When a Cynic Feels Giddy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 30, 2005.

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    In the past I've been called a pessimist for my opinions. I try to be a realist, but I admit I lean towards the cynical side. I simply do not believe every move is a good move and every season has Super Bowl potential.

    Mostly I enjoy the debates. Especially when people can disagree and joke with each other. This off season was a lot of fun, just too damned long. Well, now it's over and I admit it, I feel giddy about this coming season.

    I left 2004 thrilled with Julius Jones and Jason Witten. I fully expect them to continue to make me very happy. Julius' goals of 1700 yards and 20 TDs may not be reachable but the fact he set them that high makes me feel great. Robert Browning said, "Ah but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" Not saying Julius can't achieve those goals, just saying I like his grasp of his importance to this team.

    Jason Witten forever won me over by playing with his jaw wired shut. That was straight up manly. He hasn't achieved Jay Novacek status yet, but I already envision him as the best TE we've ever had. You simply connot put a price on heart. I hope that whomever our QBs turn out to be over this kid's career that they look to him often.

    For the first time since Erik Williams was released I like our O-line. I'm still very worried about the RT spot, but I feel a sense of relief in that it looks to me as if the competition there will be hot. I really liked the drafting of Rob Pettiti. I hope he will watch some film of Big E and use his size to have a nasty streak like that. No matter who mans that spot this year I just sense that it won't be as bad as my fears. Strange feeling for me to have.

    I was an absolute shill for Mike Williams in 05. I couldn't be happier about our Draft. I think we solidified this team for years to come. I knew MW was a long shot and I am still worried about our age at WR, but in truth their experience level right now is a comfort as well. I already know they can do the job, a rookie has to prove it. I see this position as a focus for 06 and I can be patient.

    Demarcus Ware already has me anxious. I don't care where a pass rush comes from, just put pressure on the QB. Worst day of the season in 04 for me was McNabb scrambling for an hour and completing a pass deep to Fred Ex. I think this kid is a real key to success in 05. If he can apply pressure we have a serious shot to move way up the ranks.

    I love Marcus Spears. I wanted him in the 04 Draft. I was almost afraid to talk about him leading up to the 05 one. When we got him I started whooping like I had personally whipped Al Qaeda. Just my opinion, but we stole this kid.

    Speaking of steals, his future bookend Chris Canty may be the steal of the Draft. When I was doing mock drafts evrywhere I always took him in the 2nd or 3rd round. I can't believe we got him in the 4th. It's like benevolence himself smiled on this draft.

    My good hopes for Burnett have dimmed a bit because of the injury and now the holdout but I still see him as the future spark plug of our defense. This kid is so smart and his motor never stops. Think Ray Lewis fired up with good character behind it. I hope he signs this morning and gets his butt to work.

    Roy Williams should have a great year and I look forward to a sequel to "Boom." I still am worried about FS. We have an awesome Nickel CB in Aaron Glenn. Talk about a luxury. prediction and I don't do these very often. Anthony Henry will lead the NFC in INTs because people will throw away from Newman this year.

    My hope for the QB future still lies on the shoulders of Drew Henson. I haven't been very excited about QBs on this team since Troy left. Right now, I like our QB situation. I'd prefer to get on with developing Henson, but I'll be patient. Bledsoe's tendency to take sacks and turn the ball over worries me but I'm going to try and be more trusting this year. I liek Bledsoe more than Interceptaverde.

    Outlook for 2005? Hey, I'm still trying to figure that out. Let's just say I think we'll be playing in January this year and I don't mean January 1.
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    Well said Hos. I'm viewed as negative but many of my views parallel what you've said.

    I think we on the edge as a playoff team.
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    You are the most optimistic "senior" member here hos. WHy would anyone call you a pessimist?
  4. Tio

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    Its cause of your hate of EG and Bledsoe. Who can blame ya?
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    Great post, TH!!!

    It was also Browning who said "gain is gain, however small". This offseason we indisputably 'gained'..now we get to see just how much ...

    I think we will fall short of the brass ring, but as Roger Staubach put it the other night, the Cowboys look like one of those "sneaky" teams this year. Gotta agree.

    Watching the young players on D, and observing the entire D learn how to play more mixed fronts, will be exciting.

    And of course, seeing JJ, Jason and Roy, et al, take yet the next step just as rewarding.

    It's gonna be a thrilling season, imo.
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    Thank you for that post Hos, it's good to see the optimism run rampant in others as well.

    I've had 2 hours sleep, and not even the devastating hangover that is starting to take hold of me can damper my enthusiasm this morning. God I've been waiting for this day!
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    I woke up at 3:00 this morning feeling anxious and I didn't know why, than I remembered that tc started and we didn't sign our dps!
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    Rest easy, Hos.

    A pessimist is simply a well-informed optimist.
  9. Hostile

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    I love quoting Browning.

    Every year a team comes from nowhere to shine. I think our off season makes us a very real candidate.
  10. Hostile

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    Lots of good stuff there, Hos. I too am giddy, as I'm sure most of us here are. So much to look forward to this season.

    Agree on RT and FS. But unlike recent seasons, the laundry list of concerns doesn't read quite like the phone book. Good to see a more condensed version of said list.

    No matter how rightfully optimistic we might be, injuries will tell the tale of the 2005 season. For everyone. In the NFL, such is always the case. Dallas could stay relatively healthy and win eleven. We also know all too well the flip side of that coin.

    With those things in mind, I also think we are on the cusp of having legit playoff aspirations. The acquisition of quality players through free agency and the draft is perhaps the largest colletive influx of talent we have seen around here in about fifteen years. But who's to say how it all works out in late July. Though, to me, this is where the fun starts.

    With regards to be realistic versus optimistic, most of us are realists in our own minds, despite how our prognosis may be viewed by others. Experiencing the ups and downs will jade a person, no doubt. I don't necessarily view that as cynicism per se.

    Many of us here know the score and what could happen either way. Hos, I feel you paint a well-thought, likeminded (to me) picture of what we have to look forward to. Again, if we can stay relatively healthy, good things could very well be on the immediate horizon.

    Growing pains aside. :)
  12. Arch Stanton

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    Good post....I agree completely.

    It's going to be fun to be back watching Julius running behind Larry Al and

    Marco. Plenty of "in yer face" runs up the middle! Followed by many passes

    from Drew to Jason.

    I must add my biggest fear for the season is (hate to mention it so soon!)

    injuries. In particular to Jason Ferguson. IMO his health is key to the whole

  13. Jon88

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    I'm as pumped as Michael is down below. For the first time in years this is going to be fun.
  14. Cbz40

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    Excellent post Hos...........LT, I also feel our Cowboys is this years sleeper and with a little luck we will be playing in January.

    Again great post Hos.
  15. Woods

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    The difference going into this season versus last year's season is night and day.

    I will be disappointed this season if we don't get to atleast 0.500. (Assuming a healthy roster)
  16. big dog cowboy

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    I'll be disappointed if we don't go 10-6. We own the deadskins that means we only have to go 8-6 with the rest of our schedule? Gimme a break.
  17. Alexander

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    I love that line.
  18. Cbz40

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    Spontae...best youngin on the board.......hope you had a great summer.
  19. AsthmaField

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    Hos... great stuff man. I'm excited too about our chances this year. Color me giddy as well!

    It's nice to be in here with a lot of other people who love the Cowboys as much as I do. We're all ready.
  20. Zaxor

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    Man You guys drank all the kool-aid and didn't leave me any...

    I still see an 8-8 team no matter which way I turn it

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