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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by goshan, Dec 31, 2012.

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    If Garrett knew that a 52-yard field goal would be too long to attempt in that direction, then he should have managed the game according to that. If he's afraid to give the Redskins the ball back, then he shouldn't have needlessly called timeout before the third-down play. We still had three timeouts -- we could have let the clock run before third down, then either used our timeouts or just let the clock run down, depending on what happened on third down. With much less time on the clock -- say, less than 20 seconds -- there's a much better risk-reward scenario in going for it on fourth down if you don't make it on third down. If you make it, you can still run two or three plays (we had all three timeouts) before trying a field goal, if necessary. If you don't make it on fourth down, then the Redskins get the ball at their own 34 with 15 seconds or so on the clock -- an even worse scenario for them than getting it at their 20 with 38 seconds left. The potential reward was great, and the risk was almost zero. But no, we called an early timeout and then punted because Garrett got scared.

    We had a golden opportunity to score AND get the ball coming out of halftime, and we somehow mismanaged ourselves right out of that. It's inexcusable.
  2. AdamJT13

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    It looked to me like Moorman was calling for the ball while the Redskins were still scrambling.
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    Didn't they call timeout because Romo just got killed and a rib broken on the previous play?
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    ...reason why we need an OC.

    A respected dissending voice was needed on that sideline to counter Garrett's thoughts.

    Even using a timeout to gather your brain trust together and talk things over would have helped.

    The job of OC and HC is too big for him right now.
  5. davidyee

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    ...Ladouceur for not snapping the ball.

    Obviously something the Special teams coach should have been addressing.

    Preparedness for the all game situations is the reason why you are hired as a coach.

    Too many men on the field is not some airy fairy hokey situation. It comes up often in all football leagues and should be accounted for.

    I agree with Collinsworth.
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    Absolutely spot on Adam. We could have taken control of the game in that situation, especially since we were getting the ball to start the second half. He also blew the end of half against the Saints and he gave Brees the ball back with plenty of time to put points on the board. It just seems like these game time gaffes happen way more than normal and is inexcusable for an NFL caliber HC.
  7. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    That may be true, but the point the OP is making is the multitude of poor decisions leading up to the decision to punt. Then again, nothing surprises me with him, after all, he turned down a FG attempt in what amounts to a domed stadium due to wind issues.
  8. Dodger12

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    The OC isn't responsible for making those decisions and knowing when to call or not call a TO. An OC will not hide JG's flaws. He's just not an NFL caliber HC. What people are proposing is nothing more than a figurehead.
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    Wait wait wait here.........last year it was all about game mngt and freezing kickers at the end of the game.....

    .......you mean Garretts gotta be expected to manage the end of 1st half situaitons also.............

    that seems to be alot on the table.......for what, an Ivy league grad?
  10. davidyee

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    ...but he can quip in when he feels he has to.

    Garrett has called many time outs when his coaches have asked for it.

    It's nothing new.

    The OC is not there to hide his flaws. He's there to be a corrective action. JG can be exactly who he wants to be warts and all, but more people contributing to the conversation may lead to better information for a good decision. Especially after a timeout has been called.

    Also we have no idea what kind of a HC he would be if all he had to do was manage the game situation.

    I for one am willing to give him a chance. I think he has excellent HC potential.
  11. AdamJT13

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    It wasn't an injury timeout, so we still could have let the clock run down before calling a timeout if we really needed one for Romo. Calling an early timeout in that situation has very little benefit, if any, and could even be harmful (giving the Redskins time or causing you to make dumb decisions because you're scared of giving the Redskins the ball with time left).
  12. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    They had to have known there was going to be some confusion when they made the late decision to punt when everyone else in the galaxy assumed they would kick the FG. You would think that the QB and the punter would have some code word where they bark it out and the center snaps the ball no matter what the situation is. I've seen it in NE because the center and QB where the only ones to move on the play.
  13. davidyee

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    ...was a Rhodes Scholar and he couldn't read defences better than Vince Ferragamo.

    Book intelligence doesn't always equate equally across the board with football intelligence.

    But intelligence is intelligence when given the right venue to shine.

    Maybe Garrett's football intellgience would rise further if he had some weight taken off his shoulders.
  14. davidyee

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    ...you can only see with your two eyes.

    If Moorman was calling for the ball and Ladouceur did not snap we have a breakdown in communication. Not good.

    The basic premise of football where everything starts in the game is the signal between the snapper and signal caller, punter in this case.

    Failure to execute that is not good.
  15. Rynie

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    I remember that. Good thing is, after we go 7-9 next season, he'll be gone! :bang2:
  16. Redball Express

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    It's the playcalling of a guy not afraid to lose his job with poor playcalling.


    Blame Mr. Jones for protecting his prodigy, Garrett.

    :starspin RedBall ExPreSS:starspin
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    This is spot on and I was went to sleep thinking about this exact thing. I will add that with the situation as it was....we know this:
    1) Bailey is money under 50
    So what a master game manager (like BP) would've done would've been to spread it out feigning pass then hand off hoping to get 3 or more yards. Meanwhile, with the run play the clock keeps ticking or Wash has to use (i think its last one) a timeout. We ran the ball okay and I have little doubt Murray doesn't get at least 3-5 yards then Bailey hits the FG, Wash has no timeouts left and 40ish seconds left after a kickoff. Its really not rocket science. I've seen plenty of people playing madden who manage the game better than JG. For all the reputation of being a cerebral guy, from a game management perspective, it always seems like JG hasn't thought ahead beyond the current play. Its not as if this is the first time JG has horribly mismanaged critical game-changing events either....its recurring with regularity. Toss those extra three points on the board and the strategy at the end completely changes, maybe Romo doesn't throw that last INT...who knows. For sure Wash's last TD doesn't do us in and its still a one score game.
  18. wick

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    We have seen this time and again. There's some wiggle room when talking about a team's execution. Is it on the players, is it on the coaches, how do you share the responsibility, etc. But for game management decisions, that's pure coaching, and I can't remember another coach who has so badly bungled game management decisions as Garrett has in his two-plus seasons. It repeatedly costs Dallas points and games. He has no capacity for the mental part of the game, which calls into question why he is a head coach at this level.
  19. dueyhemlock

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    If you get a chance, rewatch that center/punter exchange. There is a ref standing in between them. It seemed to me that the refs were waiting (holding the ball) for the Skins.
  20. davidyee

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    ...impeding the snap of the ball when Dallas was ready at the LOS, then the film should go to the league with a protest.

    It should result in a demotion of that crew and that official to the bottom of the NFL ref pile with a possible loss of job when another ref gains the necessary experience to take over his position.

    It is unacceptable for an official to hold the game in favour of the defensive side when it was an offensive timeout called. This is not pee wee football.

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