What positions are you hoping for in the draft???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NextGenBoys, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Which positions are you hoping we hit in the draft???

    Me personally, know the main players and what they bring, but after maybe round 2 or 3, I really do not know anything about the majority of those players, so I cant really say that I want a certain player or not. I'm curious what position you are hoping we focus on, and if you have a pet player cool.

    Personally, I hope they snag a playmaking ILB with their first pick. I want someone who is able to move out there and compliment Bradie James. Brooking is a stop-gap, nothing more.

    Second pick, I'm looking for a safety. Yeah they are toying with the idea of Scandrick at "Star", but his strengths lie at corner. We need a FS still.

    Third I want nose tackle. Flexibility and versitility are always good on a football team. Jay Ratliff is as versitile as you can get on the 3-4 D-line. Getting a wide bodied NT will help utilize Ratliff in many different ways.

    Fourth I'm hoping they go tackle. I believe Flo has a year or two left in him. Hopefully we can get a quality player here and groom him for a few years and plug him in.

    Fifth I'm wanting a OG. It all starts up front. If you do not have a decent line, nothing else matters. Depth is always good, and Proctor is horrible. Churn the roster.

    I still have hopes for Hatcher, and Bowen showed a little something in limited time last year, but compitition brings out the most, and our DE's are hardly all-pro. I hope we go DE here. Churn the roster.

    I'm not as concerned about backup QB as most, but we need to try and get something to groom behind Romo. Again churn the roster.

    We really have an opportunity to put this team over the top with a solid draft. If we can hit on a few sleepers, and make the most out of our early picks, this draft can be the the draft that creates the next Cowboys dynasty. 05 set the tone with a phenomenal group of players, we missed in 06, had a good draft in 07, and had a very good one last year. If we can put together an good/very good class, it could be on.


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    I think O-line at the top of the draft. We need some immediate results and depth. That is of course if we don't pick someone up in FA that can fill the role. Then I could see us going with the best player available that fills many of the positions you mentioned.
  3. Fmart322

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    O-Line. When your O-line is good, your Offense is good. Romo struggled down the stretch last year when the o-line had injuries and inconsistant play. Fix that and Romo will have more time.

    THUMPER Papa

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    My maxim is that you always draft O-Line on day-1 (or in the first 3 rounds now) so I hope we look for a real player that can actually step in and play when someone gets hurt. Not having a first rounder hurts in terms of finding Adams' eventual replacement, but he was taken in the 2nd and we could get lucky. A quality backup for any position on the O-Line would be a benefit at this point since the only guy we have worth squat is Montrae Holland. Proctor, McQuistan, and Free have done nothing to warrant any confidence IMO and we should always be looking to upgrade the O-Line every draft.

    After that NT, Safety, WR, QB are the other priorities assuming we don't address one or more via FA before then.

    I always look for solid players. No projects, no druggies, no thugs, no prima-donnas, no head cases, no egos, no converted baseball players or QBs moving to other positions. Just guys that can play and be part of the team.
  5. Clove

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    2 Ot, Wr, Nt.
  6. Kobal

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    Drafting OL every year is a good plan. And I think we need to add some youth at LB positions.
  7. silverbear

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    Offensive line is my first priority, especially centers and guards... after that, NT...

    Then ILB, S, CB, WR, developmental QB... not necessarily in that order...

    On the OL, I like Duke Robinson and Alex Mack, if they make it to pick 51... then Eric Wood, Antoine Caldwell, Kraig Urbik or Tupou Fenuki in the 3rd round... then Cornelius Lewis in the 4th round... later in the draft, the Boys might think about Dallas Reynolds, Louis Vasquez, Jose Valdez or Ryan Delrosal...

    At NT, I'd look at Ron Brace at pick 51, again if he falls that far, Dorell Scott in the 3rd, Sammie Lee Hill or Chris Baker in the 4th or 5th, Terrence Knighton or Roy Miller late...

