What was your favorite job?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by negativecreep, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. negativecreep

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    That sounds like one heck of a fun job, If I had the chance to see those artists, I'd do it for free. Awesome story man :) I made sandwiches and delivered pizzas in college, lol.
  2. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    I'm currently a programmer/dba which I love but my favorite was bartending. I was a bartender for 15 years before getting into IT. Worked in dives, dance clubs and strip clubs (male and female). It is a great job and you can make fantastic money.
  3. Phoenix

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    Working in a bowling alley. PInchaser in the back during leagues, short order grill cook, snack & beverage bar, but mostly working the front counter. Drank free beer all night, and would run my own specials sometimes during open bowling, like 10 cents a game, or "red pin" bowling in which I would STAMP STAMP STAMP free games all over people's score sheets just because. Managers used to get so angry at me, couldn't understand why :D
  4. morasp

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    Beer distributer/pop bottling plant in high school. The pop machine was stocked with beer and worked on dimes. After work everyone gathered and had a couple cold ones.
  5. yimyammer

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    Whats the craziest thing you ever had happen while delivering?
  6. landroverking

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    Psych Hospital for children.
  7. lane

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  8. gmoney112

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    Haha, that's exactly what my next job will be, and will probably be the best job I've had. The startup scene, if you're actually with a good company, is glorious. Pay, benefits, work atmosphere, humor, it's great. Can't wait. I'll be developing full-stack apps around JS architecture, Node, React, etc. If I land this one job in particular, it'll be with one that also focuses on branding. Love it.

    I'm still desperately clinging onto my late 20's, but I'd have to say my favorite job to date was a Landman. I got myself some fancy book learnin', and landed a good gig. Commuted to West TX every week by myself, which was fine with me since I was single, no kids, etc. Got paid way too much money. Did my thing, reviewed by Title Attorneys, boom a new project the next week. Then oil crashed and I knew hanging on to a cyclical business wasn't the best for my mental health.
  9. csirl

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    They hired a teetotaler instead :)
  10. chagus

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    You the man..

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