What Was It Like?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 5, 2012.

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    The first Cowboys game I ever watched was SB VI so I've witnessed all 5 of the Cowboys SB wins. I witnessed one of them in person SB XXVII at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I was so nervous sitting in the stadium prior to kick off I thought I was going to puke. That was by far the most enjoyable Cowboys SB win for me.

    I was so happy walking out of the stadium that night I remember thinking about how miserable I was only 3 years earlier when the Cowboys went 1-15. I almost pinched myself hoping it all wasn't just a dream. It seemed almost too good to be true seeing the Cowboys win a SB 52-17.
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    That's my dream right there. See a Cowboys Super Bowl and witness it in person.

    I'd love for it to be in the Giants stadium. That would literally be perfect. Winning in a team's house who has denied us two chances at a Super Bowl last year and in 2007. I cannot stand New York. Biggest rival to me.
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    I remember at 9 years of age watching Emmitt cross the goalline in 96' against PIT. I so, so took it for granted.
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    The cap hasn't stopped the Pats and Steelers from contending every year, or the Giants for that matter.

    I thought Jerry was one of the architects of the cap? I might be mistaken on that point, but I remember how the local media were dancing on the grave of the 49ers in the second half of the 90s claiming they'd mortgaged their future by mis-managing the cap, and holding Jerry up as the paragon of cap management.

    Well, look at us now.
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    It was great.

    When we win #6, I hope you have the flu that day. Watching you back out on a bet is just bad karma...
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    Here we go again. :rolleyes:
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    Were so dominantly methodical in games that it was if they would toy with an opponent much like a cat does with a cornered mouse. Disinterested until the final fatal blow, and on the rare occasion it lost, it was because the mouse got away, never because a better football team beat them. The 94 NFC Championship was painful because as valiant a comeback the team had, it never should have been necessary.
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    There's nothing like seeing the Cowboys play in the SB in person but it was EXTREMELY nerve racking. :nervous: It's nerve racking just watching the Cowboys play in the SB on TV but the tension is nothing like what you experience watching the game unfold in person. I was popping tums just prior to kickoff to try and settle my stomach. The first quarter and a half had me on the edge of my seat so it was hard to enjoy the game early on. Some forget because of the final score but things didn't start off very good for the Cowboys that day. Buffalo blocked a punt a few minutes into the game and scored a few plays later taking a 7-0 lead.

    Later on the Bills started driving again and it looked as if the Cowboys were going to go down by 2 scores until a turnover changed everything. I really never relaxed until a few minutes into the 4th quarter when Alvin Harper caught a 45 yard TD pass from Aikman that sealed it. The game being played at the Rose Bowl made it feel like a SB because NFL teams don't play there. Over 100,000 fans in attendance on a perfect crystal clear day added to the experience. Hands down my fondest memory as a Cowboys fan.
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    Man you just confirmed something I have always believed -- that a Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl with the Cowboys would be the greatest day ever. For my money it:s the most picturesque and compelling venue of all the Super Bowls. I wish the NFL would put it back in the rotation,.

    What a great memory to have.
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    It was a great time for me as a fan. I was in college and it was also around the same time as my Rockets won their championships.

    At that time, Cowboys were just expected to win every game. If they ever lost, then it was a shock to the system..
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    There was a series of differing expectations and feel to the club. I only followed for a couple of the building years. The losses to GB was the beginning of a era with nuances during those years. The SB win in 71 brought a new period. I'm not sure when that period stopped but I'd say 83. Then a new period to 89. Most of you remember after that.

    The one constant for many years was not if we were a playoff team but would we win it all. That's gone although expectations for some remain the same.
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    :lmao: :lmao2:
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    Seriously I hear you bro....

    I was around the age of 5-7 when we were winning....

    I loved it...remember being at a friends house as he was a cowboys fan as well, but was to young to have the passion for the team, that I do now.

    A win nowadays would be great
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    Agreed -- but the problem is, you don't know you're "building towards being great" until it's over. I think the one exception was 1991. At that point, everyone KNEW we were gonna be winners, although I agree the 1992 Super Bowl probably came a year early.

    While you're IN the "rebuilding period" you don't KNOW you're gonna be great, so the "feeling" you're talking about really comes after the fact. While you're IN it, it just feels stressful.
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    I just wanted to add that, yes, they were very good and it was great watching them win those Super Bowls. I have seen them win 4. The 90's team was really good but I just wanted you to know that the triplets were the main reason and if one of them went down the team didn't look the same and really struggled to do anything. It took all three of them for this team to win consistently. That tells you the level of competition was great at that time as well. The Niners were really good back them. I remember going to a Dallas vs Niners game in Dallas back then and before the game a shoving match broke out in one of the endzones. The Cowboys back then had alot of fire and emotion and nobody pushed them around like they do today...
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    When I saw Romo his first year I felt like we were building something great. We'd found our QB and he had "it". I thought the same way even after the playoff loss in Seattle.
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    I'm so sorry dude but we both have to get real. This Cowboys team will never smell the Superbowl so long Jerry is in charge. Jerry is all about the money and nothing else. Winning doesn't matter.

    If he was bent on winning he would have brought in a real coach. He would cede some authority to that coach and make this an organization that is focused on winning. It can be done. Heck he can still be the superstar of the show. But he will need to step back a bit and let the team win.
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    It's very picturesque around the Rose Bowl with homes surrounding it in the near by hills and the 2 golf courses beside it. There's a park across the street and although the Rose Bowl looks like the Colosseum in Romo compared to the modern NFL stadiums it has a lot of history. Super Sunday at the Rose Bowl feels exactly like New Years day. In the evening you can hear coyotes howling in the hills.

    The day before SB XXVII they had the first NFL experience across from the Rose Bowl. They had tents set up and one was like a mini Hall of Fame with memorabilia brought in from Canton. They allowed fans to view inside the stadium to watch the final touches being made to the field. They had a helicopter hovering just a few feet over the field to help dry the paint on the mid field logo. I got major goose bumps seeing COWBOYS painted in one endzone and BILLS painted in the other.

    I couldn't get over how immaculate the natural grass field was it was like a lush manicured carpet. Some lady beside me said she would die to have a lawn like that. The day of the game the weather couldn't have been more perfect. The temp was in the mid to upper 70's and not a cloud in the sky. I spent a couple of hours before the game just walking around the stadium soaking up the atmosphere. My entire life as a Cowboys fan passed before my very eyes that day.
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    Well you're right that you don't know you're going to be all time kind of good like that group turned out to be. But you do, and did, know that you were building a top team that was going to contend for a while. Of course in those days it was easier to keep something in place once it was built.

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