When does Parnell replace Free?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jenky, Dec 3, 2012.

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    So we would owe 8.3 mil to the cap gods, which we might decide to spread over two years.

    Really the money we owe him next year is only his seven mil salary. The rest of that cap hit is from his two signing bonuses, both of which have already been paid. So the way that source words it is a little misleading, IMO. Going forward it only costs 7 mil to keep him for 2012 and 8.3 to cut him (though the dead money hit can be spread out.)
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    Agreed it isn't a bad thing. I am all for cutting Free in the offseason.
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    Yes, 7M is 11.18M - 4.18M, the difference between the Keep and Cut cap hits.

    I guess it depends on the wording.

    If you consider that the 8.35M in dead money is a hit against the cap regardless of whether Free is on the roster or cut, then you could say:

    Keep = 7M additional dollars
    Cut = Zero additional dollars
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    That's still kind of a confusing way to say it, IMO. The difference between the keep and cut cap hits is either 7 mil (because the only money actually owed him next season is his salary) minus 8.35 mil (not June 1 cut) or 7 mil minus 4.175 mil (designated as June 1 cut). So he either costs us 1.35 million more off roster than on in 2013 or 2.825 mil less in 2013, with another 4.175 charged against our 2014 cap.

    Basically, for 2012 it's the difference between what we would owe the person or what we would owe the cap gods.
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    sorry, had to double-check. I thought this was a comment/post from 2009, no I mean 2010, wait, I mean 2011, er I mean...
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    Option 1 (keep)
    11.18M Cap Hit in 2013

    Option 2 (designate a June 1st cut)
    4.18M Cap Hit in 2013

    Option 3 (do NOT designate as a June 1st cut)
    8.35M Cap Hit in 2013

    Therefore, it is either:

    Option 2
    11.18M - 4.18M = 7M smaller hit in 2013 to cut


    Option 3
    11.18 - 8.35M = 2.83M smaller hit in 2013 to cut
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    I've been wondering all season why Free doesn't get benched. His technique is terrible. D-linemen get by him all the time and he resorts to holding and he gets too many false starts. I seriously wonder if there's a single worse o-lineman in the NFL.
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    .....he's the WEAKEST tackle in the league from what I"ve seen...plus every def. end that goes up against him gets UNDER his pads and just abuses him with a bull rush: my god, at some point you'd THINK the man could bend his knees and get his butt lower, anchor himself and do his job: nope.

    His body language is the worst I've ever seen on a tackle. Romo is a SAINT for not drop kicking him in the nads after yet another vicious hit after a sack....literally saintly for not assaulting the fat clown. He looks 40 yrs. old btw....doesn't look like he's been on a hard, disciplined, structured weight plan his whole career. Even his arms are undefined and flabby, which is a shock with Woicek as the S&T coach.....hate him
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    We don't know what Parnell could truly offer after seeing limited action

    but as bad as people claim doug free is i'm sure they'd rather see Jerry Jones suit up at Left Tackle than free
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    I don't understand why Garrett won't bench either Free or Ogletree, its downright infuriating. I think Dallas would make a bigger push for the playoffs if they could get these wastes of spaces on the bench. If Dallas doesn't make the playoffs, I hope Garrett is fired. There is no reason for Free to be in the starting lineup other than coaching incompetance. Even if Jones does want Free in the lineup, Garrett should put his foot down and play the better man. If Garrett cannot make the no duh call, he has no bussiness coaching a NFL team.
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    We never knew what Miles Austin or DeMarco Murray could do until they got the OPPORTUNITY.

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