when did you first know you were a cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboys#1, Nov 29, 2005.

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    You too? I thought I was the only one. That clip really helped during the off season.

    It also helped that we had a bunch of guy teachers in school here and they would often show movies during class instead of actually teaching. National Geographic etc, but sometimes it was NFL films. Stuff like, yearbook of 1976.

    Once, a teacher said to the class, "Who in here likes the Steelers? The movie today is about them." And we all went into an uproar divided among Steeler, Cowboy and Redskin lines. Then the film turned out to be a documentary about a steel mill.
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    1977 I was in the second grade and we were playing football at recess. My best friend at the time told me that he and his buddy were Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann so of course I had to be Roger Staubach and my teammate insisted on Being Tony Dorsett. We of course annihilated them at recess and the team just stuck with me.

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    I grew up in Syracuse, NY. I had two good friends of mine that lived down the street. One of them was a year older than me, the other was about 4 years older than me. The older friend was sort of like that big brother/idol. Tremendous athlete. We used to play baseball almost every day we possibly could and I gave up more gopher balls to him than Yankees pitchers give up to David Ortiz. Him being older and so much better than me wound up helping me go to college on a baseball scholarship.

    We had actually started playing baseball in my backyard when I was 5 years old. I remember him and his brother were Cowboys fan and I basically joined the club.

    I remember my mom, who knows nothing about football, always saying that she loved the way the Cowboys looked. They looked professional and so classy, unlike the other teams.

    It also helped that my dad actually liked the Skins at the time. He doesn't even follow pro sports anymore, but back then he hated the Giants and dug the Skins offense, Riggins, and being from Syracuse, Art Monk. I got sick and tired of hearing him brag about the Skins, thus it only intensified my Cowboys love.

    I remember thinking Tony Dorsett was a god (well, he was) and loving Danny and Randy White. I also remember Ed "Too Tall" Jones scaring the hell out of me, but thinking I sure was glad he was playing for Dallas. I remember crying after "the catch."

    One of the things the "Cowboys fans are bandwagon jumpers" contingent doesn't realize is that the Cowboys were on national TV almost all of the time. Up until Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas came along, I got to see much more Cowboys games than I ever did Bills games. And that's why you see a lot of NY'ers like myself as Cowboys fans.

    Anyway, I remember going nuts when Dallas got Hershel, then poo-pooing them when they traded him (boy, I was a young idiot). I vividly remember playing golf with an older buddy of mine who was also a Cowboys fan and him saying to me "the Cowboys look pretty solid this year" in preseason. I agreed with him. That was 1989 :eek:

    Strangely enough, I still had a lot of confidence that Jimmy would turn it around as I had seen SU football get outclassed by his Miami teams. And sure enough they did. I remember the SI commercial for the upcoming football year and Peter King saying something to the affect that "the Cowboys are the one team I think that's going to make the jump to the Super Bowl." That was 1992.

    I remember the '92 NFC Championship game and the Cowboys finally beating one of the teams I hated most, the San Fran 49ers. Another thing I enjoy about that game is Moose Johnston, a former SU player and idol of mine, manhandling the Niners, especially Bill Romanowski.

    And then Jimmy saying afterwards "How 'bout them Cowboys!" which is a mantra that so many people use for their team, but it only rings correctly when it comes to Dallas. Strangely enough, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Dallas would destroy the Bills, which they did.

    I remember going to a huge Super Bowl party for that Super Bowl. The place was filled with about 50 Bills fans and myself. Funny enough, 5 years ago none of these "Bills fans" could tell you who the starting QB was. Talk about bandwagon jumpers.

    Then there was the game, Dallas crushing Buffalo and me and another friend were celebrating like crazy. My old man telling me to pipe down to not rub it into the other people's faces, but we continued celebrating like crazy. We were the only ones left at the party at some guy's house we didn't even know when the final second ticked away.

    There was '93 where I freaked out about Emmitt's holdout. Then the Cowboys got back on track and didn't miss a beat. They played the Bills again and it was on my then girlfriend's birthday and she wanted to go out, which we did, but I made sure to catch the game. I remember Emmitt taking over the game almost single handedly and then getting laid. Doesn't get any better than that.

    Then there was Jerry picking up Deion and seeing Jerry Rice whine like a little girl and then forever solidified my odd hatred for the man. Of course there was Barry's incompetence and I was just relieved to see them win a Super Bowl.

