What's Your Principal Expectation?

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by SuspectCorner, Sep 6, 2008.

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    It's not necessary to state who you support - but you sure can if you want. What is the first main issue you want to see tackled by the new President?

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I really wanted to see the right person for the right jo... providing they would what they say and what they are capable of.

    For example:

    Romney -
    he is supposed to be a turn-around artist for fixing companies. I heard he should be credited for the ridding the Salt Lake City Olympics of scandal.

    FIX the economy.

    McCain -
    He is in the twilight of his life. A nice ending to his resume would be to get this country back on track. I want to believe that he is only interested in doing the right thing.

    Secure the country and lead towards the future(he touched on that the other night)

    Obama -
    I believe he wants to the right thing for this country. I just dont know if he knows what that is. His ideals are good "ideals". We are not their yet.

    Guiliani -
    Dont know if will ever be cut our for Pres.

    Palin -
    Its early and she is having her own "Obama Rockstar" effect right now. She is very believable. I want to see more though. If the Repubs win. I would like to see how much BETTER she is after 4 years under her belt as VP. She just looks like someone that knows her "stuff", aces it... moves on to next thing.

    So "issues-wise" I would have like Romney to lead out of recession. Possible with Palin under his belt learning and wanting to do the right thing.

    Issues and the right thing. Works for me.
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    1. Get federal spending under control.

    2. Make the tax cuts permanent.

    3. I also expect Justice Stevens will retire soon after the new President is sworn in, so I'd like to see a great replacement for him.
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    Get the economy stimulated. Get some growth going.

    Of course, this can't happen unless both houses get behind this. That's the first thing I'd like to see hapen.
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    Supreme Court

    Cut Waste, both parties are guilty...we need someone not afraid to face off with either of them.

    Cut Taxes

    I love the idea of trade, I just want it to be Fair trade. Our current trade deficit is unacceptable.

    Energy Independence

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