What would you call yourself, if you change QB to Texans & root for giants to win?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 23, 2012.

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    There, I have you! You're completely dished! Do you not know that in the service one must always choose the lesser of two weevils?
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    One of my favorite movies ever.

    I have also read the entire series of books. Even better.
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    someone with an agenda for another reason.
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    I would call him a over the top angry cowboy fan.I don't think he is wrong about everything though.I agree alot with his take on Jerry Jones.As far as the coaches go,and this is just my opinion,I don't think Jones has really giving them the players to win big with.So I really don't know how to judge the coaches.I think he wanted to see the Giants win because he knew it would make cowboy fans angry,and he wants to see some kind of fan mutiny against Jones and the team.
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    Well I'll admit I wanted the Giants to win cause I didn't want to see the Niners get a chance to get their 6th. I'd rather the Giants get their 4th then watch the Niners get their 6th.
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    Ahhh, more revisionist history/bovine fecal matter...

    So, the Cowboys are producing "one losing year upon another" since they last won the Super Bowl, eh??

    How very curious, when their record over the last 15 years is 120-120... so tell me, if they've had so many losing seasons, "one upon another", how did they manage to post a .500 record??

    If what you say is actually true, shouldn't their record be considerably UNDER .500??

    Here's my point-- you have a right to be frustrated with our lack of success, at least the kind of success we grew accustomed to back in the early 90s, but you do NOT have the right to exaggerate this way just to vent your anger... I guess you figured your rant wouldn't have as much sizzle if you stuck to the truth, and you're not the only one who flat-out lies about Jerry's record in your lust to attack him...
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    I'm still not sure who the offending poster is...
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