    From '96 to '99 I had a hard time following them since I was in college and was a busy and broke college kid.

    Then came 2000 and the Dave Campo era. I was still broke and busy, so I didn't miss much. Come 2002 I was stoked about the Cowboys until the game against the Texans. After that game I was so harrassed that it actually made me a bigger and more intense fan. I even predicted that Bill Parcells would be coaching the Cowboys next year. All of my friends had the same reaction, they had that slight hint of fear that it could happen but then tried to laugh it off saying it would never come into fruition. I got the last laugh at that one.

    And that's what I'm left at now. A 7-4 team with a lot of things I like and a promosing future.

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    when I realized the same thing.Also,I realized my Grandpa wouldn't yell at me to get out of his view of the TV,if I was watching the game with him!That year was 1977, and the 'Boys were on the way to SuperBowl 12!
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    I know this is a shock but I liked the redskins early. George Allen coached in my home town. Loyalty I guess. Later in always seemed the cowboys beat them and I really liked the players for Dallas. Staubach, Billy Joe Dupree just to name a few. Of course the cheerleaders caught my eye as well.
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    I couldn't think of what else to call it but yeah that :D

    Oh and the cheerleaders also :D
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    Don't beat me up too bad for it, but when I was growing up my best friend was from Chicago. So naturally, being joined at the hip, I was a Bears fan, Super Bowl shuffle and all ( I had the .45). I JUMPED THE BANWAGON when the 'Boys started winning, and was hooked when they won their first SB in the 90's. But even though I jumped ship in the middle, I have been a diehard ever since, suffering through the rough 6-10 years of late, the Aikman concussion years, and so on. I consider myself a diehard, since I made it through all that and came out on the other side a true fan. There is nothing better than living 1 1/2 hours from Philly and watching us sweep the Eagles, Live and in person. Thank God I didn't turn out an Eagles fan...
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    Dec 1975- we visited my Uncle in Dallas- he gave me two 1971 World Champions Pepsi Bottle and the rest is history- I was two and a half at the time. Still have the bottles with their original contents.
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    and some say God doesn't exist... :D
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    The day I read Dallas was getting a NFL Team.......
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    Pops, I think you win the prize.
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    At that time no professional sports in Texas other than minor league baseball....Houston Buffs etc,...and Oh yes The Dallas Texans.....needless to say I was very excited.

    It's been a long road filled with many curves and potholes.......but I would not take anything for all the memories. (Good & Bad) ;)
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    In 1971, My Brother who lives in FT Worth took me on a tour of Texas Stadium. Just think what impression that made on a 5 year old never out of PA before seeing that Star in the middle of the Field and pretending to kick Field goals!. It's all his fault for this lifetime obsession, not to mention all the Money I've spent on Cowboy Merchandise and Game Tickets!.
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    The Hail Mary catch (Staubach to Pearson) vs. the Vikes. After the game, every kid in the neighborhood was outside trying to emulate the play. Of course one out of every 20 kids was screaming "it was pass interference!
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    a Cowboy fan since 1966 when I first watch them play Green bay in the Cotton Bowl for the NFL title. I was 13 at the time.
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    I consider that game to be one of the best games ever played. What a football game.

    Welcome to the board Lee.....enjoy
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    When sperm hit egg. :starspin
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    The day Dallas lost to the Baltimore Colts in the superbowl. My brother, who is 1.5 years older than me, and I really were pretty different kids. He was a natural athlete and I really didn't have any interest in sports, though I really looked up to him (when we weren't fighting). We had a royal arse for a step father and that day he and his son were watching the game on a color television upstairs and my brother was watching the game downstairs on a black and white, uninvited upstairs. While I was in the house I never saw a play, wasn't interested. The two upstairs were being loud jerks the whole game trying to get to my brother. I remeber like it was yesterday, towards the end of the game (was it a late field goal that won it?) I walked past the room my brother was in and he was staring at the picture with his chin on his hands and tears were streaming down his face. We were already too hardened to let my stepfather see our emotions so I knew it was something else, I just remeber thinking what could be so important and mean that much to my brother. The next day I started learning about the Cowboys. One of the proudest moments in my life came a couple of years later when me and my brother and stepfather were eating supper one sunday and the Cowboys were playing, we were watching the game on a small portable TV at the table. The game came down to a late field goal and Dallas won, I leapt from the table shouting in excitement and my stepfather looked at my brother in utter disgust as if he'd turned me into a drug addict and said "see what you've done".

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