What's the worst case scenario?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Rack Bauer, Mar 15, 2005.

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    As far as the #11 pick goes?

    IMO if these players are picked in the top 10 (and I'm not putting them in order) it would really suck for the Cowboys.

    1. Mike Williams
    2. Shawne Merriman
    3. Derrick Johnson
    4. Braylon Edwards
    5. Marcus Spears
    6. Alex Barron
    7. Erasmus James
    8. David Pollack
    9. Antaj Hawthorne
    10. Jamaal Brown

    Highly unlikely that none of the two QBs and none of the three RBs go undrafted in the top 10, but wouldn't it really suck if that happened? We'd have some EXTREMELY good players available at either positions we don't need or won't draft. And don't tell me it's not possible that none of the RBs go undrafted. RBs have been falling in the last few drafts, it could happen again. And none of these QBs are "all that" so that is possible too (that they don't get drafted in the top 10).

    Of course we wouldn't be drafting some of those at #11 anyway, but we could of had them at #20.

    I'd definitely hope for a trade down if those were the first 10 players drafted.

    I'm sure both QBs will be drafted in the top 10 (just cuz they usually do whether they deserve it or not) and at least one of the RBs. So take Jamaal Brown, Antaj Hawthorne, and Marcus Spears off that list and there's still no players available that I'd want to take at #11.
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    http://www.gbnreport.com/2005projection.htm thats best case scenario. i would die laughing if detroit passed on dj for merriman.

    i agree with you on the rb's falling more and more every draft year (i.e look at last year).. i would never spend a first rounder on one as a GM. but given your scenario if aaron rogers fell to us at #11, i'd take him lol...but he wont. merriman, spears, james and pollack will all be there at #11 and i hope to god we dont take them there. dj is really worth about a #11-15 pick in most drafts but this year he'll go higher just because theres nobody else. i wouldnt be to upset with barron at #11 though.
  3. jbsg02

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    If that was really the case then I bet some teams would be willing to trade up for someone like Brown, Benson, or Rodgers.
  4. dwmyers

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    And in this case, you have WRS like Williamson and Clayton available, all the RBs available, all the QBs available, all the primo CBs available. Travis Johnson is more respected than Antaaj and even with our current DTs, would be awesome in rotation..

    Tell you what I'd do, since there was a run on DEs I'd draft BAA here and at 20, and then take Chris Canty in the 2nd. But before that I'd try and get a nice 2nd or 3rd round pick for a first round swap of picks.

    This is a deep draft for DEs, we're not shot in the foot if there is an early run on them.

    David Myers.
  5. Nors

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    It would really suck if a huge Meteor hit North America.

    No RB's or QB's first 10?

    Same chance
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    Wont Happen. Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers both had EXCELLENT word-outs and likely will both be two 3 picks. If those two QBs are gone, I definately see Arizona taking one of the top 3 RB if they are avaliable and Miami will go after either a RB or QB as well. Pollack, Hawthrone and Brown will all likely be avaliable around our #20 pick, This scenario is very unlikely. It wont happen.
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    worst case, we trade our 11 out of the first round completely...

    however, you have to drop Hawthorn from those 10 and add Pac Man.
    Also, i wouldn't be upset with drafting Rolle at 11 to play FS. I'd prefer to take a bonified playmaker and move him to FS over the other FS's in this draft, none of which excite me.

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