What Was It Like?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 5, 2012.

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    completely agree with you

    i was lucky enough to witness the lows and then the highs with the 90s team

    if jimmy hadnt had to leave, we would have been the only team in NFL history to win 4 straight SBs

    this team will have an uphill task to win as long at the football idiot (jerry) is here
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    The cowboys of the 90s will never be repeated because of the cap. Unfortunately, Jerry Jones doesn't even know how to work the cap properly.
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    He probably doesn't know it as well as his cap experts. But there are people in the FO who do.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Seeing the Cowboys win their first SB in 1971 was the ultimate for me! After years of losing then more years of coming so close it was incredibly sweet for us to FINALLY win it all!

    For 20 consecutive seasons, from 1966-1985, we were ALWAYS contenders, we always had a good chance of winning it all. 18 of those 20 years we made the playoffs, 12 times we were in the NFL/NFC Championship game, 5 times we went to the SB and won it twice. Even when we lost we were close to winning it all.

    Also, we had so many great players back then! Not just good players but great ones, guys who SHOULD be in the HoF like Don Perkins, Chuck Howley, Cornell Green, George Andrie, John Niland Cliff Harris, Harvey Martin, Drew Pearson, Lee Roy Jordan, Everson Walls, etc. Not to mention the players that ARE in the HoF from that era: Bob Lilly, Mel Renfro, Bob Hayes, Rayfield Wright, Roger Staubach, Randy White, & Tony Dorsett. Add in the great leadership in Tom Landry and his coaching staff and the front office with Tex Schramm and Gil Brandt with owner Clint Murchison behind the scenes and you always felt that we could win it ll every year.

    I think the thing that frustrates me so much with the last 16 years is that we haven't even been close to winning it all. The one time we had a really good shot at it (2007) we lost in the first round.

    We used to have a culture of winning and always being a contender but that culture is LONG gone. Now we reside with the Lions and Bengals of the NFL, teams that may occasionally make the playoffs and every once in a decade or so actually win one but they are mostly mediocre and a non-factor in most seasons.

    That's why I hate Jerry Jones, he has killed the team I loved and made it irrelevant. :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    I was in high school the last time they won. I was 15 the 90's teams were so much fun. In 99-00 when this team truely went down hill it was depressing. There was so much smacking talking in high school as I live in CA. All the 9er fans it was a great rivalry! Hope we get to experience it again. Just hate how social media has ruined it. It's like everyone wants to talk smack after a loss if they know your a fan. It's like they live for it.
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    There is a feeling I have experienced after each Super Bowl that is always surprising.

    It is a hollow feeling that the journey has ended and that's all there is. I am satisfied with the results, but the tension and anxiety is suddenly over. And while they have won the ultimate prize, and accomplished everything I hoped they would, it has ended and there is no more.

    It's a similar feeling to the one when you are bounced from the play-offs knowing it's seven months before football starts again.

    To be sure the glow of winning carries on for a week or so, but then its all over.

    Someone said the journey is the best part of it, and that is right.

    However, there are things that transpire that are indelible in your mind.

    I grabbed this from an article that recaps the 1993 team and that victory over Buffalo.

    What followed was the greatest drive in Emmitt Smith’s career and the greatest moment for any Dallas offensive line in team history. Dallas took the ball over at its own 36, and Jimmy Johnson decided to feed the ball to Smith. The result:

    Dallas 36, 1–10 E. Smith 9 run right.
    Dallas 45, 2–1 E. Smith 3 run right.
    Dallas 48, 1–10 E. Smith 9 run right.
    Buffalo 43, 2–1 E. Smith 7 run middle.
    Buffalo 36, 1–10 E. Smith 14 run right.
    Buffalo 22, 1–10 E. Smith 4 run right.
    Buffalo 18, 2–6 Aikman 3 screen pass to Johnston left.
    Buffalo 15, 3–3 E. Smith 15 run right, touchdown (8:42). Murray kicked extra point.

    Every Buffalo drive from that point on ended in a punt until the very end of the game. Smith scored again on a one-yard touchdown to put the game away.


    Aikman was not sharp that game and it was tight. The score was tied and Dallas needed to take control of the game.

    Jimmy went old school and saddled up Emmitt. His legend may have been made the day he had the shoulder separation the year before in the Giant game to win the East.

    But this cemented it for anyone watching.

    James Washington got the team back into the game. Emmitt ripped it away from Buffalo and they never had a shot after that.

    I don't believe the Super Bowl winning years are remembered by the confetti and celebration.

