What would the threads have said after Seahawks whooped us?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ThrowuptheXDez88, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Romo was awful yesterday & did choke when it mattered, but in the playoffs you were going to be without Dez/Miles/Beasley , Anthony Spencer/ Demarcus Ware is out there, but invisible... If Romo wins last night, most of you would've still been disappointed after the Seahawks likely would have crushed the Cowboys... I guess the only thing we can take out of losing one week earlier is that once again Romo didn't get it done when he had a chance. I'd much rather the team feel this heartache again, instead of getting trounced in the 1st round by the Seahawks.
  2. Mr Cowboy

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    Very true....

    They had no chance next week! This team is very beat up, for whatever reason. They got punished and didn't punish anyone. I guess its true that the team takes the personality of its coach!
  3. ddh33

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    Yeah, I didn't feel a Super Bowl or anything with this team's situation. I really hated it most for Romo and his narrative. Of course, it's always nice to be a division champ too.
  4. Lazyking

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    That we made the playoffs and lost to a better, hot team.

    That's it. A playoff game win or lose is better then waiting for the draft to come. Period.
  5. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    So the playoffs would have been fine & no changes are needed on the offensive-defensive line.. Ugh I hated the way Romo played as well, but people wake the f up and talk about other important issues. I know it's not very entertaining or the sexy story to talk about big fat o-line & d-lineman but it has to be heard loud and clear & some of the morons in the media need to write about that as well as writing about Romo.
  6. Lazyking

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    Where did I say that? Why is it if you make the playoffs, no changes should be made? This team has major flaws regardless. Teams like the Pats, Steelers, Ravens,packers they just don't go into a season with no changes just cause they're in the playoffs almost every year. That's not how the league works.

    from a fan standpoint, would you rather be watching Cowboys vs. Seahawks next Sunday hoping for a miracle run? Or getting ready for the Draft? It's that simple. Tells alot about what kind of fan someone is.. good or bad.
  7. cowboyschmps3

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    It be the same as this week and how we got beat by a rookie qb
  8. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Of course I want to win every game, but I also try to be realistic about what this teams chances would have been, especially after having 3 more important starters go down.
  9. Lazyking

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    Realistic is fine but I'd still rather have the chance to be in that playoff game. For me personally, I don't get too upset over losses unless I feel like the Cowboys gave the game away or are a vastly better team. So even if we lost to the Seahawks in the playoffs, if they outplayed us with all the injures and the fact they kicked our *** at home.. They're a better team.

    My point is, I'd rather be in that game and have those threads then think about what ifs.
  10. dadymat

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    I wouldnt have been phased .....I wouldnt have been phased after this loss, I can take losing ...the injuries we have are to the extent no team could over come against good teams...ive seen enough improvement to believe next season with our defensive players back and a hopeful O line fix that we would contend .......my one and only problem with the loss is how Romo played...I expected the defense to fail.....i expected ST to be average....I expected the O line to suck.....I expected NO running game....I expected no turnovers....i expected to get gashed by their running game....but i did not expect Romo to crumble.....I thought that level of chokeness was behind Romo...I was wrong and am very disappointed in him for it.........
  11. Tezz

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    There is a difference between giving yourself a chance vs no chance at all.... The Texans lost their best D player and was on their 3rd string QB for most of last year and were competitive in the playoffs.
  12. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    lol that's why you draft & make smart moves in free agency... You are talking about Mario Williams & Schaub.7-3 when Schaub went out. Finished the season 3-3...They also had a running game over there that could help their QB & a dominant defense... While I am talking about Dez Bryant/Miles Austin....

    Demarcus Ware/Anthony Spencer/Sean Lee/Jay Ratliff/Josh Brent/Bruce Carter/Orlando Scandrick/Kenyon Coleman/Barry Church... Haha nice comparison there bud
  13. Dee88

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    I think people would have understood that though.... Romo wouldnt of been expected to tear it up without those weapons and if they really wouldnt of have been without all of them, then it would of been up to the defense. No quarterback can tear up a great pass defense with backups.... I know what you mean but I hope people would of realized he would of had a tough time without dez(best receiver in league for last month), and Miles.
  14. Tezz

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    QB is the most important position, I wonder how the Cowboys would do on their 3rd string for half a season. Also it is what it is Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Demarco Murray and Miles Austin have been injured a lot in their careers.
  15. Dale

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    For me, it's not about whether or not a Super Bowl run was on the table. I agree; we would have gotten spanked by Seattle. But I still would have liked to have seen us not throw away the game against Washington and win one of these must-win games late in the season for a change.

    While it would have been nice to then beat Seattle, I'd have gone into that game with entirely no expectations. Not with our B Team playing them.
  16. respectdatstar

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    Depends. If it happened just like last time with a botched hold by Romo to end the game...

    (mind blown)
  17. fifaguy

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    Exactly. You play each game to win and getting into the playoffs in a year in which the team faced a heck of a lot of adversity would have been huge.
  18. Joe Rod

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    I personally would have said that at least we beat the Redskins and won the East.
  19. visionary

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    the seashawks will beat up washington and Bob the 3rd next week

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