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Whatcha think about my team...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by cowboysOWNskins, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. cowboysOWNskins

    cowboysOWNskins Member

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    This is my 4th year to play and I have won the 3 previous year. We play in a 10 team league with a $150.00 buyin. 1st place this year is $950.00 I picked 6th outta 10

    Michael Vick (8)(11) 5th Round (Bye = week 7)
    Matt Schaub (13)(14) 11th Round (Bye = week 8)

    Lesean McCoy (3)(2) 1st Round (Bye = week 7)
    Chris Johnson (4)(8) 2nd Round (Bye = week 11)
    Benjarvus Green-Ellis (26)(20) 8th Round (Bye = week 8)
    Peyton Hillis (36)(36) 9th Round (Bye = week 7)
    Roy Helu (19)(21) 13th Round (Bye = week 10)

    Greg Jennings (5)(4) 3rd Round (Bye = week 10)
    Julio Jones (9)(17) 4th Round (Bye = week 7)
    Hakeem Nicks (6)(11) 6th Round (Bye = week 11)
    A.J. Green (11)(14) 7th Round (Bye = week 8)
    Titus Young (40)(55) 10th Round (Bye = week 5)

    Owen Daniels (17)(12) 13th Round (Bye = week 8)
    Coby Fleener (18)(22) 16th Round (Bye = week 4)

    Garrett Hartley (6)(5) 15th Round (Bye = week 6)

    Green Bay (9)(2) 12th Round (Bye = week 10)
  2. baj1dallas

    baj1dallas New Member

    6,556 Messages
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    It's a really good team I wonder how you got all those guys. McCoy and Chris Johnson and all those receivers? All you have to do is manage the QB position and kicker week to week and you should win.

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