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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Fredd, Jan 18, 2014.

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    So, until there is more info to actually look at potential draftees (for me at least), I thought I would compile a list of potential draftees based solely on their name. Here goes (think of a tipsy jones at the draft):

    Barr, Anthony - someone says "let's look at Barr", and jones sayd "here, here" raises his glass to hand it to his little troll grandson for a refill
    Clowney, Jadeveon - they are a clown outfit, so he being a member just fits
    Cooks, Brandin - jones mantra is "too many cooks in the kitchen" and fires his entire FO that does not share his last name
    Flanders, Tim - this name SCREAMS butler, so Jones tells them to use a 7th rounder on him
    Gallon, Jeremy - the amount of Crown Royal that is waiting for Jones at his bed side on draft day (or any day for that matter)
    Hyde, Carlos - Hide? why hide? look at this place?
    Jeffcoat, Jackson - OK, this one actually makes sense based on name and play
    Landry, Jarvis - another one that makes sense based on the name
    Larsen, Tyler - sounds too close to what jones is doing, as in grand larceny in stealing everyone's money that comes into the stadium looking for wins but getting "entertainment"
    Lyerla, Colt - love the first name, has cowboy written all over it
    Lynch, Arthur - what we would all like to do to the jones family
    Mandell, Cody - Jones, in a drunken stupor and with blurred vision, sees this guy sitting there in the 7th round and says "hey, no one took that little Johnny football mandzell? take him, take him"
    Moses, Morgan - my God we need someone to take us to the promised land!
    Quigley, Bryce - is THAT the name of the grandon? Quigley? he looks like a Quigley (note: no players with the last name of "twerp")
    Redd, Silas - Jones says "we have one Redd, let's get another (burp)"
    Wentworth, Austin - another butler reference

    anyway, I digress.....what names have you got that scream Cowboys to you?
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    Tony Dumass.

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