What would of happened if Jimmy had stayed?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by CowboyMark, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Serioustly, because more than a decade has passed since he left and people still talk about the endless possibilities. How many super bowls woudl they have won overall? Would they have completed the 3-peat? Would Emmitt's, Irvin's, and Aikman's numbers been that better? How many HOF's would they have had? Would the 90's Cowboys been the greatest ever without a doubt, wiping out the 49ers, steelers, packers or any other lame team tryiing to cross paths with America's Team? What would of happened I ask you?
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    The sky was the limit.

    I think 5 Super Bowl victories would have been a possibility for the 90's.

    The team that won the first super bowl in 1992 was the youngest team in the NFL....there were alot of good years ahead.

    Shame, truly a shame.

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