What's All this Fuss About "T.O."

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Phoenix-Talon, Dec 20, 2004.

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    This Isn't another "better than thou" post. In fact, I was really hesistant about responding because this isn't my home site and I'm uncertain just how vicious some fans can be toward a visitor-member (is that an oxymoron?) am I a visitor or a "junior-member"? But I'll take the shot anyway.

    I've been reading a lot of chatter about how some fans are happy -- even ecstatic about how a pro bowl receiver was injured trying to win a football game for his team.

    Things I quasi-understand about why some (not all) fans here are so happy about that T.O. injury:

    T.O.s injury is something to celebrate because ...

    Eagle fans celebrated a Cowboy's player career ending injury

    T.O. danced on a picture painted on a football field; and other arrogant gestures post-touchdown celebration

    T.O.s injury somehow is related to Karma (some type of devine intervention to counter Irvin's injury)

    T.O. bad mouthed Ray Lewis (Ravens), and Garcia (Browns), and was just about ready to say something about the Cowboy!?

    T.O. is an Eagle, and you hate all Eagles and their fans.

    T.O.s injury is a Christmas present, because without him, the Eagles will not win the NFC Championship, or the SB.

    I'll stop here, not because I forgot anything (I know some fans have plenty more reasons). I'm not sure these reasons are well thought out for the quality of fans you profess to be.

    I loved to watch Michael Irvin play -- dayam He was exciting, a PlaymaKer and a showman! I don't care if any of you believe me, but I was hurt when he was injured, and I have no interest in the Cowboys one way or the other
    (you see, I am an Eagles fan).

    I know I'll get blasted by some harsh remarks, but I've got really thick sKin. I had to have thick skin, being an Eagles fan is Not very popular on anybody's MB.

    Most Eagle fans don't care if you're happy about T.O.s injury or otherwise. The Eagles are a good team this year and believe me, it's not over because T.O. has an ankle sprain. It's just not over!

    Now I'm really worried about Pinkston! WIll somebody tell me what would make a receiver develop "alligator syndrome?" :)
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    Thanks for not attacking this post; although I realize that's a home site option that's exclusive to non-visiting members.

    I sure hope football isn't becoming a game of ...

    - disable the opponent team's key players to even the odds of winning

    - take the cheap shot (I'm referring to the clothes-line incident during
    the GB game, not the Dallas game --RW's takedown was legal)

    - fans hope players are injured because they don't like fans from that team; and they chide and applaud the injury in their respective web sites.

    I see football as a noble game for athletic warriors; not scalywags! Perhaps the NFL should consider more protective equipment, perhaps banning certain types of hits. But their's absolutely nothing the NFL can do about fans who wish ill-will against players they believe will become a threat for their team.

    Although I know it's probably an impossibility, I hope no other serious injuries occur on the Dallas Cowboys or any other NFL team. I dread the next injury; the next time a player is carted off the field.

    Dayam, I'd like to see a new rule placed in "all" message boards prohibiting the "good News" about an injured key player. In the majority of instances, players respect and actually are friends with teams that Fans condsider rival enemies. I honestly believe their are Dallas Cowboy players that like Eagle players. I ownder will their ever be a time when the Cowboy fan vs Eagle fan feud will end. I don't expect the two team fans will ever be that close, but right now it's almost rediculous -- and it's getting uglier!

    When do we draw the line?

    Dallas don't Suck!
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    Very nice post...besides you get extra points for working in the word Scalywags lol.

    Oh and just for the record....people that laugh and make fun of other injuries are not the type of fans that love football IMO. I personally think it is classless, hypocritical (because of how they bashed the eagles fans for cheering Irvin) and just childish.

    We are all entitled to our own opinion...but that is just the way I see it.

    However make on thing clear...if or when the Eagles lose in the playoffs...I will still be laughing and loving the idea that they choked again....if they choke again. :iggles:
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    That's fair. :)

    Good luck against the Redskins -- they have also come a long way!

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