what is your favorite Dallas Cowboy win?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by lane, Jun 24, 2005.

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    I started following the Cowboys the year they lost the SB to the Colts notice I said lost as the Colts did not "win it" so I am not too well versed on next years champs but

    that first SB win...was soooo sweet

    and after that game I seen a sign that said


    man I liked the look of that and still do to this day
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    1993 NFC Championship at Texas Stadium when all the sports reporters said it was going to be one of the greatest games ever and the Cowboys crushed Seifert's 49ers with Jimmy's brass balls, 38-21. The 1993 game at home at Christmas against Washington when we beat them 38-3 was great too, I was there. As you can see, I like blow outs.
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    hard to pick one...but of the games I've seen (since 75)

    the obvious ones:
    1) dominating super bowl wins vs Denver and Buffalo
    2) NFC Champ wins vs SF in 92 and 93...the 93 rout was particularly pleasing...had Aikman not got the concussion to start the 2nd half we might have hung 50+ on them...he was nearly perfect that day and we already were leading 28-7
    3) 1975 hail mary game vs Minny
    4) Staubach's last reg season game, comeback win vs Washington 1979

    not so obvious ones:

    1) beating Philly at home in 1992 regular season
    2) demolition of the Giants to open 1995 regular season
    3) Emmitt's 237yd gem vs Philly in 1993
    4) Aikman's 5 tds lead to OT comeback vs Skins in 1999 opener
    5) 1981 playoff destruction of Tampa Bay
    6) 1993 season finale at NYG to clinch homefield adv
    7) total domination of GB in 1991, 1993 (2) 94 (2) 95 (2) and 96
    8) blowout playoff wins vs Philly in 1992 and 95
    9) stonewalling Walter Payton in 1977 playoff 37-7 win
    10) 1986 win vs NYG on MNF...welcome to Dallas Herschel Walker...one of only 2 Giant losses that yr

  4. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Glen Carano?

    Anyway, for me any game they win is a great one, any they lose is a bad one.
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    '92 NFC Championship Game because it was a surprise to me that we won. As the new kid on the block in that game it is surprising we went in to SF and won on the first try. Usually a young team like Dallas was at that time loses a game like that because they aren't experienced enough to win that game on the road. A loss in that situation is usually part of a new dynasty's "baptism by fire." The fact that Jimmy's Boys pulled it off in front of those front running Niner fans made it extra sweet. I think that slant to Harper will always be, for me, the most unforgettable play I'll ever see in Cowboys history. It was just a ballsy, ballsy call by Norv & Jimmy.
  6. Novacek84

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    I also have another personal favorite: Dec. 15, 1991 at Philadelphia. I was at that game, a 25-13 Dallas win that featured a punt return TD by Kelvin Martin and Steve Beuerlein at QB. The silence in the big, bad Vet that day was deafening as the Eagle fans filed out in silence. First time that I really knew that group was special.
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    The 1993 NFC Title Game. We had beaten the Niners the year before at the 'Stick. They had come off a dominant victory over the Giants and looked really tough.

    I recall have trouble sleeping the night before, I was so into this one. I was going to the game and I was so incredibly on edge. At 4 a.m, I checked out the Sportscenter replay. Of course, it was all about the conference championship games.

    I had been at a basketball tournament the last couple of days so I didn't really get to keep up with a lot of Friday's or Saturday's goings on. This was just three days after the famous "Three Inch Headlines" guarantee Jimmah made on Galloway's WBAP show, Sports at Six. He had obviously slammed a few Heineken's prior to that. He just had to call Randy and let him know who was going to win the ballgame.


    So back to watching 4 a.m. Sportscenter. Leading off was this stuff about some George Seifert response to the Jimmy Johnson prognostication. Naturally, I pay close attention. They played the soundbite of Seifert saying, "The man's got b---s. Whether they're brass or paper mache, we'll find out on Sunday."

    To which the great Jimmy Johnson replied, "They're brass." And when I heard that I worried no more. I went to bed around five and slept like a baby until noon.

    Got up, dressed, went to the game. Watched Troy dink and dunk to Emmitt as the Cowboys decided to isolate Deuce on Bill Romanowski. And there wasn't a darn thing the Niners could do about it. The game was over before it started. It was as sweet as it got, for me anyway - 38 to 17.

    They're brass! How can you not love that? For that, I will love Jimmah always. Forever. Best big game coach I ever saw.
  8. lurkercowboy

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    Super Bowl 27. Great from start to finish. I saw Super Bowl 12 but I was a little too young to appreciate it.
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    i loved the seahawk game this year and the crayton td pass both games made me piss my pants. i have a short memory thats why i only mentioned those games

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