What team is 6th in offense & 5th in defense in the NFL?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Funxva

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    Did anyone give the stats on O and D of the falcons? Curious statistically where we stand up.
  2. diehard2294

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  3. visionary

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    FIFY :)
  4. HoosierCowboy

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    better than being statistically last and 3-5--and couches can be penalized but have not been this year, and I don't think any of our coaches have a turnover to date, but I do question some of the calls on offense and defense
  5. Star4Ever

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    Just 2-4 years ago, San Diego finished ranked # 1 on both defense and offense and missed the playoffs. Terrible special teams, but that's still hard to do.
  6. DezBRomo9

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    And yet the Colts are 5-3 while being 25th in points.

    This team struggles mightily running the ball since we are missing Costa and Murray and needs to force more interceptions. Claiborne has had like 4 more hit his hands and two of those were blatant Offensive PI (Ravens and Falcons). Give this offense 40 yards to score instead of 80, and the points will increase dramatically.
  7. JohnsKey19

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    The difference in turnovers is killing this team. We practically lost the Seattle game before the 2nd commercial break due to turnovers. Then obviously the 23-0 start vs NYG all because of turnovers. Chicago was +4 in the turnover battle against us with 2 defensive TDs. Turnovers have killed this team. And that stat should not be ignored when ranking an offense and defense.

    There's no way this offense should be considered a top unit when you factor in its propensity to commit turnovers regardless of who is to blame.
  8. 17yearsandcounting

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    We dont need to be insulting Dave Campo!
  9. KJJ

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    Luck is brought on by chance rather than ones own doing. Luck has little to do with the Cowboys issues they beat themselves with poor coaching, turnovers, penalties and undisciplined play . Bad luck doesn't consistently follow a team year after year. Good teams tend to be much luckier than bad teams.
  10. Crown Royal

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    I would like to see a ratio; yards gained/points earned. Then compare this ratio to all teams in the league and see where we stack.

    In other words, how many yards does it take for us to earn one point as compared to other teams, and how does it correlate to record, etc.?
  11. rickjameschinaclub

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    Part of the problem is the defense cannot afford to take risks, because the offense can't score a freaking TD...
  12. KJJ

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    Adding Carr and Claiborne should allow the Cowboys to take risks by blitzing more. The defense needs to start forcing some turnovers this can help the offense score more TD's.
  13. Crown Royal

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    When we blitzed against Atlanta in the first is when you saw them identify the single coverage, find the single high safety and throw to the guy the safety wouldn't get to. This was a combination of:

    1) Safeties are not rangy enough or good enough in zone to make the stop
    2) As good as our corners are (and they are very good), you can't always expect to cover good receivers for a long time, especially when the route combination is favourable against the blitz
    3) We are a terrible zone team so you have to stick to man coverage.
  14. KJJ

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    The only way the Cowboys are going to start forcing some turnovers is by pressuring the QB. They have a huge opportunity Sunday to get some pressure with the serious issues Philly is having on their OL. If the Cowboys are going to have any chance of digging their way out of this deep hole they're in they have to start winning the turnover battle.
  15. burmafrd

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    I always thought ranking teams by yards was moronic

    Rank them by points- that is what matters
  16. visionary

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    when some of us pointed this out in the offseason, we were assailed with posts indicating this was the way (getting CBs) to a great defense and we would get 'pressure sacks'

    we need to collapse the pocket and pressure the QB

    football 101
  17. Rynie

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    Jason has to be the MOST predictable OC in the league.
  18. EGG

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    What team is ranked 26th in the red zone and hasn't had a decent running game in decades?

    yup, your 3-5 Dallas Cowboys. If you can't punch it in, you ain't gonna win.
  19. rocyaice

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    Uhhh we have a good running game with Demarco. I don't remember the Cowboys ever being bad in the run game in recent memory. It wasn't that long ago when we had the #1 ypc average in the league.
  20. CyberB0b

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    How many rushing touchdowns did we score all of last year? Hint: Romo threw as many interceptions in one game this year.

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