when did you first know you were a cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboys#1, Nov 29, 2005.

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    From 1963 on.... I think my dad rooted for the NYGiants. They lived in the Bronx just above Yankee Stadium. I can remember going over to my Uncles apartment there sometime around Christmas or just after one year. We had watched the game on TV there I was not that interested. But we walked down to the bakery just past the stadium. They had the back access gate open as the game was over. Great picture in my mind of the field layout there. Funny thing is this group of fans are taking the goal posts home. Trying to get them into the door of the bus they are on. These were the way old types where it was 3 inch steel pipes screwed together. How they ever got them apart I'll never know. But they did get them into the bus. The window. Imagine that being done today.
    We used to watch the football highlights they ran each week - 1/2 hous show.
    Lots of action and not a lot of interruptions.
    This is where I picked up being a Cowboy fan.
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    all these stories are great, i like the ones that said they liked they players with the stars on the helmets, maybe the star is hypnotic.
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    From the start - 1960. Several of my friends got the electric football game for Christmas and we decide to start a league and we all had to choose a team and paint the players the team colors and if a player was hurt, we had to take that guy out. Well, I had the last pick and the teams that I had watch on TV(Packers and Bears) were already taken, and since I had some blue and silver model paint left over, I took the Cowboys. It was one of the best choices that I have made in life. I got to see the 'Boys play a exhibition game in Louisville and saw Don Meredith throw his first TD. Now my daughter has been born into the Cowboy life and she has been with me when I went to see the Cowboys play at Indy and Cincy.
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    71 Superbowl. I played 6 man football...My Dad had a superbowl party. I won 5 bucks. Yes, my loyalty was bought at the age of 10...But I have not gotten off track since 71 !
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    Halloween, when I was a little kid. Dressed up as a Dallas Cowboy player. Been a love affair ever since.
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    NOV 22 1979 (Thanksgiving) . they lost the game, but i became a fan none the less.
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    Since way back in February, 2005, when they signed Drew Bledsoe.
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    When I watched "The Catch" and didn't talk to anyone for 2 weeks afterwards.
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    When I first became a fan of the sport in 85(when I was 13). Lived in Dallas at the time.

    Frankly-haven't exactly been a life-long Dallas fan. When they started losing-jumped on the Skins band-wagon 'cuz Joe Gibbs was the Forrest Gump of the NFL at the time. But when the Skins started sliding, jumped right back on the Boys' band-wagon when they started their big Super Bowl runs.

    However-when the Boys' run became over, onto "The Greatest Show on Turf"(Rams). Then when the Pats came along, couldn't help rooting for them.

    But when Parcells decided to take on the Boys as a new challenege, I just HAD to come back onto this band-wagon. Been a die-hard since.
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    You too, man I thought I was the only one that got yelled at to "SIT DOWN" after cheering wonderfully in front of the TV . I was 11. Roger had just thrown a Hail Mary pass for a TD.. Thanksgiving Day 1972...Grandaddy missed it... I cheered the rest of the time in my head ( ...Sitting on the floor) ! As I watched my Graddaddy fuss and grumble, and then cheer. I knew I was hooked!!!
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    Oh I was just a year later gettin on the Cowboy track... I was 11 in '72.:D
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    i grew up in the 90's and it can be summed up by telling you what city i live by....Chicago....eww bears
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    since 1975

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