What Was It Like?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Of course not. That is obvious with the follow up joke to the youngster.

    It was a line from an episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye talked about BBQ ribs, but the LCD can't help itself.
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    My mother was a pro football fan(Rams) until 1960. My uncle a big Houston fan, they trained in his town. I remember watching the Oilers on black & white TV win the AFL around '62. By '63 mom & I were watching every Cowboy game together. Crushed in '65 when we lost the playoff bowl to the Colts
    35-7. The next two years losing to the Packers was pure hell.
    Next up the Brown losts. SB 5 was hard to take.
    After that the 70s first half of the 80s and then the 90s made the losing years very sweet.

    Now the Boys just need to get a run going before it's too late for Witten, Ware, and Romo.
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    1st Super Bowl in the nineties, I was 21, going on 22. The journey, AMAZING!. The pepRally at Texas Stadium, most memorable sports time of my life. Jimmy saying, we're going to win, put that in 6 inch letters and print it. Priceless.

    Watching them take down the best team in football in their house, the 49ers, was like an outter body experience. And the Super Bowl victory was pure heaven.

    For 16 years, I've been in pure hell.
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    You can't cheer me up any more than I already am. The Eagles and Skins lost. ;)
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    80s and 90s were a magical time to live in Dallas. the city was booming, Dallas was the biggest show on tv, SMU was good, and the Cowboys owned the world. You were proud to tell people you were from Dallas, Texas.
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    Didn't the Browns almost beat New York? What is it with teams constantly choking against that football team?
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    I don't know about almost beat them, but they scared the pudding out of them. That as little to do with my enjoyment he has been in hell for 16 years.

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    I was only about 7 or 8 years old around the time of most of this, but I think being that young made it that much more epic. I didn't understand the game as much as I do now, I just took it for what it was...and it sure was great.


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    Jimmy Johnson won 8 games his first 2 seasons in Dallas and he had 2 full preseasons both years. Then won 11 games that next years regular season. So basically 3 full seasons and only 19 wins. If we had that same mentality 20 years ago Jimmy Johnson doesn't make it to 1992. Jason Garrett has 16 wins and isn't even 2 years in.
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    As a kid of the 90s we were spoiled. I know now it wasn't an easy road. Especially going through these full videos of games I have found from 1990 and 1991. Those teams weren't near as talented as you think. And Aikman didn't turn into a hall of famer over night.

    But as a kid I just remember thinking we couldn't lose with those guys. Great lines on both sides, great QB, great RB, great WR in Irvin. Great TE in Novecek. Thought we would never fall off. But watching the downfall in the late 90s and early 00s. It's really made me appreciate what we had then and also realize it's not easy to build something like that. We can't be trying to go through coaches, go through players like crazy like we tried in the late 90s and early 00s to get a temporary fix on things.
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    That's a false parallel.

    Jimmy improved from one, to seven to eleven wins over a three year period. In other words, there was improvement every year. I don't see that same trajectory under Red. If anything, Garrett's success has been more or less flat (five, then eight wins, and a 3-4 record so far this year).

    I'm not saying Garrett s/b fired -- I'm simply pointing out that the year-over-year improvement we saw under Jimmy has not manifested itself under Garrett's tenure.
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    We simply don't have enough data on this season to really tell that yet. We have a good chance to winning 9 or 10 games this season and being a playoff team. The biggest issue we've had the first half of this season was an extremely tough season. I and others here said winning 4 or 5 of the first 10 would be a great start to the season.
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    Agreed. Like I said I'm not saying Garrett s/b fired.

    But if anything we regressed from 2010 to 2011 (we won 62.5% of our games under Garrett as HC in 2010 compared to only 50% in 2011 and we're under .500 now). I'm willing to ride out this season but unless we see a miracle turnaround, the year-over-year improvement simply will not be there.

    Again, my point is that we saw tangible improvement under Jimmy -- not so under Red.
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    I watched the Cowboys win both the 1972 Super Bowl (against Miami) and the 1977 Super Bowl against Denver with my family. Seeing Landry held up and walked off the field on the shoulder pads of his linemen was incredible. Remember that Landry had six losing seasons (1960-66), was lambasted in the sports press for his intricate system of plays, keys and calls. Murchison stuck with him and had 20 winning seasons after 66, what Meredith called "the best years of my life" before his retirement.

    Both '72 and '77 were incredible years, as the Cowboys fielded an incredible squad.

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    I completely agree. Back when Jimmy Johnson was building the Cowboys through the Draft, you could see steady progress as expectations were raised each season. Like most things in life, the journey and anticipation of reaching a goal is often more satisfying than finally obtaining the goal.

    Once you're on top, there's only one way to go but down.

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