Whats your game day routine?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jksmith269, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. jksmith269

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    What do you do to get ready for the Games?

    Me I will remove all that can be removed colors that represents the other team, Including sofa's, paintings, books, clothing (if someone is say wearing a green shirt and where playing the Eagles they are not allowed in the Room I'm watching the game in)


    While in the Navy in CA Dallas was playing the Bills in the SB one of my friends and wife came to my SB party and his wife made cupcakes with Red icing. I made her leave them in the car she had on a red shirt I had my wife loan her one of ours. Another female at the party was pulling for the bills because she felt sorry for them and the game was close at halftime so We taped her to a chair with ordie tape (wide duct tape but green) and moved her outside on the back porch and left her there until the game was all but over.

    Other things I will do If the game is on and we are winning and someone comes in the room and the other team scores they gotta leave, if we are winning and you leave the room and the other team scores you have to come back in. it goes even to food and drinks say I get a fresh coke and put 4 cubes of ice in and we do good everytime for the rest of the game I get coke I will add 4 cubes of ice. It gets to the point I can't hardly fit any drink in my glass.

    So is there anyone else out there as bad as me, or worse?
  2. Hoods

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    Man, all this time I thought I was alone with weird superstitions.

    I won't even get into all of the things I do. For example, If I lie down and they start winning, what do you know, that's my position for the game...

    Stuff like that. :)
  3. dargonking999

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    My game day routine sit in front of my computer turn on the TV next to me long into NFL.com open up all the games that has my fantasy team, and sit yell scream punch and trow thigs around as depeding all on the cowboys :D:D
  4. Yeagermeister

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    Veg out in front of the tv
  5. 1fisher

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    I have a several tv's throughout the house.......if things suck I'll go to another tv to watch......if things are going good I'll watch there......if not it's back and forth....needless to say the last few seasons I have worn a path from living room to bedroom to garage..... :D hopefully this year I can stay put!!
  6. Dat mans bro

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    I do that too until something bad happens and then I fell pretty stupid for being so superstitious in staying in the same position. but other things we used do for the games. My buddies and I get food before or during the games. If we won that week and we ate a certain type of food (chicken, burgers, pizza) we would eat that every week until we lost. We stopped doin gthat nowadays as we got pretty sick of always eating the same type of food.

    Other than that, get up, shower and select a jersey prior to game time.
  7. SuspectCorner

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    i drink a 12-pak of brewskis. :p:

    then i turn on the pre-game show.

    jk..... no, really... i am kidding... what?... you don't believe that i'm kidding?
  8. Future

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    i always critique the announcers b/c im in a bad mood...so when they say something like it was a 4 yard run but it was only 3, my whole house knows about it. That usually results in me leaving when the game is over...
  9. Eddie

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    I try and run around the block naked before game time. If I make it back home, Cowboys win.

    If I get arrested before I make it home, then Cowboys lose.

    As you can see, I've been getting busted alot lately. :(
  10. Jarv

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    30 pack of Genesee (only MW would know about that).

    I anounce the game, call penalties and yards and downs before the anouncers. I like to think of myself as a student and master of the game.

    Oh yeah, weather permitting, roaring fire and something cooking, that takes a long time and smells a lot...lol
  11. Muhast

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    I goto a sports bar to watch every week. being in atlanta ga, i'm ALWAYS the only Cowboys fan. BUT being a football player(college now) nobody messes with me.

    I love going.

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