What makes this team different from previous years

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    Is there anyone out there that believes this years version of the Cowboy's has what it takes to win the division and make the playoffs? Does anyone believe this team is better than in years past or are we just hoping the teams within our division lose enough games to allow us to back into the playoffs. I don't think this years team is as good as last year even without all the injuries. They seem way to inconsistent and it is upsetting to see this team regress year after year. Sadly enough we could be one of the 1st teams ever to go 6-0 in the division and still not win the division at 8-8.
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    Nothing at all makes this team different from previous years. Nothing...

    Well, our defense is a lot worse and our offense is a little less worse than our defense...

    But other than that, nothing.
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    Yes its different. we were a better team the last 2 years.
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    Exactly what I was going to say.
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    Thank JJ for this... Do you guys see correlation ? JJ fires RR, bring in Kiffin and our defense goes south real fast after our first few games. JJ removes JG from the offense and our offense noise dives into a black hole. Say what you wish but it is what it is.
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    On offense I disagree, with Cole Beasley, and the way Dez has stepped up his game this offense can be vastly different than last years(see Bill C and Tony as to why it is not). The Offensive line is no longer always a sieve and Doug Free to his credit has found another gear playing RTackle. I would also argue that Fred at center has changed our offense for the better, that leaves Leary and the other guard holding down the line, although these are all significant changes the biggest one is that Tony Romo is playing differently than he has in past seasons, some will say that cyst is the real culprit others may point to his new contract either way IMO he is both the problem and the solution to our offensive dysfunction.
    On defense with all the injuries it is like the little dutch boy trying to plug the damn that is leaking. I do not think we are as bad as out stat numbers such as against Detroit nor are we as good against the rush like we exhibited with the eagles. This defense has taken some huge hits and it bears little resemblance to what was put together during training camp. I am giving thumbs up to Scandrick, Hatcher and Sean Lee as all are playing at pro bowl level. I will say that next man up mantra is getting somewhat tiresome these days. IMO
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    Actually Free has started to decline since Waters went out.
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    I think we definitely can win the division, and I reject the idea that doing so is somehow 'backing in.'

    I don't think this current team--after the various DL injuries--is appreciably better than previous teams. The talent we do have that's contributing is younger, though. That's hopeful for a team that's been steadily improving with each recent draft and whose got some big contracts coming off the roster soon.
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    Garrett's best chance to make the playoffs was probably in 2011. Unfortunately, two absurdly improbably losses against the Giants at home and the Lions kept the Cowboys at home for the playoffs.

    You hope they would've learned about how to win from those games.
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    We've replaced the following areas


    Sensabaugh, Hamlin, Newman, and Jenkins to Church, Wilcox, Mo and Carr.

    LB corps:

    Brooking, and James to Lee and Carter


    need to make changes!!!


    Gurode, Adams and Kosier to Smith, Leary and Frederick that are new faces that will have an impact here for years to come.

    Receiving corps:

    From Crayton, and Roy to Dez, Terence, and Beasley.


    need a durable back we can count on.


    need a QB we can groom.
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    sadly once again one player makes our line where other teams can lose their starters and not be as affected as we are. For us its a calamity for other teams its a bump.
  13. Idgit

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    What one player are you referring to here?
  14. ShiningStar

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  15. Idgit

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    Ok. I lost track. I didn't realize we'd been hampered by RG play here. It seems to me the bigger problem is the lack of DL pressure and the injuries to our press-coverage players in the secondary.
  16. Doomsay

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    A few of the younger players are better (although too often injured) but the 2011 core has just plain aged out. The offensive line is better than the bottom of the league levels of the past two years, but the offensive design has if anything, become even more predictable for opposing defenses. Garrett has done essentially nothing there.

    The defensive line has gone from a position of strength to one of critical need in just two seasons. the defensive scheme has migrated from 3-4 dysfunction to 4-3 disaster, not sure where it goes from here, but hopefully a new head coach with cred is hired and brings in his own DC / OC, or is one of them and fills the roster with players suitable for whatever scheme he deems appropriate. What a novel concept that would be.
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    you are correct, but umm, how has all that stopped us from scoring again? Oh thas right, like Romo plays on defense, our defense does the scoring, gotcha. Kudos there, because up until facts and reality, i was buying your argument.
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    so far a lot of younger players are NOT impressing anyone, for fact go see Dunbar. Because both I and Dunbar dont see what the fans are seeing about him.
  19. Idgit

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    Lol. Our third down conversion rate being at the bottom of the league is what's been hurting us recently, but that's not been because of our RG play, of all things. Brian Watters' being out is pretty far down the list of the things that have been negatively impacting this team, overall.
  20. ShiningStar

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    but again, we lose one guy on the line, we are hindered. We lost one player, scoring is now an issue. Frankily its a big one. But im sure other injuries dictate that as well. But again, our line loses one player, jsut one, and its a horrid mess. For other teams, a bump.

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