What kind of impact will Gavin Escobar and Terance Williams have on this offense?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by iceman117, Jun 23, 2013.

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    As a life long Cowboys fan I have tend to get pretty excited about the team at this point in the season every year. I look at the roster and I think they can contend for a title if they can get hot and play their best football down the stretch and in the playoff. Once again I have fallen in to this trap, but am I wrong? I feel like if Williams and Escobar can be what they expect them to be this can be a devastating offense. Plus the defense is solid when not crippled by injuries like they were last season. So do you guys think Williams can be that deep threat to stretch the defense and Escobar can be a big red zone target.

    When I say that I mean can you see Escobar getting 400 yards rec with 6 or 7 TDs and Williams adding 500+ yards with 5 TDs but being a guy like Torrey Smith was for the Ravens his rookie year. If they are those things can this team win a championship this year?
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    If the two of them combine for 12 TDs like your scenario suggests, then that would go a long way towards us contending. Witten doesn't score much, so if Escobar can be a red zone weapon, that would be great. I'm hoping Miles and Dez will remain healthy and productive so whatever Williams provides is gravy.
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    the problem I have is that I didn't feel our defense was in good even when they were healthy. People just ran over them and paseed on them at will.
    P. S. By the way I hate phone voice texting
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    As your hypothetical, I could see them combine for ~1k yards and 10+ TDs, which would be fantastic. Then next year, I expect Williams to replace Austin.
  5. Future

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    Would be nice for them to get those stats, but I dont see it happening.

    I'd expect the two to combine for maybe 6 TDs and 600 yards. Realistically, I dont see them getting more than 2-3 catches per game for a couple reasons.

    1. They are going to be options 5/6 behind Dez, Miles, Witten, Murray
    2. Hanna is going to get some of Esco's catches
    3. JG has never shown the ability to get creative to get guys the football. Possible he will be better with more of the 12, but I dont see it.
  6. FiveRings

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    Are you posing the question for them specifically? Because if we're talking draft acquisitions, Randle is going to have a big impact, basically taking over what Felix's role would have been last year, and hopefully giving us a passing threat out of the backfield.

    As for T-Will and Escobar, I imagine they'll have a big role in stretching the field, opening things up for Witten, Miles etc. underneath and being deep options as well. so to put numbers on it, I wouldn't think it's unreasonable to expect from Escobar: 50, 530, 4-5 and from Williams, 35, 600, 3-4
  7. TheRomoSexual

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    I don't agree with much of this.

    1. I'm not sure why you list Murray as an "option," and I would bet Williams will start over an injured Miles a few games this season.
    2. Hanna may take away catches, but I doubt he takes away TDs from Escobar.
    3. JG isn't calling the plays anymore.
  8. Future

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    Murray, and the run game, are an option. Murray is going to get more touches than anyone else on offense, whether they are in the passing game or not.

    Maybe not, but if we are talking about yards, and Hanna is currently #2 on the depth chart, then it makes a big difference.

    That's more of a schematic observation. He's never done anything - playcalling or otherwise - to be creative and get guys involved more. Its not just about calling the guys number in the huddle
  9. Yakuza Rich

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    I doubt either will have much impact this year. Typically rookies have not done much in Garrett's offenses.

    I think Hanna will end up being the #2 TE this year. I think Escobar will be there for special teams and hopefully get more time in 2014 and then we start to look to replace Witten and make the 2 TE's Hanna and Escobar. We may use Escobar in goal line situations. Put him opposite of Dez and on a weak defender.

    I see Williams possibly progressing his playing time towards the end of the year. If he looks real strong, then they will look to have him replace Miles in 2014. But, I believe we'll probably stick with Miles in 2014 or cut him and pick up a veteran. We usually tend to do that.

  10. jobberone

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    Don't think we can do a search but this was addressed several days ago. Romo had about 4800 yards passing last year. RBs had about 700, Witten 1000, Dez 1400, Miles ~1000, WR3-5 ~ 850 and the other TEs 16 for 140. Let's say Romo even gets another 1000 for 6000. Divide it RBs 850, Witten 1100, Dez 1500, Miles 1150. That's 4600 which leaves the rest to three TEs and three WRs. Make it five leaving Rosario off the list and bump it to 1500 and that's 300 a piece which is likely generous. More likely 1200 among six for 200 per receiver.

    Very rough guesses but probably none too far off barring injuries.
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  11. Doomsday101

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    I think both will be able to contribute this season. Not going to predict any numbers but I think both will see significant playing time this season.
  12. RS12

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    Sounds about right
  13. jrumann59

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    If Romo is throwing for 6000 yards that means our running offense is non existent and we are probably 8-8 at best.
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  14. Ren

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    I don't expect much from either one this year, the guys ahead of them are just to good to be beaten out
  15. gmoney112

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    I like your optimism but Escobar is not getting 400 yards. Terrance may get 500 yards out of necessity from one of our receivers being banged up.

    I think both will have minimal impact at the beginning of the season but will end up having significant impact towards our eventual playoff run. Hanna is looking promising so the battle for the #2 TE position will be interesting in training camp. Hard for me to see a rookie taking that spot so early since the nuances of the TE position in today's game are pretty overwhelming. I think as the season wears on you'll see Gavin in the game more in goalline packages and Hanna starting in the more traditional 12 set. I wouldn't be surprised if he had 4-5 touchdowns by the end of the season which will really build his confidence. The dude is a receiver in a tight end's body and can create some serious mismatches in the redzone, he just needs experience.

    The knock on Terrance coming out was his route running and with Dwayne stepping his game up every season I don't know if Terrance is going to be able to beat him out for that 3rd receiver spot in training camp. He could get away with that at Baylor but in the NFL you have to be crisp in your route running and that comes with reps. He's the ideal outside receiver though and may be called into action in our 3 receiver sets with Miles in the slot. Just depends on how comfortable the team feels with his game. I don't think they're going to run that a whole lot at the beginning of the season because of his inexperience but as he gains rapport with Tony it'll be seen more frequently. And it will be sweet.
  16. Galian Beast

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    I think people are slightly underestimating the potential impact of legitimate fourth option receivers. I think the biggest question however is how Hanna plays into things.
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  17. speedkilz88

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    It matters how defenses react to them. If they take them lightly and double up on Dez, Witten, and Miles they are likely to put up good numbers. If the defense is worried about them too and doubles less then you will see Dez, Witten, and Miles numbers go up. I really could see Witten's TD numbers increase. It isn't like he isn't capable of catching several a season.
  18. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah, it has been shown many times here how much those options mean to this offense, and how much it suffered without adequate options there. You can't be a one dimensional offense in this league or eventually someone will shut it down and while I won't break it down by the numbers cause that is unpredictable, I believe someone's numbers will go down this year from last year to make room for some new blood.
  19. jobberone

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    I threw the extra 1000 yards out there to show that it would have little difference among TE2-4 and WR4-6. No Tony will probably be in the low 5000 range. We had 658 passes and 355 runs last year and I don't expect either to go up too much although I'm hoping some via more offensive snaps and less defensive ones with more TOP. At least I'm hoping for that. Most of our improvement needs to come in less turnovers, more defensive stops and 3 and outs, more TDs in the RZ, more scoring overall from more snaps, less penalties, more successful drives and hopefully shorter fields via TOs, stouter D, and STs. Hopefully we'll get another yard per rushing attempt, more successful short yardage tries, and some big plays in the running game as well.

    EDIT: I left out one of the more important parts of improving which is we get a lot more turnovers as well as have fewer ourselves.
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    Well....that extra 1/2 second should make a difference...just keep that in mind when deciding the future of these boys.
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