    The ILBs I'd target would be Darry Beckwith in the 2nd, Dannell Ellerbe in the 3rd, Jason Phillips or Josh Mauga in the 5th, and Antonio Appleby late...

    Among the DBs, I like William Moore and/or Sean Smith a lot if they slip, but they're the only DBs I'd think about at pick 51... in the 3rd or 4th round range, I'd think about Domonique Johnson, Keenan Lewis, Sherrod Martin, Derek Pegues, Rashad Johnson or Darcel McBath... in the 4th or 5th, Jonathan Casillas or Joe Burnett...

    I wouldn't draft a WR as early as the 2nd round, probably not in the 3rd... but in the 4th round, there's Jarett Dillard, in the 5th round we might want to take a look at Quan Cosby, Johnny Knox or Domonique Edison...

    For the developmental QB, options would include Nate Davis in the 3rd (too early, IMO), Rhett Bomar in the 4th, Nathan Brown and Tom Bradstater in the 5th...

    Players in bold fonts are my "pet cats" in this draft, LOL...

    So there's a list of 40 players that I'd want to draft from...
  8. NextGenBoys

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    Well that gives me a list of players to read up on thats for sure...
  9. Smith22

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    I have to agree about OL. Sadly enough our Boys have been awful at drafting OL.
  10. wileedog

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    Given our luck the past decade with the OL, I would draft 9 of them this year and hope 2 stick... ;)
  11. hendog

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    Silverbear-thought you might be interested.
    Was listening to BJ Raji on Sirius nfl radio and they were asking him about the senior bowl.

    He basically said that Unger was really stong and aggressive. Said that Mack had really good hips and was hard to get past.

    Said that Wood was really aggressive and tenacious. Said he would be chasing RB down the line and there was Wood always in his earhole.

    Said these 3 were the ones that gave him the most trouble. Don't know if he was just talking about centers but I don't recall that. He just said these 3 were the ones that he had trouble with.
  12. Bob Sacamano

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    I want to take advantage of this Oline class

    I'd grab one from each position if I could

    then a quick slot receiver

    coverage LB

    backup NT

  13. CowboyFan74

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    BPA in any order:

    C/G-Eric Wood

    If we trade up and only get 4-5 picks this year we should be fine..
  14. Woods

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    NT - Let's draft someone to rotate with Ratliff. A must, IMO. I'm guessing anywhere between rounds 2 - 5. If Brace is there, we probably take him. Otherwise, maybe D Scott in round 3 or 4, or T Taylor in round 4-5 area.

    CB - We've got only 3 with Ball at Safety (so they say), and there's always a strong chance that one of the top three gets knicked up. If that happens, we're in trouble. Byrd from Oregon could be value at 51 for us.

    Safety - With Hamlin, Sensabaugh, Ball, and possibly Watkins (depending on injury), we at least have our starters most likely. But we need to draft one more for sure. I think we can find a quality Safety anywhere between rounds 2 - 4.

    ILB - We've got Brooking, B James and . . . . Carp and Matt Stewart. This is a no-brainer. We could easily draft 2 at this position if we wanted to. This pick could be between rounds 2 -6, IMO. I think we'd easily spend our 51 here if someone we wanted was available (possibly Beckwith).

    OLB - Ellis is near the end, and we need a quality replacement. This could be a high draft pick between rounds 2-4, IMO. (Sidbury)

    OG/C - We clearly need depth here at the very least, and someone we can groom for a starting position down the line. I think we'll take an OG/C somewhere between rounds 4-7.

    OT - I'm not sure what we have in Free, but again we need to find Flo's replacement pretty soon. If someone falls, this could be a high pick. Otherwise, this pick could literally be anywhere in the draft.

    QB - JJ is determined to draft and groom a guy as Romo's number 2 this year. I'm guess between rounds 4-6.

    WR - I think we will draft one between rounds 4-6. And a guy who can likely return punts/kickoffs as well.
  15. sonnyboy

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    Unless we trade up for a have to grap gem that's sliding, I'd really like us to draft 11 players.

    I just love what we've done on day 2 these past couple years.

