Whats your starting 11 all time Cowboys on D and O?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Oct 9, 2012.

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    I'm surprised I'm the only one who mentioned T.O. so far. Yeah he may have been a basket-case, but he also hauled in 38 TD in three seasons.
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    Replace Flozell with Erik Williams and your lineup is absolutely awesome. BTW, it is too bad that we never drafted a real LT when we had Flozell. I feel he would have been a HOF RT in this league. I also feel his penalties would have been cut to almost none, since his better hearing ear (the left ear) would have been on the QB side. However, as great as Flozell could have been at RT, I never saw another OL manhandle Reggie White the way Erik Williams did.
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    Love this list, but would replace Hayes with Hill. I'd also add an extra TE with Novacek. But, man, Cosbie and Dupree were also good.
  4. Plankton

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    QB - Roger Staubach
    RB - Emmitt Smith
    FB - Daryl Johnston
    WR - Michael Irvin
    WR - Drew Pearson
    TE - Jason Witten
    LT - Ralph Neely
    LG - Nate Newton
    C - Dave Manders
    RG - Larry Allen
    RT - Erik Williams (pre-1994)

    Third WR - Bob Hayes
    Third down RB - Preston Pearson

    DE - George Andrie
    DT - Bob Lilly
    DT - Randy White
    DE - Harvey Martin
    OLB - DeMarcus Ware
    MLB - Lee Roy Jordan
    OLB - Chuck Howley
    CB - Mel Renfro
    CB - Deion Sanders
    FS - Cliff Harris
    SS - Darren Woodson

    Nickel back - Kevin Smith

    P - Mat McBriar
    PK - Rafael Septien
    RS - Kelvin Martin
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    I'm going to go by since I started following the Cowboys in '77 and actually watched plays:

    QB: Staubach
    RB: Dorsett
    FB: Johnston
    WR: Irvin
    WR: D. Pearson
    TE: Witten
    OL: Tuinei, Newton , Stepnoski, Allen , E. Williams
    DL: Martin, R. White, Ed Jones, Haley
    LB: Henderson, Breuing , Ware
    DB: Walls, Woodson, Waters, D. Sanders
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    Good list i wondered if anyone would bring up Andie,very good DE.Neely good player to but no way he was better than Rayfield.Wright is in Hall of Fame.
  7. BAT

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    QB: Tony Romo
    RB: Demarco Murray
    FB: Lawrence Vickers
    TE: Jason Witten
    WR: Miles Austin, Dez Bryant
    OL: Tyrone Smith, TBD, Ryan Cook, TBD, TBD

    CB: Brandon Carr, Mo Claiborne
    FS: Gerald Sensabaugh
    SS: TBD
    ILB: Sean Lee, Bruce Carter
    OLB: Demarcus Ware, TBD
    DL: Jason Hatcher, Jay Ratliff, Tyrone Crawford
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    Rayfield Wright was not a left tackle - Neely was.

    I took the pre-1994 Williams over Wright at RT because Williams, pre-injury, was one of the most dominant, intimidating tackles that I had ever seen play.

    I selected players based off of their actual positions, not their position groups.
  9. kelc

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    Agree with you on Williams he was unbelievable before the car accident.
  10. BAT

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    As a former TE, I think Rayfield could have played LT. Erik Williams is RT all the way.
  11. BTX

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    QB- The Dodger
    RB- Smith
    FB- Moose
    WR- Irvin
    WR- Bullet Bob
    TE- Witten
    OT- Williams
    OG- Allen
    C- Stepnoski
    OG- Newton
    OT- Wright

    DE- To Tall Jones
    DT- Mr Cowboy
    DT- The Manster
    DE- H Martin
    LB- Ware
    LB- LR Jordan
    LB- C Howley
    CB- Primetime
    CB- M Renfro
    S- C Harris
    S- D Woodson

    Coach- T Landry
    Owner- Tex Schraam
  12. Plankton

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    And, using that logic, as a former QB, Drew Pearson could have been an NFL QB.

    It's not a question of could. It's a question of what position they actually played in the NFL. Wright was a RT. So was Erik Williams. I think Williams was the more dominant player for the stretch of 1991-1994.
  13. BAT

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    Talk about apples to oranges. It is not uncommon for OL to move around the line/switch sides. I brought up his athleticsim and agility (former TE and basketball player) to support this. Your analogy was not only off point but bordering on the ludicrous.

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