What Round will Nugent go?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdict, Dec 31, 2004.

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    Everything I hear is that Nugent is the concensus best kicker available in the draft this year. Janikowski went in Round #1 but I doubt that happens again anytime in the near future. The Cowboys could use a kicker, but have been on the cheap as it pertains to kickers. I'd take Nugent in round 4, but I dont see him falling that far. I think he goes in late round 2 or early 3.

    Nugent not only has good accuracy, but his kickoffs mean very good field position. I am surprised that Parcells hasnt been more dedicated to finding a kicker as much as he is a field position guy. I would think that place kicker should be a position that you should be able to evaluate well, since their function in college and NFL is essentially the same. Hence a rookie should be able to step in and start day 1 if he has the tools.
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    I agree, I was just telling some people this the other night while watching the game. That Dallas should draft this guy in the 4th. And also thought he may not last that long. I have watched his career at OSU naturally, being an OSU fan.

    With Dallas' history with kickers I wouldn't mind at all if they use a 2nd round choice. However we have too many other holes to fill. Possibly trade down with the Bills 1st round, pick up a 3rd in there somewhere and use it for Nugent.


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