    Would like to see what the current braintrust could do with 11 picks going almost exclusively BPA across the board.

    More specifically I'd like one good S, one speedy WR, one true NT, one MLB and at least 3 OL.
  16. jday

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    See my mock draft in the signature for my preferences as far as the draft concerned, but my draft doesn't adhere to the order of need.

    1st overall we need a few CB's. At the moment, and this is considering we don't move Scandrick or Ball to Safety, we only have 4. Ideally, on 53 man roster, we would have 6.

    2nd we need a NT who can effectively spell Ratliff.

    3rd, for me it's a toss up between Safety and ILB. Keith Brooking, Matt Stewart, and Bobby Carpenter all have question marks for different reasons. On the other hand, so does Hamlin, Gerald Sensabaugh, Pat Watkins, Courtney Brown and Tra Battle. Mainly I'd be looking for someone who can add to the competition. Luckily, we have 2 picks in the 4th round, so dependent on how the Cowboys predict other teams will draft, the Cowboys could easily address both of these needs.

    4th - OLB. With the loss of Burnett and the question marks behind Greg Ellis' status, OLB will likely need to be addressed. In fact, I might need to redo my mock draft, now that I think about it.

    5th - Wide Receiver. This is dependent on whose available. Mainly, I'm looking for someone who has speed. I know that sound like something Al Davis would say, but it's an element that our WR core, for the exception of Miles Austin, who could be an injury waiting to happen, lacks.

    6th - Many rate the OL high in the Cowboys hierarchy of needs, but the truth is a rookie will likely not replace any of the starters, whereas, the chance to see extended play time is there for the above mentioned positions.

    7th - TE. I'm thinking competition for the last spot.

    8th - QB. Someone to groom under Romo and Kitna. It's not necessary, but there are a few names that might fall far enough to be worthy of a compensatory pick.
  17. Woods

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    I agree with your analysis, which is why I think that JJ/Wade need to sign one more player in FA for the Secondary.

    It will take a lot of pressure off the Draft.
  18. ghst187

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    unless we pick up Lucas in FA, I think we need to go S in the early rounds. I like Smith and Rashad the best.
    I think we need at least two LBs, an inside and outside. I like Beckwith, Brinkley, Follett (late), and McKillop
    I think we need at least one WR. I like Ramses, Butler, Thomas, and the guy from Ole Miss. I also like Iglesias but not too early.
    We need some OL, a G and a T.
    I think we need a NT if one is available and good value. My fave is Sammie Lee Hill. I'm not big on Brace, esp since he'd require our first pick
  19. NextGenBoys

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    Agreed. We def. need a threat back there returning punts. Crayton is attrocious. I like Felix on kick returns, but I dont know about punt returns.

    Whether it is WR or CB, I want an athlete who can help out in the return game.
  20. 28 Joker

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    Here is the short list of guys I would look at with the first four picks:

    Lawrence Sidbury Jr. OLB

    Needs to get stronger in legs; 3rd down ready

    Antione Caldwell C

    Smart; ready to start

    Tyronne Green OG

    Doesn't fit the profile for Dallas, but I like him. Skills and build to play C and guard. Devastating punch.

    William Moore SS

    He's risky. (Jeckle and Hyde) I'm not sold at 51.

    Dorell Scott NT

    He would fit perfect. Powerful/good pass rushing technique

    Jamon Meredith LT

    Athletic LT; strong upper body; needs to add some girth and leg strength

    Alex Magee DT/DT

    long armed tweener; can play all 3 spots; really like him

    Cornelius Lewis OG

    power and strength; moves great to his left

    Rashad Johnson FS

    physical, smooth, and is a ballhawk

    Mike Wallace

    WR compared to Darius Hayward-Bay; 4.30

    Others to note:

    Ricky Jean Francois
    Corvey Irvin
    Darry Beckwith
    Dannelle Ellerbe
    Jamie Thomas
    Louis Vazquez
    Jason Williams
    Quinn Johnson
    Demetrius Byrd

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