Whats going to happen to this board if the Cowboys lose to Baltimore?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasDW00ds0n, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. DFWJC

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    I think we have a shot at this one, but not too many out there will pick us, that's for sure. It's not like the Ravens have lost at home in about 2 years.
    Still, I actually do think we have a real chance...45% or so.
  2. kiheikiwi

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    Like most, don't expect them to win. Hope they do put up a reasonable fight.
    1. if they are blown out and just go thru the motions - as they have done Alot over the last few years. Then yes, it is a sign of a culture problem within the club. And will def. write this season off. (Will always watch the games and root for Dallas, just won't be emotionally vested in this team).
    2. If by some miracle they managed to pull off the upset. I would fully expect them to play down to Carolina the following week and lose. Win one. lose one - seams to be their M.O. right now...
  3. kiheikiwi

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    It really befuddles me, how is it (already looking ahead to next years draft) that this team STILL has so many holes ?
    The last few years it's been " there are too many holes to fill in just one draft "
    News flash - there are still way too many holes to fill ! We still have so many differant areas of need, that I just dont see us being competative any time soon ! Oline, Dline, Safety(s), OLB what do we do about the lack of production at receiver, another tight end. We fixed corner last year and thats it ! Now if we lose Jenkins and Spencer this off season, we still need to replace them as well ! 09 was just stupid - we all know that, 10 - we got Tyron great. This year we got Claiborne and Carr great. But thats it.
    I constantly laugh/cry now when all these talking heads keep saying we are loaded with talent, I used to beleive that as well. But its just not true any more.
    Dont think we need a QB yet, we have Witten, ILB look set, main line corners are good. Another draft is not gonna put us over the top, too many needs !
    ( Rant over )....
  4. rwalters31

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    Quite! Crickets chirping! slow blow of wind over the grass with a young girl walking though the field........Then a vision of a dirt bag GM entering this scene and the field disappears and the young girl turns into an old-hag. The world of the Dallas Cowboys turns upside down with the Oline not blocking for anyone and damage to the Best QB in 10 years and another running back Failing due to no holes to run though the Oline.

    This is the nightmare that I after a Rum and Coke. Just sharing a few thoughts with some old friends.:):(:confused::eek::rolleyes:
  5. john van brocklin

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    I would be happy with just a full effort from this team , win or lose.

    That would be a step in the right direction.
  6. BTX

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    Maybe I'm a fool but it will be.

    Dallas 17
    Baltimore 13
  7. popp1234

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    I agree 100%. You are a fool. :)
  8. cowboy_ron

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  9. fifaguy

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    You nailed it, Bud. Well said.
  10. Aven8

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    We should win this game, but it won't come easy. If they come out and play this unorganized every man for himself crap on offense they've been playing since after the NY game I will be sick.

    I get the Oline sucks, but you can coach around that and still be effective. We made the playoffs with Quincy freakin Carter for goodness sakes! The guy couldn't throw a spiral for Gods sake. Anything can happen. The titans beat Pitts last night. This league is getting wild.

    We better play well at least. I think that's the most frustrating thing to us as fans is that in the words of Romo, "we look like a folded lawn chair out there!".
  11. Bluestang

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    Someone will demand for credentials and resumes...again.
  12. popp1234

    popp1234 Well-Known Member

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    I would think only if "someone" professeses to be an "expert" and decides its their right to categorize fans according to their fictitious dogmas.
  13. Misanthrope

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    Unfortunately, I agree.
  14. KJJ

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    I was hoping we could make it until Sunday without a kiss of death post. You just couldn't resist.
  15. KJJ

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    When you're just hoping for full effort win or lose tells you how down fans are.
  16. popp1234

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    A full effort from the Cowboys could win them a lot of games.
  17. lane

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    pretend we are playing the giants

    albright and butler should wreak havoc sunday.

    i feel we should attack like we did in the saints game a couple years ago.

    throw deep to austin early and often.

    austin is feeling it this year.
  18. McLovin

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    Yes and no.

    Around, but never visited right after season ending loss games. Moved from Charlotte to Los Angeles during the GB week, so didnt have time to get on here
  19. DallasJ7

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    The Zone will finally make the jump from painkillers to heroin.
  20. Beast_from_East

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    Considering most fans think we are going to get beat, probably wont be too much of a meltdown since it is already "baked in the cake" as they say.

    Now if we lose to Carolina.......watch out

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