What Was It Like?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 5, 2012.

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    The 90s was the first time I witnessed a SB for the Cowboys and it was all the more sweeter that first SB was a victory and the start of a dynasty. Everything just went right for the 'Boys as it turned into a blowout. Aikman's finger pointing to the sky after throwing a long TD is etched into my memory. The only slight negative thing about the SB was Leon Lett getting the ball knocked out of his hand at the last moment right before he was going to score a TD on a fumble recovery that would have broke the 49ers record for most points scored in a SB.
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    I walked around as if I owned the world..
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    From very early on, right after the Walker trade but before any great strides were made on the field, I simply felt I was witnessing something special being assembled. At that juncture, I wasn't exactly sure of the final destination, but just knew great things were in store.

    For the next couple of years they made steady progress. Then, in 1991 when we went into Washington and beat a dominant, 11-0 and eventual SB Champion Redskins team, I was confident it was just a matter of time before we would be hoisting another Lombardi.

    November 24th, 1991. That was the day I knew.
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    The first Superbowl "I" went to we paid 25 bucks a seat and it was in Miami not bad even though we lost. I have a whole childhood and all the way into my 20's knowing at the time that the Cowboys were always in the hunt. Mr Jones might be awful proud of them Super Bowls, it was gratifying but I tell ya what when Landry was coach you could count on having a winning team every year. I feel for ya kiddo its just not like it used to be. 20 years of pure greatness Landry won two Super Bowl titles (VI, XII), 5 NFC titles, 13 Divisional titles, and compiled a 270-178-6 record, the 3rd most wins of all time for an NFL coach. His 20 career playoff victories are the most of any coach in NFL history. He was named the NFL Coach of the Year in 1966 and the NFC Coach of the Year in 1975. His most impressive professional accomplishment is his 20 consecutive winning seasons (1966–1985)

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    And I'll just add that the Cowboys went to the playoffs in 18 out of those 20 years. Can you imagine what that would be like today? It was as if there were 3 things you could be sure of...death, taxes, and the Cowboys making the playoffs.

    Good times indeed.
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    Plenty of good answers to your OP, so I'll offer some perspective on the time leading up to their last run that might give you some hope....... 1990, 1991 and well into 1992, very few thought we could or would ever win again.

    Johnson's a college coach, Aikman's a statue, we can't rush the passer or stop run and shoot offense......blah, blah, blah.

    They can't, they can't, they can't, they won't, they won't, they won't. And it didn't stop til we beat the Niners in Candlestick.
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    What was it like?

    Let me describe the feeling after SB XXVII. I had seen one SB victory before, SB XIII, but I was 13 years old. It was fun and all, but I don't think that I fully enjoyed it at the time.

    But after the first one with Jimmy and his guys, just imagine the next morning, and many mornings after, walking up to a familiar crowd of Cowboys haters at college, wearing your Aikman jersey...all up in their faces...and they don't dare say a damn thing about it.

    That's how sweet it is.

    True story.
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    He did. Results won't happen over night. Garrett just went thru his first entire off season. Some act like he has been the HC for years and years.
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    This sums it up nicely. It truly was a cut above anything else. Oh the memories... So many years gone by.. :insane:
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    Cowboys fans want results. Give us some. We've waited long enough.
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    Making the playoffs back in the day was a non-issue - we were always there. It was just a matter of how far we were gonna go.

    It's been too long.
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    Mmmmmm... no. I am tempted to just leave it at:

    Sex - you're doing it wrong.

    But I think a clearer demonstration of this fallacy (phallacy? Too much humor in one post?) is to posit this simple question:

    Would you rather go through life never having sex again, or never seeing the Cowboys win a championship again?

    As much as I want to see the latter, I absolutely can not contemplate the former. I'd rather the team be dissolved and the stadium raised to the ground than swear off the strange. This argues sex is clearly better than a Super Bowl.

    However - to a counterpoint, would I exchange one sexual encounter for a Cowboys Super Bowl? Absolutely. And I wouldn't exchange a Cowboys Super Bowl for nookie with anyone - to the heartbreak of Sophia Vergara and Kate Beckinsale, not to mention my lovely wife. This argues that winning a Super Bowl is preferable to sex.

    I reckon it comes to opportunity cost - there is one Super Bowl a year, and I cannot win it, life is one giant lovemeat buffet, 24/7.

    In the end, sex is better than a Super Bowl - but because sex is far more available (well, probably not on this board...) we'll exchange an instance of something common for an instance of something (far too increasingly) rare.
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    I don't think Hostile was being serious lol.
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    This right here, this is why many of us are so negative when we post on here. We got spoiled in the sense that winning football and going to the playoffs were a given in those times. In today's time fans who didn't experience that era are happy with moral victories, with a .500 record, with not having the worst OL in the NFL. Game day mornings we woke up not only expecting to win, but by how much. We knew we were never out of a game, ever! A loss was a shocker!

    I remember watching Cowboys football as a youngster with may dad, and watching his disappointment year after year, not because the Cowboys had a bad game, a bad year, but because they couldn't close it out and win the championship game.

    Then came the 71 Super Bowl where Baltimore beat us with a last second field goal. That's when I became a fan, when I realized that for the rest of my life I was a Cowboys fan. The next year, the SB victory was so satisfying, especially watching dad going crazy celebrating. "WE FINALLY DID IT, WE DID IT, WE'RE CHAMPIONS!"

    For the rest of the seventies the Cowboys were right there, then the SB against Denver, I was in high school and all my friends were big fans. It was great to win it all. The losses to Pitt in the SB were big time bummers, though.

    A strange thing happened in the mid 80's, something that Cowboy fans were not used to, bad Cowboy teams. It was frustrating watching your heroes get old and not be very good, trying to hang on. Then rock bottom in 89.

    A new owner, new coach and a new QB brought new hope, and sure enough, the elation soon returned. It was short lived, although those SB victories were sweet.

    Again our stars got old, and tried to hang on. Jerry decided he was not sharing the glory with anyone, and guess what? There hasn't been any glory since then. Today's fans are happy with making a push for the playoffs, having a winning record, not losing too badly, and not having the worst OL in football! We have no idea what team will show up from game to game.

    I doubt that we will see a championship run anytime soon. I will forever be a fan, and keep the faith.
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    You have summarized my feelings exactly. Beating the Eagles, at the time, was a wonderful feeling after so many years of getting destroyed.
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    it was damned sweet. think about a HC telling his team that he wanted them to beat their SB opponent by 5 TD's, and then they did it.
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    could not agree with you more
    we have a great QB and the most dominant pas rusher in the game but we keep "rebuildiung" year after year

    someone else said, we are spoiled by the 90s

    i have to laugh at that

    wanting more than 1 playoff win in 16 years is being spoilt?
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    I was absolutely certain after Jones brought in Wade and made his "walking on eggshells" comment that we were going right back to the process that brought us 5 and 11. Despite what people say, the primary reason for 5 and 11 was mismanagement and poor drafting. Well guess what, we're mismanaged and draft poorly. We have no vision of how to build a team and we have no identity.

    This year will be very telling for this franchise and it's direction. And if people think we're bad now, just wait until we no longer have Romo behind center. He's getting older and it's questionable if he's not past his prime.

    Even if we draft a QB with a high first round pick, he'll take years to develop and we'll have to endure the growing pains that come with it and the uncertainty if he's the right one and pans out. Screw Jerry.
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    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...


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