What's been happening since last Friday??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Aug 11, 2006.

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    Been out of town since Friday, Aug 4, and no internet access to Cowboy info since then. Since I got back late tonight, I've been checking this board along with bloggingtheboys.com, Vela's website & DallasCowboys.com. Can anybody add to below thoughts?

    From what I can gather, among our first year players Watkins continues to stand out, Hurd leads the pack of young WRs (with help from TO) & Cowboys like McQuistan. Proctor also continues push to make the team. Fasano needs improve his blocking, Stanley is shakey at NT, Green needs show return skills in preseason opener & Carpenter playing ILB position (for now).

    On the OL, Gurode still leading at C, Fabini/Pettiti/Colombo still fighting it out for RT position, Adams slowly improving at LT, Kosier isn't LA but showing ability help running game & Riveria coming along. All in all some OL improvement in last week but must step it up.

    Ellis is looking better then expected in front of Singleton & Ware remains unblockable.

    Backup situation at NT is questionable at this point. Johnson good at getting push against QB but not so good at holding LOS against point of attack & Stanley looks lost. Hopefully Johnson or Stanley step it up in preseason games or we need pick up vet FA to help out Ferguson.

    TO had hammy but coming along but we added a WR cause of depth concern after TO & Glenn.

    Parcells going to take look at the young players in first preseason game & also at Romo.

    Are there any other major things I've left out? Don't understand if Fabini has improved in last week or what is the situation there? Also it doesn't appear we've suffered any major injuries so far with one week to go in TC but we'll see after tomorrow's game.

    Appreciate if someone can flesh out any more tidbits that I've missed and which significant. Appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Parhan and Mroz cut, signed Matt Baker (QB)

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