Whats going to happen to this board if the Cowboys lose to Baltimore?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasDW00ds0n, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. DallasJ7

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    if dallas loses, i won't watch any reruns of that's so raven for two weeks.

    no, wait.

    one week.
  2. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Dont get ahead of yourself.
  3. links18

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    Negative fans are overcompensating for potential disappointment. They love their team, but they tend to be negative in order to protect themselves from the trauma of a letdown if the team fails. By being negative, they can only be positively surprised and relieved. If the team fails, well, they were expecting it anyway so no big deal.
  4. Dave_in-NC

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  5. LongSnapper

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    Same thing as always the happy fans will claim we are working on stacking good days the Jerry Haters will cry foul and blame Garret too essentially the same thing that's been going on for more than a decade now in other words INSANITY, it's a process we've become accustomed too
  6. Apollo Creed

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    That's why I'm trying to create a new philosophy.

    Walk with me here. It's simply known as...


    Even if we're losing, so what - still winning. I'm not out there jumping offsides and dropping balls, I'm winning. I'm not out there trading draft picks for Roy Williams, cause I'm winning. I'm not confused to when to throw challenge flags and icing my own kicker, cause you guessed it- I'm winning.

    We as fans are in no way responsible for the product that is on the field so no sense in getting all worked up after a decade and a half of futility.

    We know we aren't gonna find a new team, or stop caring - so we might as well start making the best of whats happening. Join me in the Winning revolution.

    Cause when they start winning again, we can simply say 'Duh, winning.'
  7. pupulehaole

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    Ok the LAST ****ing thing I want is for this team to lose tomorrow and go 2-3. BUT if it does happen then I'm gonna be having a hell of a laugher looking at these boards :D ppl are going to **** the bed.
  8. LongSnapper

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    Yeah this team and this board has become something akin to NASCAR, I'm only here for the wrecks

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