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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Mar 7, 2012.

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    FA's Signed
    Brandon Carr
    Dan Connor
    Ben Grubbs

    #14. David DeCastro, G Stanford

    He just makes sense. Pair him with Grubbs and have Nagy and Arkin fight it out for the Center position and our Offensive Line is officially rebuilt and retooled.

    #31. Mark Barron, S Alabama

    He falls due to a hernia injury that caused him to not workout all off-season. We finally get a player at the Safety position who we can build around for only #45 and #82

    #113. Chris Rainey RB/WR/KR/PR

    A pet cat of mine who can play all over the field and make plays. Has tremendous open field speed. Makes an instant impact on returns and has a 3rd down back.

    #144. B.J. Coleman, QB Tenn Chatt.

    A football junkie. Coleman had an excellent Shrine week and with time could develop into a decent starter. Has a rocket arm and great tools to work with.

    #175. DeAngelo Peterson, TE LSU

    Good athlete at TE who looks like a rocked up WR. Was stuck behind horrible QB play and needs time to develop into a better receiver. Can be the #3 TE on this team.

    #206. Drew Butler, P Georgia

    A punter? Yep. I have a feeling McBriar won't be back and with a 7th rounder you are just trying to find a player who will stick. Butler is very good and won't be a huge drop off from McBriar.
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    I like it. The only thing I would hope to change would be to get Shea McLellan or another OLB/DL for some pass rush in the 2nd or 3rd. Coleman tranferred from Tennessee when Bray took over didn't he?
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    I like the player, but with all due respect I don't think you can build a team for today's NFL spending your top 3 picks for a guard and a safety that is not in the Ed Reed-Earl Thomas ball hawk mode then spend your 4th round pick on a returner.

    Would you trade your 1st 4 picks for Logan Mankins, Reggie Nelson and Brandon Banks?
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    I would rather have Harrison than Barron.

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