's won the same number of Lombardi's as Jason as a Head Coach and quite a few less as a player.

    Belichek is undoubtedly a great coach. But the last title he won was what 7 year ago now? And he's had a generational QB in Brady the entire time.

    Garrett has done two things this season I really like.
    He's stocked the team with young guys who are improving, ascending players AND got them in games.
    People were chastising the use of Terence Williams early but now they wanna know why he doesn't get the ball more.
    Ascending players give us a chance to be better in December.
    Parcells and Wade had no real stomach for rookies.
    I like Garrett better in that specific regard.

    And his game mgmt has very much improved.
    There are ALWAYS going to be 50/50 calls we can second guess.
    Since they are 50/50 the only right answer is the one that works.
    No coach is above that, not even Belichek.

    End of the day I think Garrett is best served setting an example for the team and being an overall manager.
    So this current set up has the best chance of success for him and this team.
    The vast majority of Hall of Fame Coaches would've been sent to pasture if you gave up on them after 4 years as Head Coach.
    That includes tom Landry, Belichek and many others.

    At the time of the hire I was against Garrett.
    I knew as did most rational people he'd be learning on the job.
    I also never really liked his offensive play-calling.
    But I was also not blind to his potential.
    He was a football lifer from a football family.
    And his intelligence and character are impeccable.
    So when hired it was clear he wasn't hired for the now but for the long term.
    He is Jerry's version of Tom Landry.
    He was always going to get a long lead time for success.
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    This is what I thought when he was hired; not my first choice but a good long term candidate.

    Biggest challenge Garrett has had to face, other than Jerry and his generosity with salaries, is learning how to become a head coach. I think he is still improving and he needs to if he plans on sticking around longer.
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    If we are being completely honest Garrett walked in very much needing to learn to be a head coach and we very much needed to remake the roster.
    We were retooling on the fly.
    We couldn't tank -except the one season Romo was hurt- because we have a franchise QB so we instead rode a wave of mediocrity.
    So now we are trying to follow the 49ers and Seahawks and others who've built upon youth and taken soft conference schedules into nice playoff runs.

    We are far from a great or complete team but we can take heart that very few are. We only face three teams ranked in the top 15 (we are ranked 13) of the ESPN Power Poll the rest of the way and two of them are using back up QBs at this minute. We go 4-3 over the final 7 and end up 9-7 with a NFCE crown and Garrett gets a playoff game to learn from.
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    You spend your time labeling what others do. You see yourself above the fray by your comments of what others do in YOUR mind. You suggest the people who weigh the plus and minus of this team are miserable. You have no perspective of how they see the team on game day.

    Everyone of the people who attempt to discuss the reality of this team on this board hurt a little when the team loses. They don't walk away celebrating a moral victory of losing a close one.

    But morose, despondent, miserable, those are labels you offer from a vantage point of someone who doesn't know.

    There is a bigger calling here than just moral victories. But you, as others do, look away and find solace in baby steps to nowhere. Your words that push away any discussion on injuries, weaknesses, or failings of coaching style indicate you want your eggs sunny side up and nothing else.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Yet the one thing you and so many others do is label the fan who wants more than empty promises made by this team year in and year out - this becomes a name calling, labeling exercise. You label those fans as whiners and cry babies and haters. Because if I label you, your words can't get past my rosey demeanor.

    For the most part I ignore the fan that sees glory in losing a game. A fan who wants to ignore the shortcomings.

    Until I read a post like your anchor post in this thread and your rebuttal at the top of this post. Then I speak because so few here do speak for fans that are just as loyal, have as much history with this team, and perhaps more, and are as big a fan as you and anyone else here.

    So a question...

    Just how little thought did you put into that decision to start name calling? Self flagellation, wallowing in misery - your labels come freely about other fans because they not only want to talk about what is, but also how to perhaps fix it.

    The Broncos game was an indication this team can play with the best - but also lose.

    But this is not the same team that played them to a dead heat in the final stanza of that game before giving it away with an interception.

    This team lost a significant piece on the offensive line. In happy-land that means nothing because this team is 5-4. But in the rejoicing of that current standing, it ignores Dallas has been owned by over .500 teams while making hay on losers.

    So when you look ahead and make glorious predictions of winning the East, it ignores facts. One defensive lineman now plays for another team, one out for the year, the best of them all out for several games, and the glue that kept the line marginally together has a shoulder issue that goes beyond the norm of a stinger.

    And both the Eagles and Redskins are getting better each game, whereas Dallas seems to be struggling more and more to eek out wins or lose close ones.

    The defense is headed into another stadium with a passing attack that is one of the best, Dallas' offense is struggling in the running game and finding balance, and meeting another over .500 team where this team struggles.

    Those are just facts. But facts you wish to ignore as you find comfort in going down to the wire with a 1-6 team until it was pulled from the fire while making Ponder look like a stud.

    Your woman comes home late one night with her panty hose over her shoulder, lipstick smeared across her face, smelling of liquor and a man's cologne that you don't own.

    Some men become suspicious.

    In the case of Dallas, others plan their coming wedding anniversary and ask no question.

    Mediocrity in this league is just good enough to tease, but not good enough to draft at the right spot to fill your roster with blue chippers.

    Lose, win, do something other than 8-n-8, because this team is filled with old guys now.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I have always said, if you don't like liver, don't eat it. If some people like liver, don't berate them for eating it.

    But, misery loves company....why? I have no clue.
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    Excuse me, dog, but isn't that what you are doing, but in reverse against jterrell?
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    Break yo self
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    I'm already broke
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    Lol welcome to my world
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    Yeah, I always tend to weigh Ozzie Newsome's opinion a bit higher, myself. Garrett was offered the Ravens and the Falcons HC job. Both coaches who ended up being hired there are fairly well thought of. Of course, those teams are 3-5 and 2-6 right now, so I guess their coaches got stoopid or something.

    Or maybe it's not as cut and dried....
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    I'm happy with Garrett. I don't look at how fans view him to establish my opinion. I see players who play hard for him and last season he earned my respect for getting our depleted team to within a game of clinching the playoffs.

    He has his faults and so does every other coach. I see how players don't quit on him vs players quitting on Reid in Philly.

    Just think, if we don't allow that TD we're at 6-3 and half of these "get rid of Garrett"-paraphrasing- threads wouldn't exist.
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    Excellent post,one of the best I've ever read on here.
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    I see reading comprehension is not your string suit.

    Missed you, pookie!
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    Let's be clear. I'm not trying to be a cre4ep about this.

    But every few games someone posts a lengthy diatribe calling names of those who want to discuss the team and the shortcomings. This is a site for fans of this team. Except for the occasionally a Redskin fans comes around, this is Cowboys only.

    So why the verbal abuse?

    Words have meaning.

    Try ignore.
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    Isn't downing someone's reading comprehension verbal abuse?
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    He and I are pals.

    But more importantly is this. One side seems to get angry the other side wants to talk about the team and what is wrong. I find it extremely hypocritical of those who take this position to blame the other side about crying and whining since the management of this site doesn't create threatening posts and warnings of being banned about the happy side and their hijacking threads.

    But they surely do it as much as anyone.

    And they create threads specifically to complain about the other side of this argument.
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