What we NEED from the draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by burmafrd, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. burmafrd

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    Is depth on the O line- maybe one starter; a ILB and a OLB; and maybe a FS if we cannot get a good one in FA. A young speed WR to groom to replace glenn. Crayton should be getting ready to replace Key. That is what I want. OH- and get Vandergajt in FA so that we finally have a good KICKER!!!!
  2. jbsg02

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    In this order

    1. O-Line
    2. FS
    3. ILB
  3. Rack Bauer

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    What do you mean "Maybe one starter"?!?!

    There's no doubt whatsoever that we definitely NEED a starter. Ok, maybe not through the draft, but we need a starting quality RT next year. Period. I'd prefer to either get one in the first round, or get a FA (and pay him big bucks if need be).

    If Petitti is part of our starting 5 on the OL next year then we're in big trouble.
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    i agree
  5. JonJon

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    I would alter that just a tad:

    1. O-line
    2. Kicker
    3. FS
    4. ILB

    If we had a solid kicker, that would have added 3-4 more wins to the final record and we would have clinched the playoffs long ago and could have been playing for a first round bye last night instead of playing a meaningless game because Washington eliminated our hopes of going to the playoffs earlier in the day.
  6. burmafrd

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    Flo will come back. So that puts Tucker out of the starting line up. RIvera and Allen need to be evaluated. So that leaves Center and the Other Tackle position. Pettiti needs to be evaluated. I frankly want a new center that will not be pushed around. So that is the one position I will flat out say needs to be upgraded this offseason. Maybe we have to jettison RIvera if his back is not going to get better. Maybe Pettiti as well. So we have ONE for sure and maybe 3. I think we can keep LA for one more year.

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