What is your biggest positive/negative looking forward to 2013-14?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sureletsrace, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. DanTanna

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    Positive: Having a healthy defense and seeing Sean Lee kick but back there.

    Negative: Doing the absolute minimum to upgrade the OL. IMO, Breeze, Manning and Brady would have already retired if they were forced to play behind our OL.
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  2. Bware_Dware

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    Freeney is with the Bolts, Okoye is still available.
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  3. Dodger

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    I'm going to list more than just one positive/negative.

    Positives: The players are mostly healthy, and hopefully it stays that way. I think Callahan will help improve the running game. Romo is still our QB. If Austin stays healthy, our WRs are going to have a great season. The team drafted an offensive lineman.

    Negatives: The OL looks, to me, as uncertain this year as it did last year at this time. Other than Church, our group of safeties are, as a whole, a big question mark.
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  4. AmberBeer

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    There are only 16 regular season games in the NFL so every game is a big game. Especially if you play for the Dallas Cowboys.
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  5. bigdrulez3141

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    Positives: Skill position players on both sides of the ball and change in defense. I am almost positive the only reason we have not been able to get over the hump has been redzone offense and lack of defensive takeaways. We have been promised that each recent defensive change would create more turnovers. This is one of the schemes that has proven to do so. That excites me.

    Negatives: I'm worried about the o line and the interior d line. I am hopeful for an improvement of the offensive line to hopefully become serviceable. We need to be able to stop the run on defense. We have had success recently so that gives me hope but I am a bit worried about it.
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  6. Doomsday101

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    For me the positives is we enter the season healthy on defense and an offense that did come on strong over the 2nd half of the season scoring at avg of 28 points per game

    Negative: The team still shows a lack of discipline and of understanding situational football. This falls to the players and the coaches. Moments in the game that can alter the outcome is something this team as a whole needs to learn. Dallas has done more things to hurt themselves in these situations with stupid penalties and stupid plays. You can’t let your opponent off the hook as often as Dallas has and expect to win.
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  7. Erik_H

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    I'll give two each, basically because I couldn't decide on my two negatives. Overall, I'm more of a homer, but there are a few concerns I have.

    Skill on Offense

    I think we have some elite talent at our offensive skill postions. In the passing game, Romo is a top QB. Dez and Austin are a top 5 WR tandem if not higher, Witten is a HOF TE. and we are deeper at WR and TE than we've been in years with Harris, Beasley and Hanna. I like our rookies too, but guys like Williams and Escobar haven't played an NFL down so I can't truly count them yet. We've all seen great prospects crash and burn before so, even though I have high hopes, they we'll really have to wait and see for now.

    New D Scheme
    I'm excited about our new defense. While it's normally a difficult thing to transition to a new style (as seen in our stuggles switching over to the 3-4). I think that we are actually moving to the 4-3 BECAUSE someone finally looked at our roster and noticed that we have the players that would be better in that scheme than they would be in the existing 3-4. I think Kiffen/Marinelli were brought in not just because they were available, but because the players we have fit that particular defense so well. I have always felt that Ratliff has been hindered by having to play in the 3-4, and to some degree, I think Spencer has been held back as well. Both these guys could have career years ( or close to ). Lee and Carter are also as close to the prototypical WLB and MLB in this D as you can get. As far as Ware, Hatch, Crawford, Lissemore go, I think this change is a positive as well. Our CB's are still a strength, although it will be interesting to see how they will be used. My guess is that we won't be seeing traditional tampa 2 stuff on our secondary. The Safety position, well, that will be interesting to see. I fell strangely hopeful that we've got some good players there, and I'm looking forward to seeing which guys will rise up. I'm more optimistic about the Safety spot now than I have been since Woody was around. (although this may be one of my less rational thoughts.)

    I'm still concerned about our OL.

    I like that we got Franklin, but as with the other rookies, there's no way to know until he really plays. I'd love to see him be the next Mangold (who we passed on for Bobby Carpenter by the way (sorry) ), but we need to be better than average on the line to really make our O click. I was ok with Livings and Bern coming in last year I got burned because of it. It's one of those "fool me once" things and I'm just not confident that those guys can 1) stay healthy and 2) be good enough. I personally hope we get a good sophomore jump from Leary and can get some continuity on the line.

    Health. Health. Health.
    The absolute worst part of watching the 2012 Cowboys was watching us get ravaged by injuries. Opening day, I was so looking forward to getting to see Lee and Carter start a new era of dominating defense. Barry Church is suddenly and surprisingly playing really really well at safety. After what felt like only a few weeks, we have holes all over the place. Then it just kept getting worse. THe amount of guys starting from off the couch on D was unprecedented. Then on the offensive side, we lose Murray just when I'm starting to think we could have a running game again. Then Austin is banged up (even when playing, there's a gear missing). Our O line was sketchy to begin with but we end up with a guy in Cook that wasn't even on the roster 3 days before opening day. Who knows how many games we lost because of a lack of continuity there. I don't know if we had training issues, injury prone players or just bad luck. But I really don't want to have to have to watch that kind of season again. I don't have the slightest idea of how to prevent that, but hate having the anticipation of getting to see a player break out to become one of the leagues best (see Lee, Carter, Church) cut short by injury.
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  8. Lonestar94

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    Positive: We still have a gamechanger: Tony Romo

    Negative: Half of our star players are injury prone
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  9. Section444

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    Positive: We have a lot of very young talent on the team.

    Negative: I just don't trust Romo to show up when we need him the most. Unfortunately, the team will go as Romo goes. I can only hope that he gets it together and takes that next step this year. He certainly has plenty of talent around him to get the job done.
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    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I think that when all the stars align Romo CAN AND WILL GET IT DONE!
    I believe in Garrett


    This organization has become a destroyer of hopes. Unless the above happens... That's my negative that as much as things change the more they stay the same,

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I'd have to agree with your outlook on the Positive Fuzzy. With regards to the negative, I'm going with seasons end and there are no more games to watch.
  12. Wheeltax

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    Positives: A reset button on the injury bug, Dez Bryant coming into his own

    Negatives: Still worried about the trenches and the secondary in the new defense. I'm excited to see what Kiffin does here, but it's a question mark.
  13. Questfor6

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    My bad I meant Abraham don't know why I put Freeney.
  14. superpunk

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    Positive: another year of work with wiocock
    Negative: the holding pattern the team is in
  15. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    I know I don't have a lot of football knowledge, but the game or games that directly puts you in the playoffs, is a big game. And all playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl, including the Super Bowl, is a big game. I don't consider the 4th game of the season, when you're 3-0, to be as big as a game when you're 9-6 and need this victory to put you in to the playoffs.
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  16. Afigueroa22

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    Positives: The new Defensive scheme.
    I'm excited to see the rookies play particularly Randle, Escobar, and Frederick.
    Lee and Carter together again.
    Dez Bryant. X

    Negatives: Health is always an issue.
    Anybody not named Tyron on the O-line is questionable.
    The Safety position.
  17. Cowboy4ever

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    Flawed thinking. All 16 regular seasons games important. Using your example, if you win the 4th game of the year you end up 10 and 5 and you are not playing for a play off spot then so it is just as big.


    Positive is the heart this team showed last year. That to me, has been the missing piece. If they are healthy and play with that desire, they will go far

    Negative has to be the ol. I think they will be much better but I don't know that I trust that feeling
  18. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Flawed thinking? So if the season is wrapped up and you're a number 1 seed in the playoffs with 3 games to go, you're telling me that game 15 is a big game? Okay bro.

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