When do you guys recover?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dupree89, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Woke up this morning the world was still turning, Looking forward to the next game.
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    I've got another 30 on you , plus a few. Have seen the great, the ugly, and now the water tread years.......

    Thats the case where there is a swimming competition, and some are way out ahead, others can't swim at all, and quit, and the rest just stay in the middle , they look like they are progressing but in the end finish in the middle of the pack creating an illusion they can actually place at some point.
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    I've become so numb to losses over the past few seasons they really don't bother me very much anymore. The Cowboys have lost more games than they've won the past 3 years. I no longer allow how the Cowboys play to affect my Sundays or the rest of my week. I use to be crushed by losses when the Cowboys had great teams in the 70's/90's because the losses were few and far between. I've come to grips with the screwed up state of the franchise and the FANS who are devastated by every loss clearly don't see the Cowboys for what they really are...mediocre!
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    excellent post. I am shocked, however, at the number of fans that are indifferent when it comes to a Cowboys loss. Its a good thing you handle it this way...I am just surprised.
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    I handle it very similar to KJJ, I don't let it affect my personal life anymore. I used to let it do that, then I had some relatives play in the NFL and they weren't even as upset over losing. If the players don't care as much as I do, I figured I better step back. Its a business, fun to watch, but it has nothing to do with my real life......only fantasy does cause thats my money!!!
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    I must've done a excellent job of erasing that game from my memory because I don't remember it at all.

    I agree with you though.

    In Soccer if a team like the Cowboys had underperformed like this for so long there is no way Jerry could stand to play these little games that he does.

    Cowboy fans need to put more pressure on this guy to actually run this organization in the fashion that it should be ran.

    Mindlessly supporting him and getting these results is our fault partially.
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    For once I got really drunk during this game and it wasn't as bad as being sober. Also, you just have to learn to not give a _____. Then you will understand that while Jason Garrett is the head coach that this team is a 500 team. Win one, lose one......that's how it goes.
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    Wow, that's one of the best posts ever on this board.

    He should literally fear for his safety. Instead he gets treated like a rock star every camp. By the "real" fans of the team.
  9. Risen Star

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    I don't have to recover from games. I did that back when the team was a contender.
  10. dupree89

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  11. dstovall5

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    We lost? I didn't even notice ... :cool:
  12. Cowboy Brian

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    A few years back I would shut out everyone and pretty much isolate myself for two days, heck I'd skip school like an idiot. Now it doesn't really phase me, I don't consider myself less of a fan just able to put football into perspective. My decreasing levels of despair as resulting from losses may also be as since I graduated my high school of 1,100 or so people where I was identified as "the Cowboys fan" I find that outside of my friends and those I talk football with no one really harrasses me anymore about our team losing, which was something I truly hated.
  13. pugilist

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    great post. sums up my feelings exactly as well
  14. landroverking

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    With the next win. Over Denver
  15. KJJ

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    Every fan is different it comes down to knowing your team and accepting the situation they're in because there isn't anything we can do about it as fans. I first started following the Cowboys in 1971 the year they won their first SB. All I ever knew from 1971 until 1985 was winning seasons and playoff appearances. The Cowboys only missed the playoffs once during that period in 1974 and they still finished 2 games above 500. I got so use to the Cowboys winning and making the playoffs that every loss would sting especially the next morning. It took a win the following week for me to get over the loss from the previous week. Everyone I knew could tell by my mood each week whether the Cowboys won or lost. A Cowboys loss on Sunday or Monday Night would affect my entire week. The first losing season I experienced with the Cowboys was in 1986 which was somewhat of a shock to my system having never endured a losing season with them. After enjoying 15 consecutive winning seasons it was hard to believe they had a losing season. I was hoping the 86 season was just a fluke but once the title game appearances disappeared after the 82 season and Danny White got benched in favor of Garry Hogeboom at the start of the 84 season I could see the team was in slow decline similar to what I've seen with other teams. White got his job back for awhile but eventually lost it for good to Steve Pelluer around 86-87 and that's when I came to grips that the magic was finally over for the Landry regime.

    I've always been a realist from the day I started following the Cowboys and reality set in by 86-87 that the Cowboys had become just an ordinary team. The 88 season was the first season I became numb to the losses because I had to sit through 13 of them. I accepted the Cowboys were the worst team in the NFL that season because their record said they were. For a diehard Cowboys fan it was like living a nightmare seeing the Cowboys as the same type of team they use to bury 8-10 years earlier. I remember a game during that dreadful 88 season where they showed a few Cowboy fans at Texas Stadium wearing bags on their heads that hit me real hard! I now knew what it must have felt like to be a Saints fan in 1980. :( When Jimmy and Jerry arrived things went from bad to worse which almost resulted in me going to a hypnotist to try and forget about the Cowboys. I heard some used hypnotism to relieve pain and addictions. I wanted out!

    Since the late 80's there's been extreme highs and lows with the Cowboys. The Cowboys are currently going through their longest SB drought in franchise history with no end in sight. With the state of the franchise as it is it's a waste of energy to allow how they play to affect your day, week or your life. We have no say in the draft, free agency or who Jerry Jones hires as HC. It's his money and reputation that's on the line not ours. He's the one who has to face a camera after every loss and answer to it. When the Cowboys are going through unstable times like this is when fans have to realize that football is just a damn game and you watch it to relax and enjoy your Sunday afternoon not to make you miserable. I'm frustrated with the team like most of us but I'm not the one who spends millions every year continuing to put together a mediocre team that keeps missing the playoffs. I'm not going to lose sleep over the moves Jerry makes. I'm going to enjoy my Sundays and Thanksgivings whether the Cowboys win or lose. Boards like this are like therapy for most of us it's a way to vent with other frustrated Cowboy fans. It's definitely helped me cope with losses a lot better and to put the game into perspective.
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    That was probably the greatest victory I witnessed as a Cowboy fan (and I go back to 1970) because it was so unexpected against the mighty 49ers and we were supposed to be a year or two away, what a great feeling and memories. Now I just watch and hope, if we lose I accept it, if we win I accept it....no more tears, no more arguments with Steeler and Niner fans on the greatest dynasty, or being angry till the next game. People on this board say Romo's been neutered? Well as a fan I feel I've finally been neutered as well.
  17. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I understand. The way I feel, I just want my team back. The team that I used to know. The team back then was committed to excellence. A bad season was when we didn't get to the SB. Making the playoffs was a mere formality. It just seems like every year is the same thing. We're told that this year will be different. And yet it ends the same with no end in site. I watch other teams like the 49ers and Seahawks who a few years ago where in the same position as the Cowboys but now they are among the best in the league. I just watch Cowboy games any more and afterwards get on with my life. I don't let a loss bother me because I expect it.
  18. Fredd

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    My discomfort following a loss is proportionate to the combinations of non-wins by the Eagles, Giants and Redskins...also, my discomfort levels are eased when any of them take a beatin'

    scale of 1-10 this week: about a 7 once the game ended (around a 9.9 when they gave up the lead)...this rating is much lower than if all 3 schlubs in our division had won
  19. 17yearsandcounting

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    I just laugh it off at this point unless it is a major disaster like the coach icing his own kicker.
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    It depends on the game.

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