    It is little vignettes which stays in your mind.
  7. houstonwhodat

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    Nothing like watching Roger Staubach work the field.
  8. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I would've been satisfied just seeing Troy work the field.
  9. DandyDon1722

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    This is a little different from everybody but I can tell you what you can expect and what I miss the most.

    The morning of the Championship games and Super Bowl you will be so freaking nervous, it will feel like your playing. I miss that knot in my stomach on those big game days. In fact the Championship games are more nerve racking than the Super Bowl.

    Been a long time.
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    They are all good but the win over Miami is SB 5 was heavenly for alot of reasons. Landry and the whole team shed the next years team label. They totally dominated a Miami team that would go undefeated. Lilly made one of the greatest plays in Cowboy history with the 29 yard sack of Griese. Staubach was great and it was the beginning of his run. The team actually had Ditka and Allworth on it playing key roles. That was a great day.
  11. Diogenes

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    YES. Thanks for those memories. Total domination in the 2nd half of SB XXVII.


  12. Dodger12

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    The 2001 to 2005 Pats say hello. And they're still doing it. It's still possible to be dominant when the right pieces are in places.
  13. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Yeah, but New England actually has a competent owner. We don't. :(
  14. Zordon

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    my goodness, just look at that hole! excellent oline play should have become a staple of the culture of this franchise after that dominating run in the 90s.
  15. Dodger12

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    It's sad, really. People talk about "year 2" of some mystical rebuilding plan. That's a load of crap. The hardest piece of that puzzle is a franchise QB and we have one. Every time someone talks about another year to rebuild I think of another lost year wasted with a franchise QB. Very frustrating.......
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    It was more a statement on the fact of complete teams. in the cap era, very few teams have been good to great on both sides.. the only team that comes close now is the Texans and that's really only because their so young so the money is not tied up.

    Yes, teams can still dominate for a bunch of years but the Cowboys of the 90s would have probably gotten rid of most of their defense in this era.

    The pats also had a really good offensive line, they still do. and of course great coaching.. two things we don't have.
  17. CoCo

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    Agree with a lot of this. But I'll add that even though the victory feels a bit more hollow than you expect I love the permanent respect that comes (from some, not all) with a SB win. Offseason = Last Season = Championship. But it extends beyond that too.
  18. Canada180

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    I loved the 70's Boys so much. Dorsett is my alltime fave Cowboy but the 90's team wa more satisfying for me after the lean years.

    In my mind, the 90's Cowboys were the best etam EVER.

    5 SB's in a row was not far off for them.
  19. Chocolate Lab

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    Exactly. Those people are just making excuses.

    Anyway, back to what it was like as a fan... It may be different for those who live elsewhere, but in north Texas everyone is a Cowboys fan, so there was no boasting or craptalking to other fans or any of that.

    As has been said many times, the first Jimmy Superbowl came a year before everyone really expected us to contend. People knew we had a lot of young talent and a top QB, but people thought we'd need another year or two of experience. So it was sort of a surprise. But the first SB wasn't that stressful as we got off to the big lead and Kelly got hurt and it was a blowout.

    And it may sound crazy now, but after 92 we were so good, a lot of Sundays were just boring. Imagine your Lakers playing, say, the Nets -- you know you're going to win, it's just a matter of by how much. Well, that's how a lot of our games were then. I told you it would sound crazy given the way things are today. :) But that team was so good and so well coached, with such a simple and methodical game plan, that's the way it was. Before FA there wasn't the parity and quick team turnarounds we see today so the good teams stayed good and the bad teams stayed bad.

    So, like TwoDeep suggested, for me it's more fun when you're building towards being great. Once you already are, there's almost nowhere to go but down. I think the best part of being a fan is when you've bottomed out and are building with young talent. That's what made 91 and 92 so great, watching all these good young players and especially QB come together and start to get some revenge over teams like the Eagles that had beaten us down in the past.

    So for me, the best parts of those years for me weren't even the Superbowls, but the lead up to it. Once we were really good, the rivalry with the Niners is what I liked best. They were a great team, too, and you knew you were going to meet up with them and it was going to be an epic game. (Although the NFCE games were always good, too.)

    And FWIW, I was about your age at the end of the Landry years when the team hadn't been really good for a while. So you have plenty of time to see your three SBs.
  20. cajuncocoa

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    Being female, I've never experienced the nerves of playing the game myself...but I sure can relate to being EXTREMELY NERVOUS on game-day mornings...especially in the 90s. As it got later in the season, it would get worse and worse. By the time they got to the playoffs, the NFC Championship, and the Super Bowls I was so nervous I could barely sleep the night before, or eat the day of the game. Fun times...ask my hubby, I was a lot of fun to be around (NOT!!) :lmao:

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