What's the over/under on Dunbar fumbling?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Oct 24, 2013.

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    if its the element of not doing anything in games, we have seen that. Also fumbling and dare i throw in getting yards What talent is all the posters here hiding from me, (and Dunbar) that you guys think he has? Both of us would love to see it. Why are we so excited about a RB who hasnt done anything?
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    Personally, I think he was very impressive in preseason. I'm also swayed pretty heavily when other players publicly talk about how a guy is performing, so it means a lot to me that Witten was so complimentary of his play in camp.
    That said, I've consistently been in the camp that you don't play running backs who can't hold onto the ball. I don't care who they are, it's too important. When the coaches think it's been sufficiently addressed during the week, they'll give him another shot. Hopefully, he delivers.
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    I love chatting with you. At elast you bring more knowledge than myself. That said, what is witten supposed to say "omg i cant wait til hes off the team". I mean seriously. There used to be a straight line runner that Dallas had a few years ago, very fast, quick, all that, but just coundlt do it in "season" time.

    I hope he delivers, but if he does, hes going to deliver like a average RB. Hes going to go forward, the ball will be wiht him and anything else, is just concoction in our minds. I pray hes an average back. But to hear some posters on a RB that has done absoluletly nothing and hasnt really showing much in preseason, and he hasnt. I just dont get it. We have been down this road with some players and it doesnt pan out and thats okay, thats the nature of the beast. So far, hes a RB, he goes forward, he brings the football, lets just hope he does it a lot.
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    Keep in mind Idgit i think we had this conversation, and i know you had something backing it. I ceed those points. I really do, let me clarify i just personally dont see it and time will tell the fate of Dunbar, and i could be wrong, i really could. Just i think the chances are better on my train of thought.
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    Rats. Well, you know, I can't find the quote. It might have been a comment relayed on a talk show, because I listen to them on the way home from work. Somebody might be able to back it up with actual context. I only recall Jason saying Dunbar was the guy on offense he thought might surprise people. I did find this quote from Jerry from camp, but we all know how little attention that probably deserves:

    "When he got his chances, he did real well. He was in some pretty critical situations. He's got a real receiver knack. He can find the soft spot. He gives us an alternative. He's going to have to make the contribution on special teams. It's hard not to have that third back be a special teams contributor."

    Read more: http://www.kffl.com/gnews.php?id=845129-cowboys-jerry-jones-praises-lance-dunbar#ixzz2ifFTjRpj
    I agree with you that it's really easy to get carried away with a training camp darling. I like, but don't love the player. He's decent in pass protecting, which was my worry about Randle. And he's a good pass receiver out of the backfield who's elusive in the open field. On his own, I don't think he's an impact player, but he's the kind of role player you can bring in in a hurry up offense who lets you go empty-set or run the ball out of the backfield without substituting, and I think he can be a real weapon on the field with Beasley if we ever get around to killing teams with our screen game. Basically, I agree that he hasn't shown anything in a game that counts yet, and he's a pawn and not a knight or a bishop, but he's a pretty interesting piece if he can prove he can hold onto the ball.
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    over/under for what? 10 carries? 10 games? full season?
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    I think his next fumble will happen before touch 50.
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    Sample Size. 2 out of 22 could turn into 2 out of 500. Not enough information to make a determination at this point.

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