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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by goshan, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Word Mofo

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    I thought they should have gone for it. 3rd and 9 right? That's doable.
  2. Word Mofo

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    That was pathetic, I agree! Collinsworth's head almost exploded when he saw that
  3. Venger

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    They needed to think beforehand so that 3rd and 9 could be 4th and 4. Or the 52 yarder was 47 instead. I would have treated that position on the field as 4 down territory myself, and acted thusly on 3rd down, making a play to get a better 4th down or FG opportunity.
  4. Blackspider214

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    This is the same guy who settled for a 50+ yarder in Baltimore with the game on the line and ran one play in the last 40 seconds with a timeout. This guy obviously has no clue what he is doing at all. The playcalling was horrendous all game long, especially right there. 3rd and 9, and you throw an 18 yard out down the field when nothing has been open down there at all?

    How about a good 6 yard pass somewhere and get a closer FG?

    He's a moron who is in way over his head. But hey, it's a process right. We'll evaluate and move on. :rolleyes:
  5. coogrfan

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    Bingo. I have no problem with passing on a long fg in that situation, but if we had been more alert we could have caught the Skins w/13-14 guys on the field.
  6. Dodger12

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    This. The guy has no feel for the game. He gives Drew Brees the ball back with plenty of time to march down the field when we should have been in a commanding position at the end of the half.

    Same last night. I think we went into the half with two time outs. You don't need to get pass happy from that part of the field. We had enough time on the clock and two time outs to use the whole playbook and use the whole field. The guy is just a horrible play caller...plain and simple.
  7. percyhoward

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    All Moorman had to do when he saw that they had 14 men on the field was wait until we were set, then call for the snap.

    Flag. Bring in Bailey for 3 points.
  8. AKATheRake

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    My favorite with Garrett is how he always runs on 2nd and 1. Always!

    Also, I know Tony's more of a scrambler than runner but how do you not design a few plays for him to swing out of the pocket a game? The guy was probably the best passer on the run in the league at 1 point. He also used to get us a 1st down or 2 a game with his legs. Adds another dimension to the game.

    How do you not make an ascerted effort to run more play action, screens and more than 1 throw beyond intermediate routes all game? How about a reverse or trick play once every game to a few? Especially when you have an opposing defense being so 1 dimensionally aggressive all night in a playoff implicating game.

    I don't know what Garrett has positively demonstrated offensively over his coaching career in the NFL prior to 2007 that warranted him being gifted play calling responsibilities in the first place? I can assure you he has done absolutely squat since 2007 to continue to be gifted his play calling responsibilities. I'm also a firm believer that to be awarded a HC position you would have had to at least demonstrate success at a coordinator level somewhere in this league. Possible be a successful HC at the collegiate level. Otherwise how can you substantiate managing any type of coordinator while being a HC?

    Bottom line is that Garrett, as the majority of the fans not wearing rose colored glasses would know, has been gifted an incredible opportunity solely based on speculative potential and currently innacurately perceived brightness.
  9. Wolfpack

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    This...you can predict him so easy.
  10. cajuncocoa

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    Sad, but true.
  11. ufcrules1

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    What you are all missing is Romo threw a bad 7 yard pass to Hanna on 2nd down. Hanna was open and it was an easy pass and Romo blew it. If it were a 45 yard field goal we would have kicked it.
  12. AKATheRake

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    Yes Sir.

    Fundamental ST's preparation throughout the week, along with being a vet in the league, would surely contribute to 2 things.

    1) Be alert to the oppositions gameplay transgressions and provoke penalization of them.

    2) Know that we did not attempt a 52 yard FG and opted to punt so that we could pin our opponent into the 20 yard line and hopefully inside the 10.

    This guy and Joe D have to hit the bricks.
  13. AKATheRake

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    Romo was stiff and off all game. The o-line actually had one of their best games yesterday and was picking up the blitz rather well.

    Romo was getting rid of the ball either to soon when he had time or was very inaccurate where he was throwing the ball towards all routes when pressure did get to him. Early on he was not hot routing well and when he did we were not winning the battles while being blitzed. All of this was contributive to his lack of timing, accuracy and at times poor decision making.

    3 things as usual sum it up. (1) The play calling throughout the games circumstances (adjustments), (2) Romo being stiff and not trusting his o-line (bad decisions and throws) (3) offensive starters going down in key downs which hindered the next play execution.

    His HC was even stiffer than him.

    You think a team is a model of its coach?
  14. Shinywalrus

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    With the time on the clock, any reasonable analysis would favor kicking that field goal. That this play was followed by yet another example of poor awareness - not snapping when the Redskins were out of position with >11 on the field - shouldn't be surprising to anyone. The team isn't prepared by our coaches for those types of situations.
  15. erod

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    The wind was coming from that end zone and Bailey.couldn't get it there. Notice how short the kickoffs were going that way. The radio broadcast said it took about 10 yards off Baileys distance, making it about a 62 yarder..
  16. slogriff

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    Romo messes up the 3rd down play. He throws a poor pass (throw away?) down the right sideline to a double covered Dez. He had time to throw to Witten for short gain (5 yes?) to the left and even Harris? looked more open coming across from the left. He gets us those 5yds and we likely get 3 pts.
  17. JPM

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    The Skins had like 20 men on the field, the FG and punt team at the same time. It was Joe D'ish
  18. links18

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    What's worse is that he did it again in the second half. On the verge of a makeable FG, we need maybe 5 or 6 yards and he plays it like he needs 30. Surprise, surprise, Romo gets sacked and we punt. :bang2:
  19. davidyee

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    ...practice something very good with this team.

    Unusual situations. Things like 4th and forever with the game on the line what do you do?

    It's all about preparation. The players only know how to react when they have been presented with the information beofre so they can act accordingly.

    Knowing to catch the other team with too many men on the field is a learned behavior. You need to practice it.

    It's no secret that the best time to catch a team with too many men on the field is when:

    1. They are changing from a run defence to to a nickel or dime package. Teach you team to take advantage of those situations.

    2. Going from a 3rd down to a 4th down. Especially when you can go from a place kick to a punt or vice versa.

    Being able to take recognize and then take advantage is extra yards. Yards that could make all the difference. Too bad Moorman missed it along with Ladouceur. They should be better considering they are multi year vets.
  20. Word Mofo

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    That's Romo.... he is always trying to make a big play. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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